The Renaissance When it comes to renting in London Ontario, a lot of people are discovering the incredible difference of choosing high-rise buildings that are modern, have added conveniences, and are filled with the luxury details of high-end living. For those who are looking for this kind of living, The Renaissance, by Tricar, is the perfect choice. It’s conveniently located on the corner of King and Ridout in downtown, which means that it’s right in the heart of incredible nightlife, amazing restaurants, world class entertainment, beautiful parks, and the core of London’s corporate world. When you’re choosing a Tricar building, you’re choosing luxury living. Every detail is considered. When you walk into The Renaissance you’ll feel the modern opulence in the beauty of their lobby, and each and every suite is crafted to marry convenience and sumptuous beauty. The location and the building’s amenities make it the absolute perfect location for busy professionals as well as those with a healthy appetite for a social lifestyle. So take a look and see why people are flocking to choose these luxury high-rise buildings when they’re considering everything that London has to offer.


Let’s just take a moment to be honest here, one of the best part about living in a building is the incredible amenities that they offer. Location might be important, but if you’re the kind of person who loves to entertain, you know that you’re going to want to find a location that has the kind of extra spaces that your guests will enjoy. So many buildings have put a lot of thought and consideration into the kind of lifestyles that the majority of their residents would have and try to make the kind of amenities that would suit those lifestyles. The Renaissance has done just that. Whether you’re a busy professional with very little time in your day to day, or you’re a social butterfly who loves having a healthy social life, or you’re just a homebody who loves never needing to leave home to find the comforts that you crave, then the Renaissance has the amenities for you! Take a look at everything they offer: The Renaissance- Building Amenities

Fitness Room

For the busy individual who likes to live a healthy lifestyle, finding time to fit in going to the gym can be quite the conundrum. The Renaissance has the answer to that difficulty in life. They’ve build an incredibly fitness studio right into the building’s amenities. So whether you’re looking to lift some weights or jump on a machine to get some cardio into your day, you won’t have to leave the comfort of your home to do it. Of course, this means that you don’t have to factor in the commute time or think about how busy the gym might be at peak hours of the day.

Social Lounge

The resident lounge/social room is a key amenity for those who have a healthy social lifestyle. If you’re the kind of person who loves to meet new people and connect with your neighbors, the social room is a great way to do just that in a casual and comfortable setting. For those who love to entertain, you have a great space to take your guests outside of your apartment that can offer you the space, and the activities that can help you with hosting. The social space has comfortable chairs for those who want to sit and connect. It also has a pool table for those who enjoy a little friendly competition. There is also a theater room, with a big screen TV so that you can catch the big game or have an incredible movie experience. It’s also just a great space to come and unwind on a rainy or snowy day so that you can get out of your apartment and not feel cooped up, but not have to brave the elements.

Guest Suite

Entertaining is fun, but entertaining in an apartment can be less than ideal. Not having a guest room means that anyone staying over has to crash on the couch or the floor. That doesn’t have to be an issue in The Renaissance. They have a dedicated guest suite that can be rented for overnight guests. Your guests can stay over in the comfort and privacy of their own suite without inconveniencing you and still getting to have a comfortable sleep. Imagine how much friendlier they’ll be at brunch if they don’t have a kink in their neck from sleeping on a couch the whole night. The Renaissance - Building amenities

Storage Locker

The truth of the matter is that most of the time we have more stuff than can fit into our apartments. Whether that is because we’re living with a roommate and don’t need two of everything, but also don’t want to get rid of one set because you’ll want it when you go separate ways on day in the far future, or it’s because we have seasonal items that we don’t want out all year round, we just need a space to keep things safe and secure until we need them again. The Renaissance has got you covered there as well. They have storage lockers available for residents to keep your belongings secured, but out of the way, which really beats having to pay for storage units somewhere else in the city, or keeping boxes in your parent’s basement.

Underground Parking

Parking might always be an issue downtown, but The Renaissance has got you covered there. They have secured underground parking, with a controlled entry. Underground parking is always amazing because you never have to worry about hurrying to scrape your car off in the dark mornings of winter as you try to not be late for work after a night of snow and ice. It also means that on days when it’s raining a lot, you won’t need to make a mad dash for your car in a busy parking lot, only to be soaking wet by the time you get in it.

Outdoor Terrace

For those who love to entertain, the classic summer bbq is an essential summer memory each year, but it can be difficult to host a summer bbq in an apartment. Once again, The Renaissance has thought of everything. They have a resident terrace that is complete with a bbq where residents can hang out and enjoy the warm weather or entertain guests and enjoy making those summer bbq memories. The resident terrace is also just a great place to soak up some sun and enjoy the outdoors without having to leave home. Yes, The Renaissance is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from some beautiful parks, but sometimes you want a little of the outdoors without needing to leave the comfort of your own home.


Security is especially important in any kind of building, but it’s especially important when living downtown. The Renaissance comes with a video security system and controlled entry so that you can feel safe and secure.


Time is a commodity that we simply do not have enough of. We’re all busy individuals with lots of to-dos and not a lot of hours to get those things done, so any kind of added convenience that saves time is a godsend. The Renaissance has some added conveniences for you right on the main level of the building. The first of these is a hair studio. Finding time to fit in a haircut can be difficult. Imagine never having to leave home to get it done? Well with The Renaissance, you can get your haircut right there on the main floor. It doesn’t get easier than that. Running out to get small things like toilet paper or snacks can feel like a big task once you’re comfortable at home. Downtown Variety and Dry Cleaning is conveniently located on the main level of the building. It’s even open late for people who work late or have been out for a night on the town. Love going out for grub but hate the idea of having to actually go out? At The Renaissance you can have the best of both worlds. Zen’Za is a pizza joint right there on the main floor of the building. You can grab hot and delicious pizza in the middle of winter without having to put on boots. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

Suite Features

They say that they devil is in the details, but with Tricar it’s more like the genius is in the details. Tricar never overlooks the little details that makes each and every suite convenient and luxurious so that residents can enjoy high-end living, no matter what suite you’re in. Each suite comes with these amazing features: The Renaissance - Suite Features
  • All appliances are modern and stainless steel, which gives you a sleek look and an ease of use.
  • In-suite laundry is convenient and makes so much easier when it’s late in the evening and you realize that you need clothes for tomorrow.
  • Kitchens are spacious have have gorgeous wood cabinetry.
  • Sumptuous granite countertops gleam in every suite’s kitchen
  • When it comes to flooring, beauty, simplicity and convenience are met with stunning laminate hardwood flooring, ceramic tile flooring, as well as luxurious plush carpets.
  • Crown moulding boasts of opulence and elegance in each of the suites.
  • When it comes to the balconies, Tricar created oversized balconies that are conducive to having guests and actually using the space for living.
  • Of course we all know that entertainment is important for unwinding in our busy lives. Each suite comes wired for cable and satellite.
  • Nothing is worse than having a sweltering hot summer day and not being able to control the temperature of your individual unit. In The Renaissance, they put your comfort in your own hands with each suite coming individually controlled central air.
  • Utilities are included in your rent, which takes the guesswork out of budgeting for bills each month.


The Renaissance is located in downtown London, Ontario, in a prime location. It’s situated right across from Ivey Park, and is close to Harris Park as well, which means beautiful views of the Thames River, as well as lovely green space, walkways, bike paths, and perfect picnic spots. It’s also right across the road from The Budweiser Gardens, which hosts numerous events, concerts, and London Knights’ games throughout the year. The Renaissance - Location Downtown is full of many incredible restaurants and cafes, and close by to The Renaissance includes the infamous Early Bird, the most delicious breakfasts at Billy’s Diner, the mouthwatering burgers of The Works, the perfect cup of joe at Fire Roasted, and incredible Italian food at Abruzzi. The Covent Garden Market is also diagonally across from The Renaissance. You’ll be able to find amazing food, local produce, fresh baked goods, and the best chocolate in London all in the bustling, lively Covent Garden Market. For those who travel often, The Renaissance is just a short walk from Via Rail and the Greyhound station, so traveling is as convenient as possible. It’s also right across the road from the LCBO, so entertaining can be a snap for those who love hosting.


When it comes to building incredible high rises that are forward thinking and incorporate stunning design with the latest innovative technology, The Tricar Group has it covered. For over 30 years they have been developing and managing high-rise buildings that are stunning and award-winning. In fact, The Tricar Group was awarded Tarion’s High Rise Building of the Year for three straight years in a row, which is an incredible honor that speaks to their attention to customer care. The Renaissance - Tricar They’ve also won numerous awards for their architecture and design, including multiple of LHBA’s Creative Awards of Excellence, because they excel in creating innovative and stunning buildings with quality craftsmanship. They’ve made their name synonymous with luxurious and upscale standards that set them apart from other builders. Tricar has built over 6000 quality homes within Southwestern Ontario, which include both high-rise apartments as well as luxury condominiums. They’re committed to making a difference in the communities that they build in and want their customers to have the best living experience possible. Tricare is dedicated to revitalizing downtown cores with luxurious buildings and exceptional customer service. The Renaissance - Tricar If The Renaissance is of interest to you, then check here for more information. They have 12 different floor plans, including 1+ den and 2+ den suites, to choose from, each one boasts the beauty of Tricar’s designs. What are your thoughts on these luxury high-rise buildings? What about living in downtown London? Is it the height of convenience, or is it too bustling and full of life for your downtime? Whatever your opinions are, we want to hear them! Click any of the social media accounts below and share your thoughts!