Now that the warm weather is officially here, it’s time to get your back yard ready for summer.  If you have or are thinking about installing your own in-ground pool, landscaping around the area is essential to complete the beauty and functionality of your space.  Creating an attractive outer living area connects the inside of your home to outside while maintaining a natural and efficient flow to your property. When set up properly, swimming pools are a great way to add value to your home. But even more important, they provide the perfect place to relax, have fun with the kids and entertain family and friends. Oval swimming pool in a garden area, surrounded by plants When it comes to landscaping ideas around your pool, the design options are as endless as your imagination. With the right layout and accents, you can easily create a unique private sanctuary that reflects your own personal style and taste. However, it is important to plan your layout carefully beforehand to make sure everything you choose compliments each other. The worst thing you can do is buy something that completely clashes with the rest of your décor because it will take away from the rest of your space.  A professional landscaper can help you with your design and layout, so you will choose the right materials and colours schemes. When planning the right look for your yard, remember to keep it simple. You want to add features that will  compliment your space and provide ample room to move freely and safely. Avoid busy designs can make your environment look cluttered and messy. Also, it is important to remember that once permanent structures are installed, they cannot be covered up so choosing the wrong materials will quickly cause a decorating nightmare. Always plan your ideas first before buying any additions. Never choose things randomly, even your furniture. What might look good in a store or website, will not necessarily fit in with the scheme of your space. When choosing the layout in your backyard, there are four things to consider: beauty, privacy, safety, and shade.



When thinking of ideas to landscape your swimming pool area, you will want to create a beautiful space that that you enjoy spending time in and showing proudly to others. Each part of your décor should naturally compliment and flow with the other aspects of your sanctuary. All the colours, textures, patterns and placements should combine to create a visually breathtaking area. There are many ways you can add the wow factor around your backyard pool. Installing the right fixtures including tiles, patio stones, furniture, ornamental pieces, lighting and foliage will create a visually appealing place that is both attractive and functional.  When shopping, pick accents that will add beauty to your environment. Some products can create other problems that you want to avoid. Plants are a must have in yard décor. Your foliage can be planted anywhere including around the fence or pool to create additional privacy, along walkways to provide a natural border, and in pots to fill in spaces and add a splash of colour.  But picking the wrong shrubs can attract unwanted guests turn your yard into a messy disaster. Steer clear of sap or nectar producing greenery that attracts insects. Avoid choosing shedding bulbs that lose their leaves or petals. These plants only add debris in and around your swimming pool. Also steer clear of prickly thorns that can injure to unsuspecting guests. If you are planning on installing shrubs close to your swimming pool, try to pick hearty bushes that can tolerate the chlorine and other water-based chemicals. The colour of your furniture should compliment the rest of your set up. Opt for contrasting hues that stand out, but do not clash with the rest of your area. Chairs, benches, and other outdoor settees should be set up in different locations throughout your yard, so your guests have ample room to sit comfortably. Wooden decks, patios, stepping stones, tiles, and marble slabs are used to hard flooring surfaces, paths and a supportive area around your pool walls. The hard tops are not only attractive foundations,  but they also help to keep your environment clean. Installing the right patios, decks, and walkways is important because they are permanent features that lay the foundation for the rest of your décor.  It is essential to choose products that balance your layout so each part transitions smoothly into the next. Remember, you cannot camouflage bad tiling so take your time choosing the right materials and patterns. There are plenty of accent pieces that can be installed to help add appeal to your private space. Waterfalls and fountains are must have’s in pool landscaping this year. Setting up a lighted waterfall with the water cascading into the pool creates a glorious focal point around your swimming area. Planters, statues, and other contemporary furnishings fill empty spaces while adding the right final touch to your outdoor room.


Spending time in your yard is not enjoyable when everyone can see what your doing. Your pool area is your own personal retreat, so it is important to set up your area with fixtures that will guarantee your privacy. To keep the prying eyes from watching your every move, install fencing, lattice walls or trees around the outer rim of your place. There are several options available to select from that are made to compliment your area. If you share an exterior wall with neighbours, replacing it might not be an option. Planting lush bushes along your side is a great way to increase your privacy while hiding unattractive siding.


Inground pools are great features to have in your backyard, but they are not without risk. When planning your backyard landscaping, you must keep safety for yourself and others in mind. The tiling around your swimming area should not only be attractive, but also slip resistant to reduce the risk of falling when the area gets wet. The types of foliage you choose is also important. Avoid plants with thorns so your guests do not prick themselves. Bug attracting greenery can be hazardous because they increase the risk of getting stung or having an allergic reaction from hungry a bees or wasp sting is higher.  Stay away from plants that  increase the risk of injury.   When choosing lighting, beware of electricity near water. If needed, hire an electrician to install the light fixtures around your space so they are done safely and properly. Some wiring might be installed underground. This should be done first so you do not have to rip up your grounds later.


As fun as the sun is, staying directly under it for too long is not only uncomfortable, but it can also be unsafe. Burns and other heat related injuries can occur if you and your guests cannot escape the blazing rays. Therefore, part of your pool landscaping plans must include shaded areas. Gazebos are great structures that offer protection from the heat and create a permanent focal point in your decorating schemes. These solid outer spaces also offer the perfect place to install an outdoor kitchen or barbeque area, so you have everything to fully entertain your guests. When a permanent building is not an option, portable large outdoor patio umbrellas are also great features. The moveable coverings let you choose where and how you are going to set up your shaded area, so you and your guests will always have a protective area away from the sun’s harsh glare. Swimming pools are the perfect backyard accessory to have during the hot summer months. With the right landscaping ideas, your can create a great environment to relax, have fun, and entertain others. Creating a beautiful space will also increase the value of your property.  Landscaping your inground pool area takes thought and planning to make sure it is done right so you optimize your yard to develop your own private oasis.