Victoria Flats When it comes to developing sites to create homes, Sifton Properties Limited does not take the process lightly. They’re not just looking for a plot of land that can hold some houses. They look for the best possible locations to create a community. They look for locations that encourage living life to the fullest. They look for areas in London that are going to offer convenience, healthy living, and beauty. They look to create places that you would absolutely love to call home. The next area that they are developing is in the Summerside neighborhood but down at Commissioners road East and Hamilton road. The beautiful area is surrounded by nature and is just waiting to be a little haven. It’s a great location for commuting. It’s proximity to kid-friendly entertainment, a sports park, and Schools make it a great location for families. Victoria Flats is full of high end homes that take you away from the busy atmosphere of the city and cradle you in the heart of nature, while still keeping the incredible amenities that London Ontario has to offer a short distance away. You’ll love living with theses gorgeous, modern homes with stunning brick work that are thoughtfully designed sitting with the stunning backdrop of forests and the river. Victoria Flats So take a look at everything that Victoria Flats has to offer:

The Homes

Victoria Flats is a beautiful community full of sleek and modern homes. Victoria flats has a total of 111 units. These single family homes sit on lots that range in size from 34’ to 36’. These two-story, detached units start in the $500,000s. The area is going to get multi-family residence coming soon. Victoria Flats: The Homes These homes will have beautiful finishes like laminate or hardwood flooring, quartz, marble or granite countertops, stunning backsplashes, beautifully modern hardware, stylish cabinetry, and gorgeous ensuites. The builders that work to create these homes are the kind of builders that pay attention to the details and create homes that are more than just a beautiful house to live in. They create homes that flow with your daily routine. They create homes that are convenient for your busy lives. They create homes that allow families to flourish and create lasting memories. They create homes that are healthier for you to live in. They create the kind of houses that you love to come home to day after day for years to come.

The Builders

When it comes to building your home, the builder that you work with is a very important choice. First of all, you want to look at their past builds and their floor plans to ensure that their designs line up with your taste preferences. Second, you want to feel comfortable with the builder and their team. You want to feel comfortable asking questions and know that the communication is going to be smooth with them, because it’s a long process. Third, you want to know that your builder has high standards and works with suppliers that uphold the same high standards. Sifton has selected high quality builders to work on Victoria Flats. Victoria Flats: The Builders

Magnificent Homes

Magnificent Homes is dedicated to transforming your vision of what your dream home is into a reality. They build from the ground up, which means that they are part of the building process of your new home from the foundation and framing to the finishing touches in each and every room. They care about making your dream a reality and the only way that they can do that is by overseeing every step of the process. Through their high standards, their clear and consistent communication, and their assurance that your expectations will be exceeded, they’ll put you at ease and make your home buying experience a great one.

M&M Home Construction

M&M Home Construction creates quality houses and works hard to ensure that each and every customer is a happy customer.

Starwood Homes

Starwood Homes is family operated. They have innovative designs that keep you, your family, and your lifestyle in mind. They pay attention to the detailing and the finishes to ensure quality and style. They have one goal: to enhance every neighbourhood and community that they build in. They do that by building well-engineered homes that are luxurious and cost-effective. They build in every price point, and are excited to work with you to create your dream home.

McKenzie Homes

At McKenzie Homes, they know that your house is more than just a place that you live. It’s a place where you raise your family. It’s a place where you make memories. It’s a place where you grow. They know that designing your home is not easy. Making the decisions of what finishes to use and what upgrades to go with is not always easy. That is why they have a New Home Decor Center where you’ll be able to select all of the colors, special features, and finishes, without needing to run around all over London to different suppliers. They have the highest standards when it comes to your new home. No matter what builder you get at Victoria Flats, you’re getting quality construction and a gorgeous new home. These are the kind of builders that make the whole process a comfortable one.


They say that living near green space is good for your physical and mental health. There is something about that connection to nature that helps to boost our creativity and problem solving, helps to calm anxiety, and, of course, gives us cleaner air to breathe. Usually, living in a city means that you’re not surrounded by green space, so cities have to carefully plan to try and keep pockets of green space here and there. With Victoria Flats, green space is certainly not an issue. Victoria Flats: Location At Victoria Flats, you’ll feel like you’re surrounded by nature. Imagine your home nestled in among beautiful rolling green hills, large patches of forests with big trees stretching up to the sky and casting long, reaching shadows in the afternoon sunlight, spanning green patches, covered in wild plants. Imagine seeing gorgeous views of the rushing Thames River. Imagine miles of nature trails and perfect fishing spots. Imagine it, and you’ll feel like you’ve escaped from the city and settled into a peaceful and idyllic neighborhood. Imagine it, and you’ll want to call that place home. It’s located in on the South East side of London at the corner of Hamilton Road and Commissioners Road East. It’s right near the Summerside community, and the Glen Clarin community, which means it’s close by to shops, restaurants, churches, schools, and more. If you enjoy hiking and walking trails, then you’ll enjoy that it’s just a short drive to Meadowlily Trail, which is a gorgeous 3.1 kilometer looped trail. It’s rated as a moderately difficult trail, and can be great for trail running. The river runs through it. It’s full of amazing wildlife and you can expect to see butterflies and toads. Bird watchers will enjoy the amazing different species in Meadowlily. Victoria Flats is a short drive from East Park. East park is London’s best entertainment space in the summertime. It has the Wally World water park, rock climbing, bumper cars, an arcade, a jungle gym, go-karts, batting cages, mini golf, and a driving range. Plus, East Park also has a golf course. Your whole family can spend days enjoying the summer with fun activities that give you long-lasting memories. Or, you can enjoy a relaxing day of golf working on your long game. Victoria Flats: Location If you’re job has you commuting far then Victoria Falls is a great location for you! It’s close to Veterans Memorial Parkway, Commissioners Road, and Bradley Ave, which is perfect for potentially cutting down your commuting time. If you’re looking for a beautiful sanctuary to go home to every day, then consider Victoria Flats. It’s a gorgeous and peaceful location that is full of green space and trees and nature. The Thames River runs behind it, giving you beautiful views. It’s close to shopping conveniences and amenities. It’s a commuters dream location. For some people, this is the most prime spot in London Ontario to live out their life, raise their family, and make memories.

Buying New

To build new, or to buy an already built house: that is the question. A lot of people get nervous at the idea of building new. You can’t just walk into a house and see everything that you’ll be purchasing together in one place. You have to visualize from mock ups and designs and visit model homes and try to picture what your new home is going to look like. That scares people. Some people like the established neighborhoods, mature trees, and big backyards that come with a lot of older homes. They like the idea that they don’t have to worry about living in a construction zone as different phases of the new neighborhood get built. But, there are a lot of amazing benefits that come with choosing to buy a new home. One of the biggest advantages when you buy a new home is the quality of construction. New homes are built to a higher standard as the building industry has changed with time and safety measures have been increased. New techniques and new technologies have taken the timeless craftsmanship of building a home and made it even better. Victoria Flats: Buying New One thing that I cannot stand about older homes, other than creaky floors, is that they are all so compartmentalized. They have lots of smaller rooms with very specific functions. The kitchen is it’s own room. There is a room for eating. A room for talking. A room for watching tv. But new homes are build for convenience and function. They have open floor concepts and have lots of natural light. They keep the laundry in a convenient location so that you don’t have to drag loads of your dirty clothes to the basement on a weekly basis and can do it on the fly during your busy day instead. The bottom line is that new homes are created for living. The other advantage of a new home is that you can rely on the fact that you’re not going to have to put up money for major repairs or a new roof any time soon. Everything is NEW. So it lasts. Plus, on top of that, new homes are designed to be easier to maintain, so you can keep your home in good condition for years and years to come. Another big reason is energy efficiency. Save money on your energy bills and breath in better air quality by choosing a new home. Advances in the construction industry means energy efficient homes. From the appliances with in and the lights that use to the insulation and the windows, they are all created to be as energy efficient as possible. New homes are also safer than ever. They have to be built to the safety codes, which are consistently being reevaluated. New homes are now built with hard-wired smoke detectors, electrical circuit protectors and even safety glass. Aesthetics is another big reason why buying new is a great option for homebuyers. Builders have found ways to bring high end finishes in every room of the house without driving up the costs with things like quartz countertops and laminate flooring. Homes are becoming almost like works of art, with Builders putting their heart and soul into the details to give you your dream home. So when you start thinking about the homebuying process, take a look at the new developments, like Victoria Flats, that are happening in London. You’re getting a lot of bang for your buck when you buy new. Victoria Flats What do you think? Could you see yourself living in a place like Victoria Flats? Would you want to buy new? Do you like the idea of settling in to a new community? No matter what your opinion is, we’d love to hear it! Click on one of our social medias below and let us know!