Victoria on the River Well it looks like Sifton has done it again. Sifton Properties Limited is well known for creating incredible new developments throughout London. They put a lot of thought into where they develop. They strike a balance between selecting locations that are close to many of the great amenities that this city has to offer while also being immersed in nature. They don’t just create developments—they create communities. They create communities that encourage healthy social lives as well as healthy physical lives. The next community being developed by Sifton in London that is getting a lot of attention is Victoria on the River, located in the Southeast end of London in the Summerside Community. It’s being coined as “the ultimate playground for living” with good reason. It’s in an incredible location that is surrounded by nature trails, the river, a swimming pond, rolling hills, and stunning views. It’s an incredible spot to put down roots and grow a family. It’s a family friendly neighborhood that is a great location for commuting. It’s at the corner of Commissioners Road East and Hamilton road. Get ready to shrug off the craziness of the city when you come home into a beautiful nature retreat with stunning new home builds from some of London’s top home builders that are in the midst of mature trees and stunning natural landscapes. Doesn’t that sound like a wonderful place to call home?

The Location

First, let’s talk about how incredible the actual spot where Victoria on the River is being built is. The development has plans for future commercial space so that there is quick and easy access to amenities for all residents living there. But beyond that, beyond the convenience factors, what is the most incredible part about Victoria on the River is the feeling that you get when you’re surrounded with the beauty of nature like this is. With the Thames River flowing around it, the multiple ponds, the swimming pond, and the creek, you’re going to get the most peaceful and restorative views that come with being around water. A protected woodspace, a park, and the fact that Victoria on the River backs onto Meadowlily Woods ESA means that you’re always going to have beautiful views and green space around you. Victoria on the River: Location Did you know that green space is good for your physical and mental health? The trees and plants filter pollution and dust from the air like very still superheroes. In fact, one tree can remove 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the earth each year, which is incredibly impressive. They also provide shade and reduce soil from being eroded away from waterways. Green space is also linked with living less stress and reduced depression. It has also been linked increased cognitive function and creativity. People who live near green space also tend to be more physically fit than those who do not because it encourages active recreational activity. Meadowlily Woods is one of 16 natural areas within London that has been deemed as an Environmentally Significant Area. It’s full of a diverse range of plants and animals. It has 4 kms of well-kept trails that loop around the area and makes for a great family hike. It’s also a great place for bird-watching. Now, let’s talk about amenities that are around this location. East Park, which has a golf course, mini golf, driving range, arcade, water park, batting cages, bumper cars, as well as go-karts, is the perfect place for families to create last-summer memories. Luckily for those at Victoria on the River, East Park is super close by! If you’re a big golfer, you’ll love that Victoria on the River is also a short drive to City of London Public Golf Course, Pine Knot Golf and Country Club, Willow Park Golf and Country Club and the Dorchester on the Thames Golf Club. Victoria on the River: Location The amenities that it’s close to isn’t just all about fun, it’s also close to an animal hospital, people hospitals, a dog park, a YMCA, eight schools, restaurants and grocery stores. This means that you get to enjoy all of the comforts and conveniences of city life while being located within a natural haven with beautiful views. Next, let’s look at how great of a location this is for those who commute regularly. Within a couple of short minutes, you can be on Veterans Memorial Parkway and entering the 401. If you’re traveling often for work, then you’ll love the quick and easy ten minute drive to London International Airport. Victoria Flats is also nestled in right off of Commissioners Road East and Hamilton Road, which means that you’re so close to two major road viens within London, so getting around the city is quick and easy.

The Homes

The Homes in Victoria on the River are multi residential and single family homes. Their price ranges from the low $500,000s to the mid $700,000s for the single family and the low $300,000s for the multi-family homes. They range from 2 to 4 bedroom homes and are anywhere from one to two plus stories high. They range from 1300 to 3300 square feet. There are lots that have stunning views of the Thames River. Some lots have tranquil pond views. Some of the family homes will be built on wooded, ravine, and walkout lots. With the incredible builders chosen for this development and their uniquely distinct and stunning styles and designs, Victoria on the River will have absolutely stunning street views. One of the downfalls of buying a new home is that the community is new, which means that you don’t get a lot of large, mature trees, but Victoria on the River has an abundance of beautifully large, mature trees, rolling hills, and beautiful views of nature. Victoria on the River: The Homes Of course what your home will actually look like is going to depend on what builder you go with, what design you choose to start with, and what features you want added to your home, but you can rest assured that whatever builder you go with and whatever design you choose, you’re going to get a beautiful, functional home that fits your lifestyle and your taste. Here are some of the amazing features that builders in Victoria on the River are putting into their homes: Victoria on the River: The Homes
  • Soaring 9 foot ceilings give you space and natural light.
  • Huge walk-in closets give you space to organize your clothes and make mornings easier and more efficient.
  • Large open concept spaces are great for entertain as well as keeping the family connected while meals are being prepared.
  • Beautiful hardwood and ceramic throughout the home gives you both comfort and beauty.
  • Large kitchen islands with gleaming countertops and beautiful cabinetry will make your kitchen a place that inspires and comforts.
  • Walk-in pantry keeps your kitchen organized and beautiful and makes grocery shopping easier when you can see exactly what you do and don’t have before you go.
  • Convenient laundry locations helps make your daily to-dos a lot easier to accomplish.
  • A large mudroom with a built-in bench keep the mess out of your home and your outerwear in one convenient location.
  • Cozy gas fireplaces keeps the winter chill at bay.
  • Covered porches are perfect for backyard barbecues in the summer and lazy days in the backyard enjoying gorgeous weather with family.
  • Incredible master ensuites with soaker tubs and glass showers make for an oasis to retreat to when life has been stressful.

The Builders

The builder that you choose to create your new home is a very important decision. You’re going to be working with these people for months and months while they give you your dream home. You’ll be picking from their designs and customizing them to your specifications, taste, style, and lifestyle. You’ll have so many questions and you’ll want to work with a builder that you feel comfortable talking to and connecting with. When you choose your builder, you’ll want to look at their past builds to see the beautiful craftsmanship. Fortunately, the builders at Victoria on the River are some of the absolute best that London offers. You can’t go wrong when choosing any one of these five builders, so your best bet is to look through the different models and floor plans that they offer and connect with the builders to see who is going to be the best choice for you to help you make a house that you can call your perfect home.

McKenzie Homes

Victoria on the River: McKenzie Homes McKenzie Homes is a company that understands that a home isn’t just the walls and the roof that you live under. Your home is a place where you’ll grow, change, put down roots, and create long-lasting memories. Your home is a haven and a safe and comforting place. Home is a place for families to come together. McKenzie Homes knows that buying your new home is a big decision and there are lots of choices to be made throughout the process. They help you through every step and try to make it as easy as possible for you. One of the ways that they do that is through their Home Decor Center, which is centrally located in London. There you’ll get to see all of the finishes, colors, and special features that you might want in your home, without having to run all around London checking out the different suppliers.

Richfield Custom Homes

Victoria on the River: Richfield Custom Homes Richfield Custom Homes is truly a custom home builder where nothing is off limits. If you want to move walls or add windows, then Richfield Custom Homes is more than happy to make your vision a reality. They’re committed to being there for you every single step of the way to provide you with extraordinary customer service. They do this partly through maintaining open and frequent communication. When it comes to the building process, it can be both exciting and overwhelming, so Richfield Custom Homes will walk you through the process and even after you’ve moved in, they’re happy to schedule another appointment with you to answer any questions you might have about your new home. Now THAT is customer service!

Magnificent Homes

Victoria on the River: Magnificent Homes Magnificent Homes wants to take the vision of your dream home and want to turn that into a reality. They understanding that picking a builder to make your dream come true is a big decision and it is their goal to become the home builder that Londoners trust to create that. They do this through paying attention to every detail and being part of the business process right from the ground up. From foundation and framing to the finishing touches, they oversee every aspect of your home through the whole process. They want to ensure that they exceed all of your expectations.

StoneCrest Builders

Victoria on the River: StoneCrest Builders StoneCrest Builders gives you a small-company customer service experience and personalized attention. They strive to give each and every new home buyer a stress-free and joyous experience throughout the entire experience. They are award-winning home builders and Tracy has been recognized as a Graduate Master Builder and is a Certified Green Professional. By choosing StoneCrest you’re choosing a builder that is dedicated to using green building practices. With StoneCrest Builders, you’re also getting a builder whose standard is absolute excellence.

Qwest Homes

Victoria on the River: Qwest Homes The idea to start Qwest Homes came out of a clear need to create innovative designs at affordable prices by combining quality workmanship and the leading technology of energy efficiency. Qwest Homes is dedicated to delivering you the best of the best and will never compromise when it comes to the integrity of their renovations or new home builds. They use a wide range of quality products. They set new standards for home builders when it comes to quality, customer service, environmental integrity, and value. If you’re looking for a home builder who is dedicated to giving you the best possible end result while keeping you informed and worry-free throughout the process, then look no further than Qwest Homes. Victoria on the River If you’re considering buying new in London and are wanting to find a place that is a perfect location for raising a family, then you’re going to want to take a look at Victoria on the River. Lots are selling out quick, since this is such a desirable location, so don’t wait too long to jump at the opportunity to see this beautiful retreat.