Renovations can be a nerve-racking but exciting time for you, as your home is one of the most important investments you will make in your life. It is a place where your family grows and memories are made, so you want to love every inch of space you have, and sometimes that calls for a renovation. There are many things that get overlooked, forgotten about, and even not considered when renovating – but hopefully you don’t make these same mistakes.

Buying Cheap Materials

The point of a renovation is to remodel or renew a space while increasing its value for an extended period of time. That period of time will be much shorter if you do not spend the money on materials where needed. The bottom line is this: you get what you pay for.

My Advice: If you’re planning on doing a renovation but can’t afford quality, wait.

Skipping The Prep Work

Comparing a renovation to going to the gym, the prep work is stretching. Although some consider it boring and time consuming, it is critical to perform well. Prep work during the renovation process is, just as, if not more important. The small things such as taping around obstructions when painting, may not seem like much, but to avoid frustration and added time and cost of cleaning, prep your home property before renovating. Remember, the whole point of doing a renovation yourself is to save time and money – don’t make the job more difficult than it has to be.

My Advice: The phrase, “measure twice, cut once” exists for a reason – plan ahead and take your time.

Using Too Much Duct Tape

Contrary to what movies and TV shows have told us, Duct Tape does not fix everything (and doesn’t look very pretty either).

My Advice: Stop listening to ‘The Red Green Show’.

Ignoring Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements in a room. It can create an ambiance and mood, especially by playing off the colours you have decided for the room. Determining fixtures or the bulbs themselves will stem from the purpose the room serves. For example, you will want to have bright, fluorescent lighting for a work space, but warm, dimmed-lighting for a theatre room. You will also need to consider how much natural light the room will receive – How big are the windows? Which direction do they face? Do you live in an area with multiple seasons? These are all questions you need to ask yourself.

When it comes to renovating your lighting, you must understand this: moving, changing, and adding lighting after the fact is not a quick, easy, inexpensive, or clean task.

My Advice: Talk to an electrician and plan ahead to make sure your final design is possible.

Mistake: Forgetting Safety

Just because you’re not on a construction site does not mean you can forget about the proper safety equipment such as steel-toed boots, safety glasses, earplugs, and gloves. You need to follow instructions and safety protocol when using heavy equipment and power tools.

Another thing to note: left-handed people need to be extra careful! Thousands of left-handed people are injured and killed each year from using power tools that are designed for right-handed individuals.

My Advice: Ensure that safety equipment is worn and a first aid box is kept near by.