clear skies  
Sifton Properties Limited is known as an incredible developer. They don’t just create new developments—they create communities. They carefully choose locations, factoring in amenities and the lifestyles of their potential clients. They carefully design and craft the development to encourage healthy lifestyles. They design beautiful streetscapes that welcome you home each and every day. They create communities that are laid out to give you a place to set roots and grow. They did all of this in their newest community, Clear Skies. Clear Skies is situated within Ilderton but is just a few short minutes from London. Clear Skies gives you more value for your money. It gives you a family friendly neighborhood. It gives you the charm of small town living, while also giving you big city amenities. Clear Skies gives you beautiful views and this carefully planned community is being built with you and your family in mind. Sifton has selected incredible builders who are dedicated to customer service and giving you the best home possible. Take a look at Clear Skies and see the incredible opportunity that Sifton is bringing to new home buyers in London and surrounding areas.  
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The Location

There are a lot of big factors to consider when you’re buying a home. Do you buy old or build new? What price range are you looking at? How many bedrooms do you need? What kind of layout are you looking for? What about a yard? Do you want a yard, and, if so, how big of a yard can you handle with the work that comes with it? What are the things that are must-haves for you? These are all very important questions, but one of the biggest questions that you can ask yourself has many, many layers to the answer. That questions is WHERE do you want to live? Some of the things that people need to consider when they’re thinking about location is the commute to their job, what kind of schools are close by (if kids are in the picture), what areas will fit into your lifestyle, and are there enough amenities close by. Clear Skies is an incredible location for people who are looking to raise a family, are wanting more for their money, and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  
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  London is a great city to live in. It’s a beautiful city with a diverse range of entertainment, restaurants, shopping districts, schools, places of worship, parks, and community events. It’s a fantastic place for families, but some people still crave the slower pace and charm of small town living. Some parents feel safer to have their kids running around the neighborhood in a small town because people are friendlier and everyone knows everyone else. Neighbors don’t hide from one another. Neighborhoods actually feel like neighborhoods. There is something idyllic about small towns. Small towns are great for being family friendly, but what about everything that London has to offer? Well, Clear Skies is a neighborhood that is just five short minutes away from London. It’s a very short ten minute drive to the SmartCentres London Northwest shopping center at Hyde Park road and Fanshawe Park road. You might be outside of London, but the truth is that all of the restaurants, entertainment, shopping, and other things that are convenient are just a short drive away. So while you’re living the small town life, you’re still getting all of those big city amenities.