Village North It’s almost startling to think back to what the intersection of Sunningdale and Richmond used to be like just a few short years ago. It used to be considered out in the country and on the very edge of town. Recently, the area has been booming with development. Houses and high-rises are being built to make friendly communities in an area that is now teeming with bustling shopping centers as well as absolutely stunning green spaces, giving those who live there the best of both worlds. One of the many high-rises that are providing condominium options in this thriving neighborhood is the Village North. Tricar had such an incredible vision for this area. They would build not just one, but two incredible condo buildings that offer luxurious living and only the attention to detail and quality building that Tricar gives to high-rises. In between these two buildings, connecting them, is the exclusive ClubNorth, which hosts the incredible amenity complex for the residents of the building. ClubNorth is like an oasis for those who enjoy entertainment, physical activity, socializing, and relaxing. It’s also the perfect place for residents to host larger groups of friends comfortably. Village North Village North was the 2015 LHBA Project of the Year winner, which is part of the Awards of Creative Excellence. Those awards are judged by a large panel of industry professionals from across all of Canada. Participants are judged on quality, pushing boundaries, and special achievements in the industry. Winning this award is an incredible honor and speaks volumes to the design of this building, which combines classic and modern together in beautiful simplicity. Take a look at Tricar’s award-winning Village North and the incredible opportunity to get in on the condo lifestyle that is becoming so popular among those who are discovering the joys of hassle-free homeownership.

Condo Lifestyle

So who exactly are the people buying up these condos? The first obvious answer seems to be young professionals. A lot of young professionals are more career-focused than they are worried about starting a family. They spend a lot of time traveling and working and enjoy the worry-free and hassle-free homeownership that condo living brings. They want convenience and they want a place that caters to their social and active lifestyles, but that is not going to take a lot of maintenance on their part. They want to be able to leave their homes to travel without a worry. They want spaces to entertain and they want their entertainment, restaurants, and shopping to be close by. Village North - Condo Lifestyle But young professionals are not the only ones who are enjoying the advantages of the condo lifestyle. A lot of recently retired and empty nesters are suddenly finding the joy of hassle-free homeownership. No more shoveling, raking, or mowing to worry about. They want to enjoy their time and not spend it maintaining their house and property. They too are finding the value of being able to get up and leave to travel for bouts at a time without needing to find someone to watch their home while they’re gone. A lot of these retirees and empty nesters are enjoying the walking paths and parks that are close by. They’re enjoying living near entertainment and restaurants, but also having the option of golfing or taking a stroll on a nice day. They’re also finding the incredible value of the social aspects of condo living. Without having co-workers to connect with, it becomes necessary to find that social interaction elsewhere. Condo living can help with that. Both young professionals and empty nesters are finding the stress-free living of Condo living and in Village North, you’re getting the absolute height of condo living. Tricar is known for building upscale and luxurious high rises with incredible amenities that caters to the lifestyles of the residents. The incredible location of Village North makes it the ideal choice for both young professionals and empty nesters.

Building Amenities

One of the amazing things about condo living is the incredible building amenities. When you purchase a beautiful and luxurious sweet in Village North II, that is not all that you’re getting. You’re also getting an extension of your home through the incredible shared spaces that are in the building, such as ClubNorth. ClubNoth is a great place to unwind and relax after a long day. Great place to meet neighbors. If you have a large group of friends for a night in, then there are spaces to entertain in ClubNorth. Think of those shared spaces as part of your neighborhood. It’s a place to bring your friends or to connect with your neighbors. It’s a space that extends your home past the walls of your beautiful suite. With Village North II, the building amenities were created to suit the lifestyles of their residents. The amenities offer modern conveniences for those busy professional. ClubNorth gives you a space for your healthy active lifestyle as well as your healthy social lifestyle. It gives you a space to relax and unwind from your busy day. Take a look at all of the amazing amenities that Village North offers: Village North - Building Amenities

Fitness Center

We all know how important it is to stay physically active throughout the week, but finding the time to hit the gym with our busy schedules is no easy task. With Village North II, you get full access to ClubNorth. ClubNorth features a beautiful fitness center with state-of-the-art workout machines. Whether you’re in the mood for some heart-healthy cardio, or you’re looking to work those muscles with free weights, this fitness center has got you covered. They even have space for stretching and meditation. For those who need a little distraction to keep motivated, they even have a TV to try and distract you from the burn.

Theater Room

ClubNorth features an incredible Hollywood-style “screening room. This theater room has surround sound, a blu-ray player, and even has those ultra-comfy theater-style seats. You can have a movie night out experience without ever needing to leave home. Prepare to host movie nights with your friends and wow them with comfort and incredible style.

Billiards and Bar Room

ClubNorth also features a Billiards and Bar room. It’s a great space to connect with your neighbors, or bring some friends for a friendly game and a few delicious drinks. The style and design of the room is elegant and classy and is perfectly suited to sip on a martini or an old fashioned.


Feel like practicing your swing but don’t have time to hit the green? ClubNorth has a state-of-the-art golf simulator. Now you can keep up your golf game all year long.


For spaces to hangout and connect with your neighbors, head to ClubNorth and hangout in the Lounge. It’s beautiful, comfortable, and luxurious atmosphere is the perfect place to unwind and let go of the stresses of the day. Village North - Building Amenities

Outdoor Terrace

The lounge them spills out into an absolutely stunning terrace that is gorgeously landscaped. Of course one of the things that many people love about warm weather is the chance to host outdoor bbqs. Condo living is all about bringing those luxuries into a convenient space for all residents. At Village North II you can still enjoy hosting summer bbqs in a beautiful space, as the terrace has a fresh-air dining space, as well as bbq grills. The terrace is beautifully maintained.

Library Room

If you’re more of a bookworm, the Library Room offers comfortable seating, stylish decor, and a serene environment. Grab a good book and hunker down with a hot beverage and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Indoor Pool

ClubNorth gives an incredible spa-like experience with their impeccably kept indoor pool. You can enjoy the relaxation and the health benefits that a pool brings all year long. Host a pool party with your friends. Get a full-body workout by doing laps. Or just float in the gorgeous space and let all of your stresses melt away.

Dining Area

If you love entertaining but don’t think that your kitchen and dining room can hold the size of party that you want to throw, ClubNorth has a kitchen and dining area inside where you can entertain your guests with plenty of space and in a beautiful atmosphere.

Guest Suites

For those who love entertaining, you know that having a place for guests to crash is an essential, but sharing your suite with your snoozing friend may be the last thing that you want. ParWest has appointed guest suite available for you to rent so that your guests have a convenient and comfortable place to spend the night. So you can host your heart out without worrying about how much couch space you’re going to need at the end of the evening.

Storage Lockers

There is always the question of “where do we put this?” when it comes to seasonal items, or gifts that your mother-in-law gives you that you only really want to put out when she comes to visit. But paying for a storage unit across the city that you have to drive to whenever you want something from it is inconvenient and expensive. Luckily, Village North II comes with private, dry, and secure storage lockers right there on site. So you can keep all of your Christmas decor and that ugly lamp that was gifted to you out of the way and safe for when you need them.

Underground Parking

Nothing is worse on a dark and cold winter morning than going outside and scraping layers of ice and snow off of your car only to head off to work considerably later than you intended. Luckily Village North II has secure underground parking that is accessed by key cards to keep your car safe from Canadian weather.


Whether you’re hosting a party, or have hired a dog walker or a cleaning person, you can have the luxury and convenience of controlling visitor access to the building through your phone. They also have camera systems that can monitor both visitors and deliveries which you can easily view in your suite from your tv (depending on the service provider).


They say that the devil is in the details, but with Tricar, the luxury is in the details and no detail is ever overlooked. In Village North, you’ll get a beautifully designed suite with upscale features that will make your home a dream come true. There are nine different floorplans to choose from and the square footage of those floorplans range from 1090-1802. They come in one bedroom plus den and two bedroom plus den suites. As for prices, they range from $250,000 to $950,000. But no matter what unit you get, you know that you’re going to get an absolutely beautiful suite that is full of convenience and luxury. Village North - Features
  • Incredibly high ceilings give each suite that “wow” factor and helps to give a spacious and airy atmosphere.
  • Beautiful california textured ceilings give those high ceilings some beautiful depth and character.
  • Oversized balconies that are extra-deep have tempered glass and give you absolutely stunning views of the city. The location of Village North gives these balconies some of the most awe-inspiring views so residents will want to take full advantage of that extra room.
  • Crown mouldings, 51⁄2″ baseboards, and 31⁄2″ castings give each suite that luxurious feel that really sets these suites apart from others.
  • Each suite comes with the convenience of in-suite laundry that is front-loading, full-sized, and are Energy Star. You’ll never have to worry about lugging your basket of dirty clothes outside of your suite late at night when you realize that you have no clean clothes for the next day.
  • Each suite has a luxurious and welcoming kitchen with gleaming granite countertops, a beautiful and imported backsplash as well as cabinetry that has beautifully unique and quality hardware.
  • The main bathroom has a tub and shower combination and include a soaker tub for bubble baths and much needed relaxation after a long, hard day.
  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly details are in every single suite, including the appliances, the windows, and more.
  • Generously sized closets have premium wire shelving to keep you completely organized.
  • You get total control of your comfort with a programmable thermostat and humidistat.
  • The bathrooms in each suite have luxurious and eye-catching details of designer faucets and imported porcelain or certamile tile surround.

Green Initiative

Village North - Green Initiative When it comes to the sustainability of our future, the best builders know that they need to go green. The Tricar Group is an environmentally responsible builder. Village North includes incredible green features that are meant to minimize greenhouse gases, reduce the carbon footprint of both the building and the people living in it, as well as save energy and materials, and it provides a comfortable living environment. Creating upscale high-rises that puts sustainability and the future of our world first is just another way that Tricar puts the customer first, and it’s another reason to choose condo living.


The Sunningdale area has gone from being the far edge of town and “out in the country” to being a booming area that is rapidly expanding. It has both the feel of being away from the hustle and bustle of the city, as well as being so close to commercial a commercial and entertainment hub. The location leaves those who live there wanting for nothing. Sunningdale Golf Club is right there for the avid golf fans. There are multiple beautiful green spaces and parks for those who love the option to connect with nature. CF Masonville Place is also right close by, as well as the numerous shopping centers that surround it. For the foodie, there are a plethora of delicious restaurants to choose from, including Beertown Public House, The Keg, East Side Marios, Three10 and so much more. Village North What do you think of condo living? Do you think it’s the perfect solution for new retirees and empty nesters who want to get the most out of life without needing to worry about maintaining a house? Or do you think it’s just a phase right now? Whatever your opinions are, we want to hear them! Click any of the social media accounts below and share your thoughts!