The bedroom is where the new buyers will be spending their mornings and evenings. Using these magic tips, the bedroom will help be a selling point for a faster sale.

In The Bedroom

  1. Create a master suite effect in your decorating.
  2. Your decorating should be geared towards both sexes.
  3. Depersonalize the bedroom.
  4. Make sure that the beds are made and the linens are clean.
  5. Open up the floor space by removing extra furniture.
  6. Organize your closets, remove unnecessary items and put them in storage.
  7. Open the drapes and blinds.
  8. Paint bedrooms in a neutral color tone.
  9. Remove any stickers/posters from the walls and take down any trophy shelves.
  10. Make sure all the rooms in the house have a purpose. If you are using a spare room as storage, consider turning it into an office space or bedroom.

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