The Aven

Imagine the incredible views that you would have if your home was sitting atop the highest point in London Ontario, the forest city. The Avenue, which is located in the Riverbend neighborhood, is situated in that exact and incredible location. Sifton Properties Limited has chosen this amazing location to develop an exclusive sanctuary of custom designed homes.

Sifton has carefully hand selected an elite group of the finest new home builders that London has to offer to create an illustrious streetscape like no other in the city. Each home will be a custom creation and distinguished in design. An opportunity to have a custom home like this, in such a bold way is rare. The builders are coming together to give this community absolutely luxury and high end living mixed with modern day conveniences in a neighborhood that backs onto protected forests and gives privacy in the city a new name.

Incredible vistas, a beautiful nature oasis, and being part of an exclusive area of london that is like none other is an incredible opportunity. Plus, working with the builders directly to create the home that you’ve always wanted means that your dreams will become your reality. Check out exactly what you’re getting into when you choose to build your home in The Avenue.

The Homes

Architecturally controlled home designs means that you’re not going to have neighbors whose homes block your incredible views. The homes will be built on 60’ to 75’ lots and will start from the $800,000s. Because these homes will be custom designs, you’ll get to see your dream home. Imagine soaring ceilings, open concept kitchens with giant islands that glisten with quartz. Think of master ensuites with giant soaker tubs, and giant his and her walk-in closets. Imagine sumptuous hardwood and crown moulding, and custom cabinetry with high end hardware.

The Avenue - Homes

You’ll work with your builder to create the home that is perfect for your lifestyle and that brings your dreams to reality. With so many options and details to cover, you’ll know that you’re in good hands with any one of the builders at The Avenue. These builders are top of the line and have amazing customer service. They’re well versed in created luxury homes that shines with every little detail thought through to perfection.

Take a look at the incredibly astonishing homes that they’ve built in the past to get an idea of the kind of upscale living you can look forward to.

The Builders

Sifton has purposely chosen the best of the best when it comes to the home builders who will be creating the custom designs for The Avenue. They consist of award winning builders that create incredibly luxurious and high end homes.

Harasym Developments

Harasym Developments is a family business that has passed on their dedication to customer service with each generation. They’re one of London’s most respected custom home builders. Mike and his wife Milena personally supervise and inspect each home. Their attention to even the smallest details is what makes their homes absolutely gorgeous to behold. They’ve also won numerous awards for their beautiful homes, including awards for creative excellence and awards for having the best designs.

The Avenue - Harasym Developments

Bridlewood Homes

The legacy of Bridlewood Homes started back in 1991. They’ve established a tradition of integrity and excellence and accept full responsibility for the quality of the home that they build you. As a custom home designer, they work with you throughout the entire process, and encourage you to be fully involved because at the end of the day it is YOUR home that they are building. Your happiness is their reputation. They’ve won numerous awards from the LHBA Awards of Creative Excellence over the years.

The Avenue - Bridlewood Homes

Carolina Homes

Carolina Homes have been a premium custom home builder ever since 1974. They’re known for their high level of customer service as well as their commitment to having the highest of standards when it comes to quality. They’ve won numerous awards for their beautiful designs.

The Avenue - Carolina Homes

Crown Homes of London

Crown Homes has been providing exceptional craftsmanship in their building of custom homes for over 35 years. When they create custom homes, they pay attention to each and every detail so that every part of your dream home reflects your personality, your lifestyle, and your desires. They only work with the highest quality suppliers who meet their standards and levels of customer satisfaction. These award-winning builders have had numerous clients come back to them to build their second and third homes.

The Avenue - Crown Homes of London

Aleck Harasym Homes Inc.

Aleck’s father was a reputable home builder that had a reputation as someone who cared about details. Aleck grew up on the job sites, watching his father build beautiful homes for people. Aleck worked with his father for a few years before, in 1978, launching his own home building business. Aleck Harasym Homes Inc. has been recognized as a leader in the custom home building community. He’s committed to creating innovative designs with meticulous attention to details. He’s won multiple awards from the London Home Builders’ Association.

The Avenue - Aleck Harasym Homes Inc.

Westhaven Homes

Westhaven Homes is committed to quality. Their incredible team is with you throughout every step of the building process to make life a little easier for you as they help you to customize your very own dream home. With over 25 years of experience, they’ve built hundreds of homes in London and only work with the best tradesmen that London has to offer.

The Avenue - Westhaven Homes

It’s clear that no matter what builder you get at The Avenue, you’re going to be getting incredible, award-winning builders with tons of experience who offer only the finest quality and provide the best customer service experience. With any one of these talented builders, you’ll be walking into your fantasy home with your jaw to the floor because the reality is so much better than the fantasy.

The Location

London Ontario is an incredible city to live in because no matter where you choose to live, you’re always close to beautiful parks and stunning views as well as being so close to shopping centers, restaurants, and community centers. But different areas have different vibes. Depending on where you live, you can either feel like you’re in the middle of a bustling urban center that has everything you could think of within walking distance, or you could feel like you’re far away from the city in a nature dreamland, surrounded by greenspace. If you want to wake up surrounded by the sounds of birds and the rustling of trees, but want to be able to spend your day time shopping and eating at amazing restaurants with only takes a short drive, then behold the wonders of The Avenue.

The Avenue is located just a few short minutes from Byron Village and the Oakridge Area. It’s nestled within this beautiful pocket of nature. It backs onto environmentally significant and protected areas: Warbler Woods and the Hickory Woods. The fact that these woods are protected means that you never have to worry about that beautiful green space being torn down only to have a high rise or other building built there, disrupting your beautiful views.

The Avenue - Location

Warbler Woods spans over 29 hectares and has 3.9kms of trails in it. The trails are well marked and the area drains well, so it’s rarely muddy. Experienced hikers will enjoy the challenging

areas that are steeper but provide amazing views. Birdwatchers will find this a haven for seeing all kinds of incredible species. During the springtime, this trail gets carpeted with the beauty of trilliums and trout lilies.

While parents may not enjoy the idea of sending their kids into the challenging hiking trails to play, there are multiple beautiful parks throughout the area are well suited to keep kids playing in the sunshine and enjoying the great outdoors.

With two beautiful wooded areas on either side, walking trails, environmentally protected areas, parks, and a pond, you’ll feel like you’re immersed in and oasis where you can easily take in the beauty of nature. Science has been finding that there are many health benefits to living near and connect with greenspace. Some of those benefits are physical, such as boosting your immune system and improving your cardiovascular health, but part of those benefits are benefits to your mental health. Since The Avenue is sitting on the highest point of London, so all of that beautiful green space and nature are the stunning views that you get to wake up to and go to bed to every night. Imagine what that can do for your wellbeing.

The Avenue - Location

While being nestled in a nature wonderland, The Avenue is also such a coveted location because it has quick and easy access to downtown and is so close to so many amenities.

The Avenue is just a short distance to the Oakridge area. Homeowners know that Oakridge is pretty much the go-to area for home amenities and groceries. There are also many incredible restaurants in the area to choose from when it comes to ordering in and dining out.

Being just minutes from Byron Village means being close to an amazing part of the city. Byron has the feel of a small town, with friendly people, mature properties, and locally owned shops. It also has one of the most delicious Thai restaurants and one of the best pizza places in London.

The Avenue has it all: it’s in an amazing location that is close to so many shopping, eating and entertainment amenities in nearby neighborhoods, it is in the middle of a nature oasis, it’s close

to the incredible RiverBend golf course, has great elementary schools close by, has easy access to downtown, and is a quiet neighborhood that is a great escape from the busy city. And it sits atop the highest point in London so that you can feel like the king of the castle every single day.

Buying New

When it comes to buying a home, there is the question of if you go with a new home or not. While older homes come with well established neighborhoods, big backyards, and relatively little construction, there are a number of benefits that come with choosing a new home. One of the best, in my opinion, advantages to buying new is the quality of construction. Over time the building industry has changed and standards and safety measures have been upped. New techniques and new technologies have taken the timeless craftsmanship of building a home and made it even better.

New homes are also built to be functional as well as stylish. New homes are created with open concepts, lots of light, well designed kitchens, laundry spaces in convenient locations, and much more usable space. In The Avenue you can work with your builders to customize your home to suit your routines and lifestyle.

With new homes comes, well, new things. Buying a new home means that you don’t have to worry about re-doing the roof or making any major repairs for many years to come. Not only that, but with today’s improved building products and better designs, maintenance is easier. Keeping the inside and outside of your home in good working condition is easier than ever.

The Avenue - Buying New

Advances in the construction industry means energy efficient homes. This translates to saving money on your energy bills. It also means improved air quality within the home.

New homes are also built to a higher standard. They have to be built to the safety codes, which are consistently being reevaluated. New homes are now built with hard-wired smoke detectors, electrical circuit protectors and even safety glass.

Another big advantage is beauty. You can get gorgeous finishes in your new home that are reasonably priced: laminate flooring that looks like hardwood, quartz and concrete countertops can look just as stunning as marble and granite. Builders are paying attention to all of the little details when designing their homes, and are giving customers beautiful homes with lots of curb appeal, and stunning interiors. With these homes, you’ll be working directly with the builder to get a custom design, which means that you get a say in all of those little details.

Well planned communities is another big advantage with new home builds. Whether you’re getting in on the first phase of the construction, or the last, you know that you’re going to be getting a home that is in a well-thought out community, with amenities, shopping, restaurants, and more close by, or soon-to-be close by.

The Avenue

If you’re interested in living in the most exclusive and illustrious area in London, then you’re going to want to register here to get more information. This “exclusive enclave on the woods” is not going to last long. This rare opportunity in this incredible location is going to draw a lot of attention, so you’ll want to register as soon as possible to help make your decision easier.

What do you think of The Avenue? Would you want to be part of this exclusive enclave of residents? Does the idea of sitting at the highest peak in London sound like a dream come true? Or do you prefer to be closer to shopping districts and the hustle and bustle of the city? We want to hear your thoughts and opinions, whatever they are! Click one of the social media links below and let us hear your voice.