Electric bills can be very costly during the hot summer months. This summer in particular has been extremely hot in most places.  The heat wave that has been hitting many cities across the country has increased the demand for air conditioners, fans, and other cooling systems. Lowering the temperature in your home is not only for comfort, but safety as well. Places that are too hot can pose serious and even life-threatening health risks to its tenants. Therefore, having an effective cooling system in your house, apartment, or condo is essential during the summer months. Cooling appliances, like AC’s, use a lot of power when they are running. The hotter, and more humid the weather conditions are, the more power is needed to keep the temperature in your home cool. Continual use of temperature controlling appliances will soon impact your monthly electrical bill because you are using higher-than-normal amounts of power to stay comfortable. These additional uses costs can easily and quickly exceed your monthly budget during the hot summer season. But there are several ways you can save on your energy bill during the summer season. These energy saving tips are not only easy, but they can help you save hundreds every year in power fees. The more tips you use, the more money you will save.

Turn Off What You Don’t Need

Keeping lights and appliances on when they are not being used quickly wastes energy that can be saved for another time. Even having one extra light on or forgetting to turn off the coffee maker will increase your power usage. These small, seemingly insignificant events can quickly add up on your bill.  Rather than keep the power switch on, only turn on what you need or will be using. If you get into the habit of turning lights and appliances off when you are not using them, you will save electricity and money every month. Turn off What You Aren't Using

Unplug Everything

People often keep cords and appliances plugged into their outlets even when they are not being used without even realizing how much electricity is still being utilized. Just because the device is off, or nothing is attached to the charger, does not mean your energy is not seeping through the wires. The truth is that all your idle plug-ins are slowly draining power from your electrical system, creating a carbon footprint.  To minimize your monthly energy expense, get into the habit of unplugging all your appliances and chargers that you are not using.

Keep Curtains and Blinds Closed

Open, uncovered windows are a great way to let the natural sunlight and fresh air into your home, but they are also increasing the temperature in your place as well. This will not only make you interior temperature higher, but your AC will have run longer and more frequently to keep your place cool. You can save on energy usage by keeping your blinds and curtains closed, especially during the peak temperature daytime hours.

Get Outside

Summer is too short to stay inside all day. Rather than spending all your time inside needlessly running your  appliances,  you can save electricity by spending more time outside or going to public places where it is cooler. Sit on a patio, go to a beach park, mall, theatre or other venue or just enjoy a relaxing in your own yard. The more out-of-house activities you do during the summer, the less energy you will use.  

Dry Your Clothes Outside

Washers and dryers use a lot of energy. During the summer, you can easily reduce your electrical usage by hanging your clothes outside to dry. Natural drying methods easily save energy by eliminating the need to operate another appliance. Plus, naturally air-dried laundry has a refreshing smell and feel that driers cannot duplicate.

Use Energy Efficient Appliances

As much as possibly, you should always purchase the most energy efficient appliances for your home. Almost very gadget has an energy saving rating to show how much energy is needed to operate the device. Rather than buying products that use a lot of energy, look for the ones that are more eco-friendly. Energy efficient machines will save energy because they use much less power to do the same job.

Use Fans More and Air Conditioners Less

As much as possible, use fans to cool your rooms instead of your AC. Fans require a lot less energy to run so you will save more energy. Fanning accessories come in different varieties, sizes, and have different speed adjustment and other functions so you can better regulate the power usage. Air conditioning units use a lot more power to run and not all appliances have energy saving features.

Upgrade Your Insulation

Property owners often overlook their home’s insulation during the summer season because they often associate insulated walls and attics with keeping homes warm during the cold months. This cannot be any further from the truth. Insulation works year-round to keep your interior temperatures adequately regulated. High quality insulation in your spaces acts as a buffer to keep the cool air in and the hot air out during the heatwaves. If you have not upgraded your insulation recently, look for energy saver discounts and rebate programs that you can apply for to improve your home’s efficiency.

Keep Windows and Doors Sealed

Anytime cooled air escapes from your home, you are losing power and money. By maintaining proper sealing around your doors and windows, you will block the cool air from leaving your residence and save on energy use. Inspect your caulking and sealants around your home’s windows and door annually to make sure there are no cracks or leaks that could be silently increasing your electricity bill by robbing your home of cool air.

Keep Your Ventilation and Cooling Systems Clean

If you have not had your cooling and ventilation systems inspected recently, you might want to consider having someone come out to check your units soon. Poorly maintained conditioners and vents require more energy to function. When air conditioners, fans, and ventilation systems are dirty or clogged, they have to work harder to do their job. Keeping your systems clean and in good working condition will save electricity and money because they take less energy to run. Summer can be a costly season for many homeowners. Keeping your home cool during the hottest months takes a lot of power.  But, there are plenty of ways you can save on energy usage throughout the entire year to lower your monthly usage and bills. Simple steps can add up to big savings. The more you do to minimize your electrical usage, the more money you will save on energy in the summer.