Every once in a while you experience a neighborhood that is unlike any other. Sifton Properties Limited is achieving that with their ​West 5 community,​ which is the first sustainable community in Southwestern Ontario. In an entirely different, but still incredible, way, Sifton Properties Limited has also achieved that with Fanshawe Ridge, which is located in the ​Fanshawe Ridge Neighborhood​. Fanshawe Ridge is unlike any other neighborhood in London because it gives you the feeling of living in the country, while still having all of the advantages of city living. It’s a great family friendly neighborhood, complete with a playground for the kiddos. It’s a neighborhood for healthy active lifestyles as it has beautiful parks with walking trails that have a scenic view. It’s the perfect spot for nature lovers, as it’s surrounded by fields, forests, and beautiful greenery. It’s also a great option for recently retired empty nesters who want to get away from the city, but still want to be close enough for family to visit and be near the city’s great amenities.  
  The homes have been built by some of London’s finest builders like Forest Park Homes, Magnificent Homes, M&M Home Construction, and Sifton Properties Limited. They’ve created beautiful high end homes as well as beautiful and luxurious-feeling homes in affordable price ranges, meaning that there is something for everyone here. When you take a look at Fanshawe Ridge, it’ll appeal to the side of you that loves to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city but still wants to live in the city, So here is everything that Fanshawe Ridge has to offer.


What pulls people to want to live in a city, rather than in the country or a small town? It’s usually things like jobs, schools, entertainment, and conveniences like being close to hospitals, grocery stores, and shopping centers. What pulls people to want to live in the country, rather than the city? Well, it’s usually things like wanting to be around nature and away from heavier pollution. It’s also things like wanting to be away from the hustle and bustle of a city and instead enjoy peaceful tranquility. Now, what if you could combine the two? What if you could be surrounded by nature and be far enough away from the busy city streets while still being ​part​ of the city and still close to all of the things that the city has to offer? Welcome to Fanshawe Ridge. Fanshawe Ridge gives you city living with a country lifestyle. Fanshawe Ridge is set within a country haven. There are beautiful forested areas with tall, mature trees. Creeks and ponds run throughout the area. Large stretches of farmland surround Fanshawe Ridge. When you look at a satellite view of Google Maps in this area, you just see green everywhere. You see beautiful stretches of green and nestled in among all of that green
sits this small, quant, quiet little neighborhood of Fanshawe Ridge. It’s among the country, which still being so close to everything this vibrant city has to offer. See the map below. Fanshawe Ridge is circled in red.  
  Of course hearing that this little neighborhood is surrounded by the country might have you worried about modern convenience, but to the South and the Southeast of Fanshawe Ridge is all of the conveniences that make the city such a great place to live. Right on the corner you have a gas station and a macs, which means no more driving around looking for a gas station as you’re heading home and realize you’re almost empty, and if you run out of eggs or milk in the middle of a recipe, Macs has you covered. Also, just a short drive away you have multiple shopping districts, including the Stoneybrook Shopping Plaza, which includes the Home Depot and a Sobeys North. Your weekly errands are never a hassle or a long trek to complete. If you’ve got a growing family and you’re wondering about transit routes for your teenagers to take, the 25 is just a short distance from your home and goes to both Masonville Mall and Fanshawe College. The 40 is also close by.  
  Fanshawe Ridge was created with two incredible opportunities for healthy living right there within the streets. The first opportunity is Creekside Meadows, which is a beautiful greenspace. It has stunning views of beautiful greenery and walking paths. It also gives a lot of the houses a beautiful view from the back windows. The second opportunity is Creekside park, which is an incredible place to bring the kids. It has a playground complete with slides and swings and has a stunning forested backdrop. And as both of the names suggest, there are creeks flowing around the property, which is a great place for kids to try and catch frogs or discover wildlife around.