When you really look at it, it’s no wondering that a lot of first time homebuyers flocked to Forest Hill to make that purchase that they’ll remember fondly and cherish for the rest of their lives. Forest Hill is set in an area of London that has one of the fastest growing neighborhoods, the Stoney Creek Neighborhood​. This location is a dream for young couples and those with growing families. Forest Hill was developed by Sifton Properties Limited and was so popular that it has sold out now. Situated among walking trails, protected forest space, and backing straight onto an incredible beautiful golf course, this was a one-of-a-kind neighborhood that people were eager to get into. Of course, people are always moving, so if after reading this article you’re heartbroken over the fact that you missed out during the initial phases of development, talk to your realtor and let them know that you would love the chance to live in this neighborhood.  
  So the question is why did Forest Hill sell out so quickly? As a family friendly neighborhood, parents and prospective parents love the location. Its location also makes it an excellent option for people who want to live healthy and active lifestyles and want to raise their kids in an environment that encourages being active and being outdoors. For new home buyers, the builders in this development are among the best for communicating and being there with their client through every single step of the process. It’s also conveniently close enough to all of London Ontario’s great amenities (I mean, have you noticed the incredible shopping districts and restaurants that are popping up in the North End?), while still being far enough away from the busy parts of the city that it makes a great neighborhood for kids to run around in. So take a look at exactly why Forest Hill was such a massive hit in London and is still an incredibly desirable location to live in.


Finding a place to start a family has never been easier. Finding a place to set up strong roots for your young or growing family has never been easier. The new communities being developed in North London are being created with you and your family in mind. Forest Hill is one of those communities. It’s located north of Sunningdale right in between Highbury and Adelaide on Springridge Drive, and the area has so many wonderful amenities. So let’s take a look at all of the reasons why it would be such a great option for young,new and growing families. If summertime cottage getaways are a regular thing in the summer for you and your family, then this spot could not be more perfect. It has easy access to get outside of the city, so you can start your vacation travels without fighting traffic to get through the city. Since it’s located on the top north of London, Forest Hill location is also great for getting into the city easily, at the same time it’s far enough away from the busy city streets and noise that you can raise your family in a peaceful and friendly neighborhood.
  City living is all about convenience and most people in the city drive everywhere. Many families even have more than one car. City living doesn’t exactly always encourage active life choices, even though we know how important it is to maintain a healthy active lifestyle. This is where Forest Hill comes in. It’s a great choice for people who want to lead healthy active lifestyles. With the multiple parks, the walking trail right off of your street, with the Llyndinshire Golf and Country Club being practically right in your backyard, and the playgrounds, being active outdoors, for both parents and kids is easy and convenient. You’ll be able to take advantage of great weather every chance that you get. Not only that, but Forest Hill could not be closer to the incredible Stoney Creek YMCA, which is an affordable way to make sure that you and your family stay active and healthy all year long. The Stoney Creek YMCA has great programs for adults, kids, and youth alike. These programs are designed to keep you living a healthy and active lifestyle. They have incredible fitness programs such as Boot Camp, Cycling, Yoga, water workouts, group workouts, and they even have programs specifically designed to help you lose weight. You can also sign up for lessons that help you learn how to create and eat healthy and delicious foods! For those who enjoy the one on one experience of personal training, the YMCA has amazing and dedicated personal trainers who help you get results. There are also a lot of recreational activities at the YMCA such as ping pong, badminton, basketball, line dancing and even volleyball! For youths, they have an open gym time, Teen Nights, and youth sports games like soccer and basketball. For young children the YMCA has every such as creative play, gym play, sports leagues, swimming, and even child care! The Stoney Creek YMCA also has a library which means that not only can your family have healthy bodies, but they can have healthy minds as well.
  Studies have shown time and time again that being close to green space while living in a city is linked to living a more healthy lifestyle. Greenspace is good for giving you cleaner air to breathe, and it also helps to reduce anxiety and stress. Greenspace has been associated with having good heart health as well as helping to increase creative and problem solving abilities. So it’s a good thing that Forest Hill is surrounded by forested areas with beautiful large trees, fields, and farms. Not only that, but it’s surrounded by protected greenspace, which means that even as the city continues to develop and grow, Forest Hill will always have that. Schools are an important factor to consider when you’re picking a place to raise a family. That’s why Forest Hill is close to multiple catholic and public schools for the convenience of your family. Not only that but there is also a pharmacy and a dental clinic right there within the Forest Hill community, so you can rest assured that your family’s most vital needs are going to be well taken care of in this area.  
  But we can’t forget that one of the greatest perks living in the city is the modern conveniences, entertainment, and amenities offered. Forest Hill is located near multiple great shopping locations, including the Stoneybrook Shopping Plaza and Masonville Mall. Amazing restaurants, take out, and delivery are all close by to home, making those days when you just don’t have the time and energy to cook easy peasy. All of your errands including buying groceries and home necessities are easy to check off your to-do list with the close-by shopping centers. And, of course, retail therapy is right there waiting for you in these great new shopping plazas that are popping up in the North end of London. If you’re looking for a location that will be somewhere for you to set up deep roots for your new, young, or growing family, then Forest Hill is an excellent choice for you. It has an amazing balance of modern conveniences, healthy active and social lifestyles, and the beauty and restorative power of green space.

The Homes

Have you taken a drive through any of the newest neighborhoods in London recently? The homes are gorgeous. Builders are getting better and better at making stunningly attractive homes that are executed flawlessly down to the last detail for lower price points than ever before. Forest Hill is filled with beautiful single family homes with stunning brick exteriors, and large, spacious garages. The street views are eye-catching as every builder puts their heart and soul into the designs of each and every home there. They work tirelessly with their clients to make people’s dream homes into a reality. And the result is streets lined with absolutely gorgeous home after gorgeous home. Of course when you see the builders who built in Forest Hill, you’ll understand why the homes are so incredible. Sifton New Homes (which is part of Sifton Properties Limited), Forever Homes, and Legacy Homes all built in Forest Hill. With the attention to detail, their incredible client care, and their impressive resume of past builds, it’s no wonder that this neighborhood is such a beautiful sight to behold.  
  The homes in Forest Hill range from two to five bedroom and get up into the mid $900s, but the start much lower as well. Several of the lots back onto 20 acres of protected forest. Several more of the lots back onto the absolute stunning Llyndinshire Golf and Country Club, which means that you’ll have absolutely stunning views out of your back windows of a pristinely kept and landscaped course. Since all of the homes in Forest Hill sold out quickly (and who can blame them when it’s such an incredible neighborhood), your only chance to get a house here is when people sell, which absolutely does happen. So what you get inside of the home depends entirely on what builder created it, what floorplan was chosen for it, and when the original new home buyer added as extras and upgrades. The good news of this is that if you get a home here, you’re still getting a new build, but the previous owner has probably had the basement finished and the backyard fenced off, so you won’t have to worry about that.  
  Here are some of the details you can expect inside the homes of Forest Hill:
  • Beautiful crown moulding gives the home a luxurious detail.
  • Stunning hardwood and laminate flooring not only look gorgeous throughout your home, but they are also durable and are easy to clean.
  • A walk-in pantry keeps your stunning gourmet kitchen organized, efficient and beautiful. It gives you so much more room in your drawers and cabinets for all of your kitchen essentials.
  • A stunning gas fireplace is an absolute godsend in the harsh cold winter months of Ontario.
  • Beautifully crafted curved staircases are quintessential for high-end luxurious homes.
  • Walk-in closets keep you sane in the early mornings when you’re trying to coordinate an outfit. A walk-in closet will also keep you well organized.
  • Interlocking driveways are gorgeous and gives your home that extra-special touch.
  • Main floor laundry is the height of convenience. No more dragging heavy baskets of clothes all through the house. No more hiding your laundry in the dark and unwelcoming corner of the basement where no one wants to go.
  • Luxury ensuites with soaker tubs and glass showers with rainfall shower heads will help you ease away your stressful days and keep the spark of romance very much alive.
  • French doors are a beautiful accent within a home.
  • Open concept spaces give you lots of natural light and keeps rooms feeling airy. It’s also essential for those who love to entertain and don’t want to get stuck in the kitchen away from all of the fun. Parents of young kids also love the fact that open concept allows you to keep an eye on your kids while you’re preparing the next meal.
  • Large gourmet kitchens help you to actually get excited about cooking again.
  • Nine foot ceilings help your rooms to feel big and airy and helps to carry natural light through the space.
  • Quartz, marble and granite countertops gleam in the kitchen, looking absolutely gorgeous.