In the past two decades, the Masonville area of London (main intersection of Richmond Street North and Fanshawe Park Road) has seen a significant, and impressive, influx of commercial and residential developments. These developments have both expanded London’s boundaries and amplified the economy, adding numerous jobs and opportunities for expansion in different sectors. Masonville is booming and has established itself as a commercial hub for the Forest City. With commercial developments growing at the rapid rate they are, and residential developments expanding at a pace faster than we can blink, it comes as no surprise that Tricar planted their roots in this end of town. The intersection of Sunningdale and Richmond used to feel so north to Londoners that they thought of the area as out of town and so out of the way that it was often referred to as the country. It’s the same way we now refer to those living in Ilderton or Komoka as living out in the country. It’s not that far away, but it’s definitely not convenient to get to if you reside in the downtown area, especially with no car. Since the days of being the country, Sunningdale and Richmond has transformed from an area with nothing more than desolate farmland and an expensive members-only golf course and some well-hidden neighbourhoods to a thriving commercial hub. This area, while seemingly exclusive in its expensive nature, is as inviting as it is prosperous to our Forest City and its economy. The intersection has seen numerous residential developments in recent years. The area is now full of different housing such as single-detached homes of various sizes as well as a sprinkling of attached and detached townhouses. The near future will see the development of a commercial hub known as Richmond Village. This space will be home to various businesses such as food and retails stores and medical offices. The transformation of Sunningdale and Richmond happened so fast, it is incredible to see the developments in this end of the city. Behold the production of Tricar’s latest and greatest development, Village North. Winner of Project of the Year award at the London Home Builder’s Association Awards (LHBA), this condominium is impressive in all the right ways. The demand for high-rise living is so great in London that the plans for this building were actually put in motion a full year prior to the original timeline. Tricar has been churning out some impressive high-rise condominiums throughout London in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. The success of the Renaissance Towers in the downtown core was tremendous and enforced plans to erect Azure Tower, yet another luxury condominium centrally located and built by Tricar. Village North stands 14 storeys tall and once complete, will house a whopping 154 condominium suites. Construction has been underway for a while now and the building is pretty much complete and three of the floorplans are already sold out! There are a total of nine distinct floorplans, all offering an exceptionally modern and elegant appearance, while upholding the well-known high-quality that Tricar is known to execute. There are three 1-bedroom plus den suites, and six 3-bedroom plus den suites available. These suits range in square footage, bathroom options, layout and price points. Unequalled Style, Uncompromised Lifestyle is the motto for this luxurious condominium and will no doubt become synonymous with the already opulent and sought-after lifestyle of living in Masonville. Village North, while tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, is conveniently close to every amenity one may need. It’s one block away from Richmond Street which is one of the most significant arteries in the city. A drive south down Richmond Street will bring you to Masonville Commercial District within five minutes, and the downtown core within ten to twenty minutes depending on the time of day. Residents can also make their way west down Sunningdale Road and quickly arrive at another fast-growing commercial hub for the north end of the city, Hyde Park Commercial District. The location doesn’t come without its perks. Although the area of the city is up and coming, and has seen an influx of residential development, the vast farmland and beautiful countryside feel is still present. Residents who score top-floor suites in this building will without a doubt cherish the stunning views from their balcony. While amenities are just a short drive away, the building itself doesn’t come without its perks and assets to live a healthy lifestyle in the comfort of your own building! Within Village North is ClubNorth is a 11,750 square foot floor dedicated to personal amenities that will allow you to simultaneously entertain guests and achieve the healthy lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of having! The building offers its residents an indoor pool that’s so stunning they’ll never want to leave. The indoor aspect allows guests to enjoy it year-round without worrying about weather, bugs, trees and leaves interfering in their swim session. In addition to a swimming pool, there is a full fitness centre with men and women’s change rooms. ClubNorth also has a billiards room with a full working bar. A state of the art golf simulator allows residents to practice their game from the comfort of their building! A movie theatre is implemented into ClubNorth, allowing residents to book at their leisure and watch a movie in huge, luxury, even better than movie-theatre style seats. No luxury condominium would be complete without a beautiful lounge area perfect for studying or cosying up in with a good book by the fireplace. The outdoor lounge area is complete with fire pits, barbecues and furniture, making it the perfect place to host guests. Large parties can be entertained in the fully working, state of the art kitchen complete with a large dining table. The aesthetic and attention to detail in ClubNorth is synonymous with the luxurious lifestyle Village North is attempting to provide for its guests. This amenity building is beautiful and impressive, and definitely a deal sealer for those looking to make the move to a luxury condominium.  The construction site was split into three separate phases – two residential towers and the aforementioned amenity building, ClubNorth. The units in the building start at 1,100 square feet and range up to 1,800 square feet. The entire tower is undeniably aesthetically pleasing and the décor of the main foyer and ClubNorth is classic in its style yet possesses an updated and modern flair. The suites are spacious and all contain gorgeous and large windows, allowing as much natural light in as possible, and incredible views. As far as pricing goes, the units in the completed tower will start at $250k and cost up to as much as $950k with penthouses starting at $600k. While there are many options to choose from with interiors and floorplans, there is a base standard that Tricar implemented to every suite in the building. The following are the base features and many suites will allow for residents to opt for upgrades:
  • High ceilings
  • Premium flooring such as plush carpeting and wide plank laminate hardwood flooring (residents can choose their color)
  • 80-inch designer two-panel interior doors
  • Enormous extra-deep balconies built with tempered glass and aluminum railings. These balconies are one of the most exciting features of the building as they allow residents to take in the nature surrounding Village North.
  • California textured ceilings
  • Crown molding and 5.5-inch baseboards
  • Wire-shelving in closets.
  • High-efficiency, state-of-the-art appliances.
  • Thermal windows.
  • Programmable thermostat and humidistat.
Tricar is committed to providing cities with the most luxurious and state-of-the-art residential buildings. One of their greatest commitments, however, is to improve the efficiency of each building with the latest in green technology. Village North is ahead of its time with numerous green initiatives in place to ensure the success of the infrastructure of the building, eliminating waste of non-renewable resources and diminishing possible costs for residents in the future. Tricar has implemented thermal windows. These improve heat retention in the winter while enhancing cooling during the warmer months. A green heating and cooling system is implemented into the building. This system provides a centralized gas-fired boiler and chilled-water cooling system. Together these minimize energy consumption while maximizing performance.  Every light-fixture in the building is energy-efficient. Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) washable paint and low VOC spray-foam and air barrier insulation was used in the construction of Village North. These are ecologically reliable and the use of them improves the overall air quality in every room of the building. Transparent china toilets are elegant in their style, and low flow ensuring improved efficiency of water usage in every suite. Living a green life is not only a perk of the future of living, but a necessity. By purchasing a home that has been built with a green state of mind is not only allowing residents to save money in the future, but helping improve the nature of the world as we know it. It is imperative that residents seek out a future home that will decrease the use of non-renewable resources and look to energy efficient ways of living. There’s no doubt that the implementation of a second luxury condominium within a 2-block radius of the Richmond and Sunningdale intersection is a nod to the major development that has happened in the north end of the city in the past decade or two. The lavish nature of the condo directly relates to the vibe of the area it’s located in, and will no doubt become a sought after building to live in. Village North is setting itself up to be in the same league as the Renaissance and Azure Towers that Tricar recently built in the downtown core. What are your thoughts on the substantial growth the north end of the city has undergone? Are you supportive of the city growing out, or would you prefer to see the city growing up in the future? Village North will no doubt attract a multitude of new residents to the area, whether it’s retirees looking to downsize or a young professional snagging a swanky penthouse, the options are endless in this beautiful new luxury condominium apartment.