NorthCliff The Hyde Park neighborhood has quickly gone from a rural area on the edge of town to a thriving residential and shopping district. It has easily become a sought-after place to live. One of those sought after places is Tricar’s NorthCliff condominiums. Condo living has become a popular option more and more for those who want the value of homeownership without the hassle of maintenance, upkeep, and yard work. Both young professionals who have healthy active and social lifestyles as well as empty nesters and those who are recently retired are finding the benefits of condo living: you get a well maintained and beautiful home, quality features, incredible amenities, the flexibility of traveling without worrying about a house-sitter, and incredible locations. Tricar’s name has become synonymous with luxury living. They pay attention to the little details that add up to high-end living. Their builds are complete with amenities that take into consideration conveniences and healthy social and active lifestyles. They choose locations that are close to parks as well as shopping and entertainment districts so that their residents can get the most out of their lives there. These condos were completed in 2011, but if you keep a sharp eye out, you might just get lucky. They do not sell often, but when they do, you’ll have the chance to experience the high-end living that Tricar offers in their high rise condominium buildings as well as the beautiful stress-free home ownership that comes with condo living. NorthCliff With Northcliff you’ll get the feel of being away from the city with the convenience of being close by to everything you need: shopping, restaurants, hospital, and schools. Every balcony gives absolutely stunning views of our incredible green and forested city. You’ll feel at home right away as you walk up the well landscaped front and through the elegant and sumptuous welcoming area of the building. As you discover more and more areas of NorthCliff you won’t be able to help but feel like you’ve stepped into your dream home. Take a look at all of the reasons why NorthCliff makes condo-living look like an absolute dream:


Northcliff is a 182-unit condominium tower with state-of the art security. Floorplans range from 780 square feet to 1360 square feet. Each and every suite is created to have upscale features and a luxurious feel. Tricar does not miss a single detail when designing each luxurious suite and they take every opportunity to create a living space that is not only functional, convenient and comfortable, but is also opulent and stunning. Afterall, if you’re going to call this place home, don’t you want it to be as gorgeous as possible? Don’t you want to walk through the door every day and think to yourself, “I love my home?” NorthCliff - Features Some of the incredible features that Northcliff includes in each of their suites are:
  • Stunning soaring ceilings give your suite an airy and spacious feel.
  • Crown moulding practically screams luxury. Every suite in Northcliff comes with crown moulding.
  • Open concept is a sought-after layout nowadays. It helps to give an open and airy feel to the space. It’s also amazing for entertaining so that the host/hostess isn’t confined to the kitchen, separated from their guests. Each of the suites are open concept.
  • Kitchens gleam with raised granite countertops and beautiful cupboard hardware.
  • A generously large balcony overlooks beautiful spaces in Northcliff’s suites. Lounge outside on the balcony with your morning coffee or your evening nightcap and take in all of the beautiful green spaces that are in the area.
  • The suites are full of luxurious flooring from hardwood to luxe and plush carpet and stunning tiling.
  • Each suite features in-site laundry with front loading and energy efficient washer and dryer for maximum convenience. No need to lug your dirty clothes outside of your home when you can do it on your own time in your own home.

Building Amenities

The condo lifestyle is not just about worry-free home ownership. It’s not just about having the joy of a beautiful home that is landscaped and luxurious without worrying about shoveling, mowing, and raking, or any kind of general home maintenance and upkeep. It’s not just about having the luxury of being able to travel whenever you want for however long you want without the need of finding someone to watch your house while you’re gone. It’s also about the amenities that fit with your lifestyle. NorthCliff - Building Amenities The amenities that NorthCliff offers are an extension of your home. They make entertaining a breeze. They’re also great for having an active social lifestyle. The amenity rooms become the “neighborhood” of your building where you can meet and connect with your neighbors. They become another part of your home that you can relax and be entertained in. The amenities also offer extra conveniences to make your life simpler. They’ve thought of everything that you might want. NorthCliff’s building amenities include the following:

On-site Management

Full time on-site management are there to keep the place looking amazing and to help you and your guests feel welcomed. They’re also there in case any issues may arise.


When it comes to your physical health, we all know the stats: we should aim for 30 minutes of physical activity every day. But of course, with our busy lives it can be hard to find the time to hit the gym. Or maybe the idea of going to a busy, public gym is just a major turn off. Luckily, a modern gym is included in the amenities of NorthCliff. You’ll be able to get in some cardio or weight training in the comfort of your own building. Fitting in a quick workout can’t get any easier.


Sometimes you just need a place for peace and quiet. You need a space that is tranquil and elegant with amazing seating so that you can cozy in with a really good book and ease away the stresses of the day and lose yourself into the written words.

Theater Room

A large screen, big comfy chairs, amazing sound system, and ambient lighting: is there anything else that movie buffs need in their lives? I don’t think so. The theater room is a great place to watch your favorites. It’s also a great place to host a movie night with your friends. You can pretend you’re having a night at the movies without ever having to leave home (and without paying an arm and a leg for concession snacks).

Social Room

The social room is a gorgeous space with comfortable steading and great lighting. It’s a space to meet up with your neighbors and have wonderful conversations. It’s also a great additional space to bring guests if you’re hosting a get together and want to get out of your space for a bit.


A beautiful patio gives a great space to enjoy the sunshine and great weather. Have “backyard” bbqs and summer mixers on the beautiful and well maintained patio. Between the patio and your large balcony, you won’t miss having a backyard at all!

Billiards Room

Pool is a wonderful, social game that can be anywhere from casual to straight up competitive. You can connect with your neighbours over a game of pool. Or you can bring your guests down for a friendly game if you’re hosting. The room is spacious and beautifully decorated. Northcliff - Features

Underground Parking

Underground parking makes rainy and snowy days that much easier. When you don’t have to scrape off piles of snow and ice off of your car in the early morning, or when you don’t have to make a mad dash to your car to avoid getting soaked in the rain, you’ll be so thankful for underground parking that keeps your car safe from people and from Canadian weather.

Guest Suite

If you’re hosting overnight guests, you’ll be happy to know that NorthCliff has guests suites available to rent. These suites ensure that both you and your guests get a comfortable night’s sleep. You can meet up in the morning at your own time for brunch the next day. It can help you be a responsible host for those who might otherwise drink and drive. Plus, you won’t have to worry about how comfortable your couch is or if your guest snores loudly. Basically, a separate guest suite is definitely the way to go for overnight guests.


Controlled entry, cameras and a state-of-the-art security system can help you have peace of mind both when you’re at home and away from home.

Storage Locker

The truth of the matter is that most of the time we have more stuff than can fit into our apartments. We have seasonal things that we don’t use all-year round and we just need a space to keep things safe and secure until we need them again. NorthCliff has got you covered there as well. They have storage lockers available for residents to keep your belongings secured, but out of the way, which really beats having to pay for storage units somewhere else in the city.


You know what they say about real estate, the most important factor is location, location, location. Well NorthCliff is in an incredible location. The Hyde Park location is a booming location. While we can all probably remember back when it was a rural area, it has been developed with thriving commercial areas, incredible shopping districts, a ton of delicious restaurant choices, and multiple pockets of new-build neighborhoods. NorthCliff’s building is tucked away from the busy main roads in an adorable residential area, but is still just very close to Hyde Park road and Gainsburough road so that you have access to the main streams through London. Right around the building is beautiful green spaces and it’s close to multiple parks. Right across from the building is Unger’s Market, which has an incredible bakery, delicious meals, as well as incredible produce and meats. If you have not checked it out yet, you really should. The SmartCentres London Northwest is just down the road as well. One of the most delicious pizza joints in London, Sissio’s pizza, is also super close by. So close that you could easily avoid delivery costs and go the pick up route.

The Tricar Group

When it comes to building incredible high rises that are forward thinking and incorporate stunning design with the latest innovative technology, The Tricar Group has it covered. For over 30 years they have been developing and managing high-rise buildings that are stunning and award-winning. In fact, The Tricar Group was awarded Tarion’s High Rise Building of the Year for three straight years in a row, which is an incredible honor that speaks to their attention to customer care. Northcliff - Tricar They’ve also won numerous awards for their architecture and design, including multiple of LHBA’s Creative Awards of Excellence, because they excel in creating innovative and stunning buildings with quality craftsmanship. They’ve made their name synonymous with luxurious and upscale standards that set them apart from other builders. Tricar has built over 6000 quality homes within Southwestern Ontario, which include both high-rise apartments as well as luxury condominiums. They’re committed to making a difference in the communities that they build in and want their customers to have the best home ownership experience possible. Tricar is dedicated to revitalizing downtown cores with luxurious buildings and exceptional customer service. Northcliff When you’re choosing a condo lifestyle, you’ll want to seriously consider choosing a Tricar building. Not only are getting amazing customer service and beautiful design, but you’re also getting a builder that cares about including green initiatives into their building, which is important for having a sustainable future. And remember, as they say, Tricar is the height of living. What do you think of condo living? Is it something that you would ever consider? Do you think that the stress-free homeownership, the location, and the building amenities make for a good alternative to a free-standing house with a yard? Or do you think that nothing beats a house with a yard? Whatever your opinions are, we want to hear them! Click any of the social media accounts below and share your thoughts!