Monday Market Update Episode 3


Welcome to episode number three of the Monday Market Update!

On this episode of the Monday Market Update, Matt provides you with numbers and facts about the London, Ontario real estate market. These include new listings, homes sold, and homes conditionally sold. In this segment Matt also gives his opinion on what the current London, Ontario market looks like, as well as the surrounding areas! Matt also shares his predictions on what the real estate market will look like going forward.  In the week of February 27th in London, Ontario’s real estate market we saw: 350 new listings come to market, and 439 homes sold or conditionally sold. The market in London is still crazy! In fact, it’s getting scarier and scarier! The numbers do not lie, and they’re telling us that we are still getting much lower number of new listings than that of houses sold. If you are looking to sell in 2017, now is the time! I can not stress this enough, there is not going to be a better time to sell! Looking at the past couple of weeks, we are seeing a steady increase of new listings. That being said, the sales are still outpacing the new listings! There is only about one month of inventory left in London, therefor we are going to need to continue to see a rise in new listings. So expect to see some new records in the London, Ontario market, as we are still seeing multiple offers on houses and houses selling for way over their asking prices. As I have mentioned previously this is the perfect market to sell your home in. I personally have never seen a housing market like this before! Call it what you want, but be ready to pay above the asking price if you are looking to buy a house in London, Ontario.

The Great Mortgage Payment Giveaway!

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Monday Market Update Episode 2

Welcome to episode two of the Monday Market Update!

On the Monday Market Update, Matt provides you with numbers and facts about the London, Ontario real estate market including new listings, homes sold, and homes conditionally sold. In this segment Matt also gives his opinion on what the current London, Ontario market looks like, as well as the surrounding areas! Matt also shares his predictions on what the real estate market will look like going forward. 

Last week in London, Ontario’s real estate market we saw 272 new listings come to the market. We also saw 221 homes sold, and 79 homes conditionally sold. It is now the third week in April and the real estate market in London, Ontario has stayed consistent since the beginning of the year. We are continuing to see fewer listings come to market than homes that are being sold. This has been driving the inventory down and creating an incredibly strong sellers market.  People are now starting to get anxious. They are anxious about moving and have turned to looking at new developments and new build construction. But the people looking at new builds are not always London residents looking to make a quick penny, rather Toronto buyers looking to make an investment. This investment does not necessarily mean they are moving to the Forest City. These individuals are looking to invest in new builds by having a family or young professional rent from them while they play the appreciation game. If you are looking to sell your home now is a great time to do so to get top dollar for your home.  Check back next week for a new episode of the Monday Market Update! Hopefully we will start to see the gap even out between new listings and homes sold here in London, Ontario.

This Is What I Love About My Job In Real Estate

These are only to name a few of countless reasons why I love my job.

The Industry

For a lot of my professional life I have been working in sales. Whether it be selling cell phones or houses, I have always been successful in that area. So why not combine the two things that I’m passionate about – real estate and sales. I’ve always been fascinated in how the industry works, how deals are made, and how the city of London is changing. I can honestly say I eat, sleep, breathe real estate.

You Get Out What You Put In

My father has always taught me that if you put in the time and dedication, you will be rewarded in the end. One of the greatest things about being in real estate is that you are never limited. You are able to take on as many clients as you can handle, make as many phone calls as you need, and make as many deals you can! What I see this as, if you’re not happy with your paycheck, it’s because you didn’t work hard enough.

I Was Able To Pick My Own Team

Probably the greatest perk of being your own boss is that I got to pick my own team. By being the founder and CEO of the Santa Sells Houses Real Estate Team, it has allowed me to hand pick everyone from the agents, to the office manager, to our digital marketing specialist. I am both proud and honoured to work beside such an incredible and dedicated team.

The Importance Of My Job

I love in importance of my job in the sense that I like being the expert in something that is so important to my clients. I understand that a buying a house isn’t an easy task. It is not as easy as going to buy a new pair of shoes, it is a major investment and life choice for people. I love being the go-to-guy about any problem or concern people have about buying, selling, or investing in a new home.

 The Reaction

The main reason why I love my job, more important than anything I have already mentioned is the reaction. The reaction of the first time home buyer who walks into a house and their face lights up because they know it’s the one. The reaction of someone who has been offered 10% over their ask price. The reaction of making someone happy.

Santa Shops At The Covent Garden Market

After the Covent Garden Market was established in 1835, it quickly became a staple for London, Ontario’s downtown core. It is a place where independent merchants, farmers, and store owners set up shop to sell everything from fresh meats, wild raspberries, beautiful flowers and even fire wood. The Market has seen praise from visitors because of the city’s best selection of organic foods, award-winning desserts and the largest assortment of cheese in all of Southwestern Ontario. The Market also holds bi-weekly seasonal outdoor farmers’ market, that attracts people from all over the Forest City.

One of London’s most treasured cultural landmarks is also home to a variety of other events and activities. This includes the Original Kids Theatre, located on the second floor of the Market, and the seasonal Rotary Rink, which is an outdoor skating rink that is free to use. It is also home to many of the city’s musicians and artists who come here to perform and showcase their work. The Market also holds large public events, one of my favourites being Festa Italiana, which is an Italian festival with fresh wood oven pizza, live music, a fashion show, and gelato. It contains the Market Hall, the Labatt Lounge, and The London Free Press Market Kitchen; spaces that are suitable for either public or private events.

The Covent Garden Market is much more than a farmer’s market, it’s a community. It is a place where you recognize other shoppers and make a personal relationship with the people you’re buying from. Anyone who has shopped at the Market can tell you that it has a different vibe. It isn’t a big-box store with barcodes and checkout lines; it is a place where shopping can be relaxing, enjoyable and fun. It is somewhere you can feel good walking out of because you know that the product you have purchased is helping a local family.

Monday Market Update Episode 1


This is the first episode of Matthew Santagapita​’s newest segment – the Monday Market Update.

We have created the Monday Market Update, because we want to keep you up to date on what is happening in the London, Ontario real estate market and update you weekly on how the market is doing. Stay tuned for new episodes of the Monday Market Update every week to be sure that you keep up to date on how the market is doing here in London, Ontario. On the Monday Market Update, Matt provides you with numbers and facts about the London, Ontario real estate market including new listings, homes sold, and homes conditionally sold. In this segment Matt also gives his opinion on what the current London, Ontario market looks like, as well as the surrounding areas! Matt also shares his predictions on what the real estate market will look like going forward.  In the month of January of 2017 alone we have seen an increase in home sales by 26.2%. For the week of February 6th we have seen 197 new listings in London. We also have seen 114 homes sold or conditionally sold in the past week in London, Ontario.  The real estate market has been off the charts lately here in London, Ontario. Prices have been going up by ten to fifteen percent! We are also seeing homes that are selling for $40,000 over the asking price, it is a great time to sell! We are starting to see a sellers market here as we have two times more buyers than sellers. This means that we need to start seeing double the amount of listings in order to level it off and meet the demand for buyers here in London, Ontario. Check back every week to hear the latest in real estate news in London, Ontario!

London Is Changing

  “Like any major project that you take on, it is always interesting to look back and see the progress that has been made – to me, London is one of those projects. Being born and raised in the Forest City, it has always been an important place to me. Now that I am in the industry of real estate, it is incredible to see the city progress as far as it has in neighbourhood development, the expansion of Western University and Fanshawe College, and the major steps that have taken place in transforming the downtown core.” In this video, Matt Santagapita talks about some big things for London, Ontario. He discusses the newest addition to Fanshawe College’s downtown campus and how students will drive traffic to downtown businesses. He also talks about other major changes that are happening to downtown. This includes the addition of new commercial and residential high-rises. But what is driving these changes? London has been slowing moving from a ‘small town’ to a large city, and now we are in a time where change is being accelerated by the influx of buyers looking to move from Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. These people are primarily an older demographic; people who are looking to get out of the fast-paced lifestyle that you must have if you want to live in Toronto. These are people who are still looking for fun and entertainment, but may be in their retirement years and are looking for a home that they can lock up and feel safe, while they travel down south. “This change is something that London has needed for a long time. It’s exciting for real estate, it’s exciting for businesses – especially downtown, and it’s exciting for London! In the next few coming years, downtown is something that is going to generate a lot of noise for Canadian businesses.”

5 Ways To Sell Your House Faster – Storage Edition

Storage areas such as the attic, basement, and garage are often overlooked when preparing to sell your home. However, these are spaces where you store your most prized possessions, your sporing equipment, childhood memories, and old trophies. It is where you protect your vehicle from harsh Canadian winters and store your children’s toys. It is where unfinished projects and family photos lay to rest. Although these areas are not the primary focus of the house, they should not be forgotten when preparing to sell your home. Here are 5 quick and easy tips for your attic, basement, and garage that will help sell your house fast!

In The Attic, Basement, and Garage

  1. Get rid of unnecessary items – store or pack away items that you won’t need until after the move
  2. Organize everything to create more floor space and make inspections easy – put things on shelves or in matching boxes
  3. Provide bright lighting – these areas of a house often do not have ample lighting
  4. Clean all equipment and vents – replace filters and fix any insulation that might be showing
  5. Take care of stale or musty odors – open the windows, dust, wash the walls and floors, and purchase room deodorizers
By ensuring your storages areas are clean and organized it will showcase to the buyer the amount of storage space you really have. To buyers, it is often some of the small details that turn people away. By making sure these 5 criteria are met, it will show to potential buyers that the entire house is in pristine condition, from the attic to the basement.


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  1. How it is priced
  2. How it shows
  3. How it is Marketed
  4. Communication
We’d love the opportunity to show you how our systems and strategies can help you sell your home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time. Please learn more about us or call us today at 519-914-2670!