Richmond Row

Whether you’re looking for a night on the town, a quick bite to eat, some light (or maybe not so light) shopping, or some combination of it all, there’s no better district to look in London than Richmond Row. This strip of London’s Richmond Street, from Oxford Street to York Street, sports nearly 300 businesses, big and small, most locally owned, to fill a Londoner’s day out and about. From greasy spoons to fine dining, athletic apparel to prom dresses, and theatres to good old Mother Nature, Richmond Row offers it all.
Despite being just one of the streets in the downtown core, Richmond Row remains the most prominent and stands out with its own identity. With Western University just down the street, Richmond has become a hotspot for trendy, unique businesses that are able to flourish with the influx of young adults to the area. However, this doesn’t mean that only students are going to enjoy Richmond Row. All demographics – age, budget, and even dietary restrictions – will find something to enjoy on the Row.
Depending on the type of activities you’re looking for and the amount of cash you’re planning to spend, your day on Richmond Row could vary wildly. Since Richmond Row offers such an eclectic mix, the following features have been divided into categories based on the goods and services offered, and within those categories broken down by how much the average outing would cost: low end for the more budget friendly options, perfect for a student budget or a frugal spender, and high end for going all out, whether it be a special occasion or simply treating yourself to the finer things in life.


Low End: Prince Albert’s Diner

For the classic diner feel, there’s no better place on Richmond than Prince Al’s, as Londoners will often call it. It’ll catch your eye on the Row from far off with the building’s bright yellow siding, and the décor inside matches that bold statement, as does their food.
The restaurant offers classic diner fare, such as burgers and milkshakes, with twists including their famous Wally Burger – a classic beef patty topped with bacon and covered in creamy peanut butter which earned them a featured spot on the Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here. They also offer a variety of other appetizing additions such as sandwiches, burritos, and pierogis. For good measure, they also do offer a few vegetarian options mixed into their menu.
It’s important to keep in mind that Prince Al’s is a popular London staple with limited seating. So you might be fighting to get a seat, especially on evenings when the London Knights are playing, but it’s well worth the wait.  


High End: Bertoldi’s Trattoria

Bertoldi’s is a locally-run, rustic restaurant, serving up Italian classics in the tradition of their grandparents: fresh and local ingredients creating delicacies from scratch. They boast that all of their pastas and sauces are made daily on site, and most definitely never frozen. And their recipes aren’t the only thing that are up to Italian standards, in the center of the restaurant sits their fiery forno, a massive oven imported from Naples, baking authentic Italian breads and pizzas all day every day.
From pizza to pasta, Bertoldi’s is embroiled in tradition, and for good reason: if it isn’t broken, why fix it? But for those thinking Italian food is just pasta with red sauce, Bertoldi’s can open your eyes to a whole new world of Italian delights. You could go for the carb heavy and cheesy meals and there’s definitely no shame in that, they’re classics for a reason, or get something fresh and light. No matter what, you’ll be leaving satisfied.  


Low End: Haven’s Creamery

Haven’s is a new addition to Richmond Row that Londoners have definitely taken a liking to, based on the near constant line out the door since the temperature has warmed up. With a selection of handmade flavours, both classic and innovative, and fresh waffle cones made before your very eyes, there’s no doubt that Haven’s product is high quality.
But of course, the most important thing when it comes to ice cream is always the taste. Haven’s ice cream is rich, creamy, and smooth, no matter what flavour you get. Getting a double scoop allows you to mix and match complimenting flavours such as carrot cake and maple pecan, a truly fantastic combo for a summer sunset.
If even a double scoop doesn’t satisfy you or you know you’ll be getting another craving later in the night, head over to their freezer and grab a pint or a litre of your favourite flavour to take home and pretend that you’re going to share it with your friends and family.
For the dairy averse, Haven’s also offers a few fruity flavours of sorbet, currently their feature is cantaloupe mango. So don’t let lactose intolerance stand in your way of enjoying these handmade frozen treats.
Haven’s is a welcome new face on Richmond Row, serving up quality frozen desserts just in time for the summer months.  


High End: Chil Frozen Yogurt Bar

Admittedly, going to Chil doesn’t need to be expensive. But since you pay by weight, it’s entirely possible to go way overboard and end up with a pricey cup of fro-yo on your hands, which is why Chil is ending up in the “high end” category.
Chil is slightly hidden off the corner of Hymen Street, behind the Running Room, but if you’ve spent any time on Richmond Row, you’ve definitely seen their aggressive marketing, as there seems to be a near constant flow of Chil coupons placed strategically along the street and in Victoria Park. With a coupon in hand, heading over to Chil and hanging out on their sidewalk patio is a great way to end off an evening out.
Like a kid in a candy store, Chil allows customers to serve themselves, offering a plethora of frozen yogurt flavours, including vegan options, alongside over 125 toppings for you to create the perfect Frankenstein’s monster of a dessert.
Chil is the Choose Your Own Adventure of the fro-yo industry, and the only limit to your dessert is your own creativity. And the size of the cups they give you… but they never said you can’t get two if you’re so inclined.  


Low End: Victoria Park

Despite being in the heart of downtown, the Forest City still delivers on greenery. With a whopping cost of completely free, your cheapest option for entertaining yourself is Victoria Park. Bring a book and read in the shade or bring a friend and a frisbee for some catch, nothing beats a sunny afternoon in a park. With eighteen acres, you can stake your claim on a patch of grass and enjoy your time with a leisure activity of your choosing. Victoria Park is also a fantastic spot for picnics, but don’t feed the squirrels. They are notoriously greedy.
If you’re lucky enough to (or make a plan to) catch Victoria Park on the right day, you could also find yourself at one of the many festivals hosted there throughout the summer such as Sun Fest or Rib Fest. Although the products aren’t free and you won’t find much space to sit, walking through the stands is definitely worth your while. You can smell or even taste great food, hear local bands, and experience local art. There are also great activities for any children in your life. Victoria Park’s festivals are a major attraction during the summer months.  


High End: Grand Theatre

The Grand Theatre is, as the name implies, a grand experience. With two performance venues in the building, as well as two lounges, there is often a variety of options for your viewing pleasure. Catching a show on the Spriet Stage is akin to that of a traditional opera theatre, with incredible high ceilings and gorgeous balconies. Their second stage, the McManus Stage, allows for a more intimate performance, with a smaller crowd and various configurations such as “in the round,” where the stage is in the center of the room surrounded by the audience, allowing for a 360 degree performance.
With upcoming events such as Imagine: The Music of John Lennon, a show dedicated to remembering the musical innovator, and Jeans ‘N Classics, a rock symphony with five separate shows dedicated to exploring different bands, the Grand Theatre is something to keep your eye on. They are constantly announcing new and amazing touring shows and original productions, but tickets tend to go fast, so you’ll have to snatch yours up quick.  

Photo by Scott Webb


Low End: Jack’s

No matter what night of the week you’re looking to head out on, Jack’s is going to have a deal for you. Mondays are Dollar Beer Night, Tuesday is Tequila Tuesday, Thursday has $2.50 jaeger bombs, and so on and so forth. Turning up, as the kids call it nowadays, is no longer something that is guaranteed to ruin your bank account at Jack’s with daily deals and modestly priced food. Of course, that means that during the post-secondary school year, the joint is typically full of students, so enter at your own risk.
If that prospect doesn’t intimidate you, you can expect current jams bumping, a dancefloor that always seems to be slightly overpopulated, and drinks flowing all the while. It may not be everyone’s taste, but if your criteria for whether you want to go somewhere is mostly based on the price of drinks, Jack’s is your place.  


High End: The Poacher’s Arms

Where Jack’s is very much a student hotspot, the Poacher’s Arms tends to attract a different crowd. They also have daily specials for each day of the week along with events: Monday is Comedy Night paired with half price poutine and discounted Coors and whiskey sours, Wednesday is an Open Mic with $10 nachos and a couple bucks knocked off Molson Mini Jugs and Tom Collins.
The Poacher’s Arms is much more of a classic pub than it is a common North American bar. Laidback but traditional, there is a heavier emphasis on quality over quantity without any holier-than- thou disposition. The Poacher’s Arms is a perfect spot for grabbing a couple of beers or classic cocktails and having a good chat with pals or other patrons, without the issue of having to scream over deafening bangers.  
  In conclusion Richmond Row is generally considered to be one of the most interesting places to be in
London, and there’s no question as to why that is. Whether you’re a student, a young family of four, or on the verge of retirement, Richmond Row’s eclectic mix of opportunities makes it the perfect place to spend your day on the town. Richmond Row is one of the most densely packed streets in London, filled to the brim with locally owned and operated restaurants and shops to support your city, as well as larger chains for a touch of familiarity. The possibilities for your afternoon or evening are endless.

The Best Places to Take Your Kids on a Rainy Day

Children are undoubtedly the most enthusiastic people out there. They have a zest for life, innate curiosity that takes them to places adults would never dream of going, and their energy levels are quite high. Especially when they sneak that extra cookie when their parent or babysitter isn’t looking. We’ve all been there. As parents, it can sometimes be difficult to get creative and give kids new places to explore and things to do. Luckily, in addition to London having some of the greatest trails and parks in the province, there are some fantastic places to pack the kids in the car and take for an afternoon of fun. They’ll leave with amazing memories, low energy and a feeling of satisfaction. And you’ll love seeing the smiles on their faces as they play in these clean, safe and fun environments.
Neighbourhood: Old East Village  100 Kellogg Lane (map)

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The old Kellogg Cereal Plant opened its doors 1913 in the Old East Village and became an essential part of London’s economy and culture up until 2014. Since then, it has repurposed itself into a space called 100 Kellogg. This historic building will be the new home to various companies in different sectors; industrial, recreational, food and services, retail and more. This is an exciting time for the Old East Village as it has undergone an impressive overhaul in the past few years. No doubt the addition of businesses to 100 Kellogg will only improve the appeal of the up and coming neighbourhood. A very significant portion of the building will be revived as the much-anticipated Factory London. Set to open in the spring of 2018, this will take the cake as not only Canada’s largest, but North America’s largest indoor adventure park! It will feature various activities to engage, entertain and push boundaries for kids and adults alike. The Factory has acquired 160,000 sq feet of space in the building and plans to turn every square foot into endless fun for the whole family. Likely the most anticipated part of The Factory is the high ropes course. It is mapped out by two 75 ft towers connected by a zip line with about 100 obstacles in between. These obstacles will challenge and entertain people of different skill levels. Feeling bold and brave? Take the plunge off the 70ft drop! There will always be plenty of adrenaline pumping activities for the whole family at The Factory. Not feeling the ropes course? The 20,000 square feet dedicated to trampolines might be up your alley! From rotating arms and jousting pits to warrior courses, the trampoline zone will both entertain and challenge participants. Little kids are certainly not forgotten about at The Factory. There is a large space dedicated just to them. They are free to roam upon the climbing zones, crawl through the tubes, zoom down the slides and putter about in the soft play area. An impressive feature of The Factory is the addition of wristbands for every person. This means parents can allow their children to roam free without ever worrying about where they are. Maximises the fun everyone can have! Of course, it wouldn’t be an adventure park without an arcade! They have dedicated over 4,000 square feet of immersive arcade entertainment into the building. People of all ages can enjoy these games in competition with friends, or attempt to beat the high scores! The best part is these are redemption games which allow you to hand in your tickets for an awesome prize at the end of your session. From virtual reality and escape rooms to go-karting and laser tag, The Factory will impress kids and adults alike. Although the finishing touches are still being made (as of April 2018), we do not doubt that this will become an instant hit for the whole family!
Neighbourhood: Westmount 3198 Wonderland Road South (map)

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Adventure’s on Wonderland is London’s largest indoor playground explicitly geared for kids aged twelve and under. Its name pays homage to the children’s adventure fiction that’s as wildly animated as this indoor playground. The play on words also alludes to the location of the facility which falls on Wonderland Road South just past Southdale Road W. While it is outside of the city centre, its proximity to major arteries in London allows easy access from anywhere in the city. There are various zones in Adventures on Wonderland that cater to different ages and interests. The facility is home to London’s most extensive soft play structure. Here, children can challenge themselves in the obstacle course, make their way through the multi-level tunnels, take a dive and get lost in the ball bins and zoom down the slides! They can even channel their inner spider-monkey with the web climb. There are four levels of fun in this jungle climber and kids are guaranteed to find something that’ll entertain them. The wee ones who aren’t quite agile enough to tackle the soft play structure are not forgotten. Children aged 5 and under have access to Wee One’s Adventure World. This designated area is ideal for the curious toddler who loves to explore. They can safely enjoy slides, interactive toys, games, a submarine to play in and a separate ball-bin. Toddler’s also have designated access to the Play Village. Here, they can let their imagination run wild in a next-level game of house! What’s better than a classic game of tag? Laser tag of course! Children who stand 40″ and taller can access the Laser Tag Adventure Maze! Here they can engage in friendly competition, get some exercise running around and zap their friends one by one. No children’s facility would be complete without a designated zone for gaming. Adventure’s on Wonderland offers various games such as air hockey, sports and video options and redemption games that allow the kids to win prizes when they’re all played out! Adventure’s on Wonderland has become the go to destination for field-trips and family fun afternoons.
Neighbourhood: Oxford Park 720 Proudfoot Lane (map)

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Fleetway is one of those classic London destinations that every kid grew up going to for birthdays and field trips. Glow-bowling followed by a sweet treat at Dairy Queen? Can’t get any better than that. Or so we thought. While the classic London destination stuck in our minds as an awesome childhood memory, it was impossible to ignore its ageing interiors and atmosphere. It soon became an outdated and unassuming spot for bowling and billiards. Since its recent renovations, it’s become one of the most entertaining and fun destinations for kids again! Fleetway boasts a full 44 lanes of bowling, with ten-pin and five-pin options. Their state of the art machinery and extreme lighting elevates the experience. If you want to impress your kids, make sure you go to glow-bowling, they will be extra entertained by the black light effects and it’ll make the experience even better! One of the newer additions to Fleetway is their 7,000 square foot miniature golf course! It is a full 18-holes of glow in the dark fictional characters such as pirates and fun landscapes. Perfect for a carefree date night or an afternoon out with the kids. Fleetway’s brand new Kid’s Play Centre is a must-visit for those with children 12 and under. This playground offers five levels of fun for kids including slides, tubes, punching bags, trolley glides, toddler area and way more. The Playdium Lite Games Room at Fleetway adds to the fun as kids and adults alike can enjoy. Filled with state of the art games and redemption prizes, kids will leave with a prize. A bonus is the game’s cards never expire once they have been purchased – simply swipe your card and the game will begin! Fleetway wouldn’t be Fleetway without its classic Billiards Room. The large room is home to fourteen Boston Pool Tables that are kept in mint condition. Novices and experts alike will enjoy practicing their skills on the professional surfaces. We can’t fail to mention that this Fleetway still has the beloved Dairy Queen attached to it. This was a family tradition for many when Fleetway was in its early years – and it still is now! Kids will love grabbing a Blizzard after wearing themselves out on the Play Structure or playing a few rounds of bowling.
Neighbourhood: Downtown 21 Wharnchiffe Road South (map)

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Although the London Children’s Museum has lost its lustre and shine over the years, kids who visit don’t notice the outdated nature of the facility and will always have a good time. Parents will notice that the museum might be the same as when they went there as a kid, but the fond memories of the museum probably haven’t faded and it’s fun to provide your children with those same awesome memories! This is a place children can go and unleash their inner curiosity and inquisitive nature. What sets the Children’s Museum apart from other indoor facilities is its focus on teaching rather than just entertaining. From day camps to fun afternoons, children are bound to leave learning more every time! With ten exhibits covering different topics, there is a wide variety of things for children to do. They can learn about different dinosaurs in the dino exhibit, dig for them in the sandpit and dress up like them in the caves. Sifton Street is an immersive child-sized neighbourhood where kids can play the ultimate game of house. They can climb up 3-storey buildings, shop in the grocery store and pretend they are real-life neighbours. This exhibit, in particular, brings children together and provides interactions and immersive experiences they may not otherwise have had. The Science exhibit teaches children about the simple things all around us. They can learn how to plant a plant, explore the necessity of recycling and learn what it takes for a meal to be nutritious. This exhibit will surely stimulate all the children’s senses and make science fun! Kids are like sponges and absorb so much of what they see. It is refreshing for parents to take their kids to places where their kids can actually learn and take important facts home with them. While it’s awesome to let the kids run off steam for an afternoon, the Children’s Museum has continued to be a London staple because of its educational aspects! We are looking forward to the impending move and improvement of the Children’s Museum. It has captivated its patrons for years now, and it will only get better with future plans! Where do you take your kids on a rainy afternoon? We’d love to hear about any other hidden gems in the city that are safe, affordable and fun! Let us know on any of our social media accounts linked below. Don’t forget to comment, like and share!
Neighbourhood: Argyle 2469 Avaition Lane (map)

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For those with tiny tots looking for a safe space to take their kids for the afternoon, Play Away is the perfect spot. The only downfall to this indoor play centre is its location. It is located east of Fanshawe College right by the London International Airport. While this is a pretty far drive in comparison to other play areas, it’s a no-frills facility that dedicates itself to being clean and providing kids with a ton of fun! They even offer deals for those who are flying in and out of the city. They market it as a perfect spot to let kids tire themselves out so they can sleep on a long flight. For anyone who’s dealt with a crying kid on a flight, they’ll understand how important it is for them to fall asleep in the air. Play Away is a socks-only facility that doesn’t allow outside food and drinks. Kids will find no shortage of fun on the 3-storey play structure and indoor jumping pillow. There is a safe racetrack and a designated area for toddlers. This ensures no children get hurt and are always safe while at play! A soft block area and fitness and dancing studio are also available for kids to utilise. Various party packages are offered at Play Away. They even offer party packages that can host up to 90 people! While they will only cater food for 30 people, the option is there to pre-order food for up to 90 guests. These are your classic birthdays that allow the kids to run around and enjoy each other’s company. A unique party they offer is their private waffle party which includes waffles, whipped cream and toppings for the kids and is available on the weekends from 8am-10am. With some parties at Play Away, parents get to take home a GoPro birthday video where the guest of honour is the star of the show! This is a modern take on the classic birthday party video cameras we have stashed in our storage rooms.

Nine of


  This week I visited owner and founder of Nine of Water, Lisa Lopes. Her alchemy boutique is located in the sunroom of Rebirth Wellness Centre across from Victoria Park. Lisa was born and raised in London, Ontario. She is a reiki master, and does integrative energy therapy, crystal therapy, and body talks. Lisa is also soon to be certified in astrology. Lisa decided to open the nine of water because she wanted to bring some magic to the world. When she decided to open her business she continuously came across a tarot card called the nine of cups. The nine of cups is a card that is all about celebration, wishes fulfilled, and dreams coming true. In one deck that Lisa had it was called the Nine of Water and that stuck with her hence the name of her business.   Nine of water offers products for sacred smudging, rituals and ceremonies, whether you’re looking for sound healing or tarot card readings. For sacred rituals and ceremonies, they sell products such as indigenous medicines that are used for smudging and purification. They also have bowls for sound healing that are 99.99% pure quarts and are the highest frequency healing tool available. Lisa places a high importance on where her products come from, and they are all ethically sourced, therefor they all have a good feel.   Lisa’s passion for the last two decades has been to help others overcome whatever obstacles life throws their way. She has even developed some crystal prescriptions containing elements for different diseases that people struggle with. She has an incredible gift to be able to connect to and read energy. As Lisa says, “Let me help you take your issues out of your tissues!”  

Contact Nine of Water

Phone: (403) 872-9984




565 Central Ave., London, Ontario


Sunday-Wednesday: CLOSED

Thursday: 11:00am-6:00pm

Friday: 11:00am-5:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am-4:00pm


& Co.


Olive-Me & Co. is owned and operated by Missy Haggarty, who has completed her Master of Milling course at UC Davis in California. Olive- Me & Co. has locations in London, Montreal and Trenton, Ontario as well as several retailers that stock product on their store shelves. Olive~Me & Co. strives to offer unique Extra-Virgin Olive Oils, Gourmet Olive Oils, Balsamic Vinegars, Tapenades, and Beauty Products derived from Extra Virgin Olive Oils from all over the world. Each of their lovely olive oils and balsamic vinegars are hand poured/bottled, hand labeled, fresh corked and foil sealed by them! You will also notice a special seal of quality on their Extra Virgin Olive Oils certified by the California Olive Oil Council to ensure that their customers can purchase with 100% confidence that their product has been fully lab tested and sensory evaluated by the council prior to purchase. They also bring in select award winning olive oils from producers around the world! Some of their amazing flavours include roasted garlic olive oil, citrus habanero olive oil and white truffle olive oil along with Dar garlic cilantro balsamic, white cranberry pear balsamic and white honey ginger balsamic! The products and services that they offer include wholesale bulk pricing for businesses, restaurants and wineries. Custom labeling/ bottling for events, wedding favours and corporate gifts as well as private wine and olive oil tasting nights in store! Olive~Me & Co. has a passion for all things olive, they bring the freshest available Extra Virgin Olive Oils and the finest Balsamic Vinegars home, so everyone can enjoy great international cuisine in their very own homes. They source all of their olive oils directly with the actual producer, not third party.  At Olive-Me & Co. you can sample and taste before you buy! Experience and explore the infinite possibilities of combining our ultra-premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars before even having purchased them. Take your favourite oils and vinegars and blend them into your own favourite blend. If you do not choose to be that adventurous, they also offer you pre-bottled flavours that you can choose from.

Contact Olive-Me  & Co.

Phone:519-471-OLIV (6548)



1570 Hyde Park Rd.


Monday: Closed

Tuesday-Thursday: 10am-6pm

Friday: 10am-6pm

Saturday: 10am-5pm

Sunday: 12am-4pm


The Best Tacos
in London

What’s trendier than tacos these days? Besides sushi burritos and pizza of course, not a whole lot! And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. From food trucks to pop-up shops, hole-in-the-wall’s, fast-food chains and locally owned family restaurants, authentic Mexican eateries and modern fusion taco spots are all the rage right now, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. London has recently seen a wave of new restaurants that’ll surely satisfy any hankering for a taco, and among the prevailing taco trend the locally owned, authentic eateries have seen an influx of foodies wanting to get their paws on the tastiest (and most authentic) tacos in town! Read on to discover the best taco joints in the city, from authentic Latin cuisine to new and trendy spots, the Forest City has a ton to offer.
Neighbourhood: Downtown London 611 Richmond St. (map)

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If you’re looking for a cheap, quick and reliable option, then Dos Tacos is the place for you! Dos Tacos is reminiscent of a classic taco spot that offers up the benchmarks, with a few twists. They’ve garnered an awesome reputation for themselves, with a premier location on the famous Richmond Row. Dos Tacos is the go-to spot for after the bar grub and weekday lunches. The menu isn’t as extensive as others on this list, but for a quick service restaurant the options are diverse. They have five taco flavours – shrimp, chicken, cod, steak and sweet potato. Arguably the best part about Dos Tacos is the customizable menu options. Once you’ve chosen your flavour combo, you then decide if you want it in a taco, loaded on fries or in a salad. They have tasty salad dressings made in-house such as jalapeno lime and honey chipotle. We also can’t fail to mention their out of this world salsas that range from mild (red guajillo chili), to medium (green tomatillo and jalapeno) and up to hot (yellow habanero and pineapple). Dos Tacos has quickly become the local watering hole for western students and young professionals alike. Next time you have a hankering for a taco or loaded up fries, check them out and you won’t be disappointed. We interviewed the guys down at Dos Tacos for one of our #BusinessOfTheWeek segments! If you haven’t checked it out, click HERE to watch! You can find out a bit more about where they came from and what their tasty tacos are all about. Our personal favourite is the Cod Father, a lip-smacking mix of delicious, lightly fried cod, always fresh pico de gallo, cabbage, salsa and their to-die-for guacamole!
Neighbourhood: Downtown London 580 Talbot St. (map) Facebook icon transparentinstagram icon transparenttwitter icon transparent

The Wolf brothers have done it again with their latest restaurant venture, Los Lobos. Riding fresh off the success of their previous restaurant, Wolf of Wortley, these brothers have provided London with an Instagram-worthy hot spot that’s not lacking in ambience or flavour. They’ve taken the classic Mexican Day of the Dead theme and went full throttle. The restaurant is decked out with murals of skulls and vibrant decor reminiscent of badass Mexican nights and celebrations. While the decor is impressive, the food they’re serving up is even better. They have a multitude of appetisers including cauliflower queso and a variety of dips. Each taco is reasonably priced at $5, and the options are quite varied. From the classics like lightly fried cod and pork carnitas to beef cheek, sweet potato, blackened cod, shrimp and scallops, the toppings are fresh, and the flavours are explosive! Pro tip: even if you’re a die-hard carnivore try the cauliflower taco and you won’t be disappointed. With perfectly fried nachos and radishes for garnish, the guacamole is a go-to at Los Lobos as a shareable appetizer. Always satisfying and fresh! No Mexican restaurant would be complete without an extensive margarita list, and Los Lobos offers some innovative twists on this classic cocktail. If you’re feeling adventurous, we recommend the pineapple jalapeno and strawberry cumin margaritas! They’ll leave you feeling refreshed on the outside and warm on the inside, perfect to wash down those delicious tacos.
Neighbourhood: Old East Village 784 Dundas St. (map) Facebook icon transparentinstagram icon transparent
Tacos are best when they’re done in authenticity. With the catch phrase, ‘keep it authentic,’ True Taco is a Salvadorian and Mexican restaurant located in the beloved Old East Village of London, Ontario. A family run hole-in-the-wall, True Taco has dedicated themselves to providing Londoners with authentic Latin food made with loyalty to the original cuisine. The atmosphere of the restaurant is welcoming and they do take-out, catering and regular dine-in service. The soft corn tortillas come with your choice of chorizo, beef barbacoa, beef tongue, bean or veggie mix and are topped with onions, cilantro, lime and homemade sauce. The tacos fillings are perfectly spiced and juicy, leaving the drippings down your hand as you eat them – always a sign of a good taco! Next time you’re in the OEV don’t forget to drop in and grab yourself a quick bite to eat from one of London’s best kept secrets – True Taco!
Neighbourhood: Oxford Park 30 Wharncliffe Rd. (map)

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Colourful Mexican décor and tasty Mexican food, this cheery family-friendly restaurant has become a hub for families and friends who want a casual spot with delicious and satisfying Mexican style grub. Located on Wharncliffe Road just past Riverside, Under the Volcano has been serving up classic Mexican entrees that are packed with flavour. Always fresh and delicious, the menu is seriously extensive with a ton of options including gluten, vegan and vegetarian items which Is always a win-win in our books! Not to mention, the portion sizes are huge, so you’ll never leave feeling hungry. Their tacos come in either hard or soft shells, with a ton of options for fillings. Seasoned taco beef, medium spiced pulled pork, spiced chipotle steak, spicy cayenne beef, grilled chicken breast, mixed veggies, black bean, spinach and mushroom and jump shrimp. All the tacos are topped with lettuce, cheese, tomato and sour cream and come with your choice of two sides. These tacos are the kind that’ll remind you of your childhood and how excited you’d get when your mom told you it was taco night! Next time you’re feelin’ like enjoying dinner in a vibrant and family-friendly atmosphere, definitely check out Under the Volcano. They do take-out express too! Take-out, vegan and vegetarian options are always a win in our books.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
Neighbourhood: Glen Cairn 772 Hamilton Rd. (map)

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Do you value authenticity in your tacos? Do you prefer a hole-in-the-wall that serves up food you can tell was made with love and originality? Then Lo Nuestro Latin Restaurant is the place for you! A small eatery located on Hamilton Road in east London, Lo Nuestro has been serving up tasty and satisfying Latin cuisine since its opening. Their dedication to authenticity is shown in their meals that pay homage to Latin, Salvadorian and Mexican cuisine. Lo Nuestro is a quaint, no frills eatery that is less concerned about the atmosphere, and more concerned about the food. For authentic Mexican tacos that don’t disguise the fillings with a ton of sauces or extraingredients. These tacos are filled with spiced meat, tomatoes, onions and cilantro. Leaving the flavours to speak for themselves – we highly recommend testing out the beef tongue tacos, you won’t be disappointed!

Village North

In the past two decades, the Masonville area of London (main intersection of Richmond Street North and Fanshawe Park Road) has seen a significant, and impressive, influx of commercial and residential developments. These developments have both expanded London’s boundaries and amplified the economy, adding numerous jobs and opportunities for expansion in different sectors. Masonville is booming and has established itself as a commercial hub for the Forest City. With commercial developments growing at the rapid rate they are, and residential developments expanding at a pace faster than we can blink, it comes as no surprise that Tricar planted their roots in this end of town. The intersection of Sunningdale and Richmond used to feel so north to Londoners that they thought of the area as out of town and so out of the way that it was often referred to as the country. It’s the same way we now refer to those living in Ilderton or Komoka as living out in the country. It’s not that far away, but it’s definitely not convenient to get to if you reside in the downtown area, especially with no car. Since the days of being the country, Sunningdale and Richmond has transformed from an area with nothing more than desolate farmland and an expensive members-only golf course and some well-hidden neighbourhoods to a thriving commercial hub. This area, while seemingly exclusive in its expensive nature, is as inviting as it is prosperous to our Forest City and its economy. The intersection has seen numerous residential developments in recent years. The area is now full of different housing such as single-detached homes of various sizes as well as a sprinkling of attached and detached townhouses. The near future will see the development of a commercial hub known as Richmond Village. This space will be home to various businesses such as food and retails stores and medical offices. The transformation of Sunningdale and Richmond happened so fast, it is incredible to see the developments in this end of the city. Behold the production of Tricar’s latest and greatest development, Village North. Winner of Project of the Year award at the London Home Builder’s Association Awards (LHBA), this condominium is impressive in all the right ways. The demand for high-rise living is so great in London that the plans for this building were actually put in motion a full year prior to the original timeline. Tricar has been churning out some impressive high-rise condominiums throughout London in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. The success of the Renaissance Towers in the downtown core was tremendous and enforced plans to erect Azure Tower, yet another luxury condominium centrally located and built by Tricar. Village North stands 14 storeys tall and once complete, will house a whopping 154 condominium suites. Construction has been underway for a while now and the building is pretty much complete and three of the floorplans are already sold out! There are a total of nine distinct floorplans, all offering an exceptionally modern and elegant appearance, while upholding the well-known high-quality that Tricar is known to execute. There are three 1-bedroom plus den suites, and six 3-bedroom plus den suites available. These suits range in square footage, bathroom options, layout and price points. Unequalled Style, Uncompromised Lifestyle is the motto for this luxurious condominium and will no doubt become synonymous with the already opulent and sought-after lifestyle of living in Masonville. Village North, while tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, is conveniently close to every amenity one may need. It’s one block away from Richmond Street which is one of the most significant arteries in the city. A drive south down Richmond Street will bring you to Masonville Commercial District within five minutes, and the downtown core within ten to twenty minutes depending on the time of day. Residents can also make their way west down Sunningdale Road and quickly arrive at another fast-growing commercial hub for the north end of the city, Hyde Park Commercial District. The location doesn’t come without its perks. Although the area of the city is up and coming, and has seen an influx of residential development, the vast farmland and beautiful countryside feel is still present. Residents who score top-floor suites in this building will without a doubt cherish the stunning views from their balcony. While amenities are just a short drive away, the building itself doesn’t come without its perks and assets to live a healthy lifestyle in the comfort of your own building! Within Village North is ClubNorth is a 11,750 square foot floor dedicated to personal amenities that will allow you to simultaneously entertain guests and achieve the healthy lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of having! The building offers its residents an indoor pool that’s so stunning they’ll never want to leave. The indoor aspect allows guests to enjoy it year-round without worrying about weather, bugs, trees and leaves interfering in their swim session. In addition to a swimming pool, there is a full fitness centre with men and women’s change rooms. ClubNorth also has a billiards room with a full working bar. A state of the art golf simulator allows residents to practice their game from the comfort of their building! A movie theatre is implemented into ClubNorth, allowing residents to book at their leisure and watch a movie in huge, luxury, even better than movie-theatre style seats. No luxury condominium would be complete without a beautiful lounge area perfect for studying or cosying up in with a good book by the fireplace. The outdoor lounge area is complete with fire pits, barbecues and furniture, making it the perfect place to host guests. Large parties can be entertained in the fully working, state of the art kitchen complete with a large dining table. The aesthetic and attention to detail in ClubNorth is synonymous with the luxurious lifestyle Village North is attempting to provide for its guests. This amenity building is beautiful and impressive, and definitely a deal sealer for those looking to make the move to a luxury condominium.  The construction site was split into three separate phases – two residential towers and the aforementioned amenity building, ClubNorth. The units in the building start at 1,100 square feet and range up to 1,800 square feet. The entire tower is undeniably aesthetically pleasing and the décor of the main foyer and ClubNorth is classic in its style yet possesses an updated and modern flair. The suites are spacious and all contain gorgeous and large windows, allowing as much natural light in as possible, and incredible views. As far as pricing goes, the units in the completed tower will start at $250k and cost up to as much as $950k with penthouses starting at $600k. While there are many options to choose from with interiors and floorplans, there is a base standard that Tricar implemented to every suite in the building. The following are the base features and many suites will allow for residents to opt for upgrades:
  • High ceilings
  • Premium flooring such as plush carpeting and wide plank laminate hardwood flooring (residents can choose their color)
  • 80-inch designer two-panel interior doors
  • Enormous extra-deep balconies built with tempered glass and aluminum railings. These balconies are one of the most exciting features of the building as they allow residents to take in the nature surrounding Village North.
  • California textured ceilings
  • Crown molding and 5.5-inch baseboards
  • Wire-shelving in closets.
  • High-efficiency, state-of-the-art appliances.
  • Thermal windows.
  • Programmable thermostat and humidistat.
Tricar is committed to providing cities with the most luxurious and state-of-the-art residential buildings. One of their greatest commitments, however, is to improve the efficiency of each building with the latest in green technology. Village North is ahead of its time with numerous green initiatives in place to ensure the success of the infrastructure of the building, eliminating waste of non-renewable resources and diminishing possible costs for residents in the future. Tricar has implemented thermal windows. These improve heat retention in the winter while enhancing cooling during the warmer months. A green heating and cooling system is implemented into the building. This system provides a centralized gas-fired boiler and chilled-water cooling system. Together these minimize energy consumption while maximizing performance.  Every light-fixture in the building is energy-efficient. Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) washable paint and low VOC spray-foam and air barrier insulation was used in the construction of Village North. These are ecologically reliable and the use of them improves the overall air quality in every room of the building. Transparent china toilets are elegant in their style, and low flow ensuring improved efficiency of water usage in every suite. Living a green life is not only a perk of the future of living, but a necessity. By purchasing a home that has been built with a green state of mind is not only allowing residents to save money in the future, but helping improve the nature of the world as we know it. It is imperative that residents seek out a future home that will decrease the use of non-renewable resources and look to energy efficient ways of living. There’s no doubt that the implementation of a second luxury condominium within a 2-block radius of the Richmond and Sunningdale intersection is a nod to the major development that has happened in the north end of the city in the past decade or two. The lavish nature of the condo directly relates to the vibe of the area it’s located in, and will no doubt become a sought after building to live in. Village North is setting itself up to be in the same league as the Renaissance and Azure Towers that Tricar recently built in the downtown core. What are your thoughts on the substantial growth the north end of the city has undergone? Are you supportive of the city growing out, or would you prefer to see the city growing up in the future? Village North will no doubt attract a multitude of new residents to the area, whether it’s retirees looking to downsize or a young professional snagging a swanky penthouse, the options are endless in this beautiful new luxury condominium apartment.  



This week I visited cousins and owners of Joseph’s Clothiers, Jeff Da Costa and Jason Cabral. These two have been operating the business for the last 18 years, making the men in London look their very best. Knowledge and experience speak for themselves. Both Jeff and Jason are amazing at what they do and pride themselves on the experience that customers get when they come in. Jeff and Jason are extremely hands-on, and love to learn what styles and fits their clients want. At their location, they offer everything from a casual jean and sweater to a tuxedo to a completely custom-made suit. And of course they have every accessory including ties, pocket squares, lapel pins, socks, wallets, cuff links and more. The carry an array of brands including Tiger Sweden, Jack Victor and Ted Baker. 

Contact Joseph’s Clothiers

Phone: (519)-438-2955




194 Wellington Street, London, Ontario


Monday-Wednesday: 10am-6pm

Thursday-Friday 10am-7pm

Saturday 9am-4pm

Sunday: CLOSED


The Best Bowling Alleys
in London

The premise of bowling has been around for centuries, and it’s become a pastime that everybody from all walks of life can enjoy. Whether you’re a six-year-old going to a birthday party with your classmates, or a sixty-five-year-old joining a tenpin league on Tuesdays and Thursdays, bowling is always a great time. Luckily for Londoners, the Forest City is home to some great bowling alleys. These classic London establishments have planted their roots as reputable businesses providing Londoners with incredible memories since their opening. Read on to learn about the best places to bowl in London, Ontario!
Neighbourhood: Oxford Park 720 Proudfoot Lane (map)

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Fleetway is a classic London destination that since its opening has solidified itself as a reputable bowling alley of choice amongst kids and adults alike! The major appeal comes with their undeniably fun glow-bowling and the fact that Dairy Queen is attached to it. The family traditions that have formed at Fleetway have become engrained in many Londoners childhood memories. While the classic London destination stuck in our minds as an awesome childhood memory, it was impossible to ignore its ageing interiors and atmosphere. It soon became an outdated and unassuming spot for bowling and billiards. Since its recent renovations though, it has once again become one of the most entertaining and fun destinations for both kids and adults! The facility offers 44 lanes of bowling, with ten-pin and five-pin options. Their state of the art machinery and extreme lighting elevates the bowling experience. If you want to impress your kids, make sure you go to glow-bowling, they will be extra entertained by the black light effects and it’ll make the experience even better! One of the newer additions to Fleetway is their 7,000 square foot miniature golf course! It is a full 18-holes of glow in the dark, fictional characters such as pirates, and fun landscapes. Perfect for a carefree date night or an afternoon out with the kids. Fleetway’s brand new Kid’s Play Centre is a must-visit for those with children 12 and under. This playground offers five levels of fun for kids including slides, tubes, punching bags, trolley glides, a toddler area and way more. Fleetway wouldn’t be Fleetway without its classic Billiards Room. The large room is home to fourteen Boston Pool Tables that are kept in mint condition. Novices and experts alike will enjoy practicing their skills on the professional surfaces. The Fleetway experience wouldn’t be the same without a stop at attached Dairy Queen!  This became a tradition amongst families in early years, and still is today. There’s nothing better than grabbing a well-deserved blizzard after a few rounds of bowling on a Saturday afternoon. Fleetway, in all its glory, is the perfect destination for date-night or just fun with a group of friends. It’s kid-proof in all the right ways, but offers up entertainment that’s perfect for adults only!  Deals and Pricing: Glow Bowling: Fridays 8:00pm – 1:00 am // Saturdays 3:30pm-6:30pm and 9:00pm – 1:00am Shoe Rental Rates: Adults (13+) $3.75 per person // Kids (12 and under) $2.75 per person Days: Monday – Friday: $25.00 per lane per hour until 5:00pm Saturday and Sunday: $29.00 per lane per hour until 5:00 pm Nights: Monday – Thursday: $29.00 per lane per hour from 5:00 pm – 11:00pm Friday – Saturday: $34.99 per lane per hour from 5:00 pm – 1:00 am Specials: Tuesday & Sunday: $21.00 per lane per hour from 5:00pm – 11:00 pm
Neighbourhood: Westmount & Carling 141 Pine Valley Blvd. & 777 Adelaide St. North (map)

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In a time where arcade-like bars that boast billiards and bowling alleys are becoming an increasingly trending business to get into, it’s hard to ignore the fact that London has been home to such an establishment for over twenty years! Palasad has been providing Londoners with endless fun and entertainment since owner and founder Rob Szabo made his dream a reality. He felt that bringing billiards and bowling together in a cool and comfortable atmosphere complete with delicious food and snazzy drinks would be an asset to the London community. There’s no doubt he was right as since Palasad’s opening back in 1994, almost 24 years later they have two locations and have established themselves as the go-to destination for events with people form all walks of life. Whether you’re a kid wanting to play at the arcade, a couple going on a date or an office looking for a place to host a work party, Palasad is able to cover every event! Bowling, billiards, laser tag, ping pong and karaoke are all offered at both Palasad locations. Both venues boast an inviting and comfortable atmosphere complete with a life-size bowling pin for a mascot. London-based community events will often have the life-size bowling pin walking around, greeting children and handing out free-play cards for Palasad, further establishing the brand as a mainstay in the London community. Both locations are equally fun but boast different decor and atmosphere. The north location is the tried and true original, flaunting a more casual vibe with retro decor, while the south location is more modern and upscale. There is an exciting renovation happening at the north location, so Londoners look out for the sparkling new Palasad north as we know it won’t disappoint, and will surely give Rec Room a run for its money. Both locations offer the most delicious wood-oven pizza that has become a favourite amongst those residing in the Forest City. Palasad North has ten bowling lanes and ten pool tables and the South location has twenty lanes and six pool tables. Rather than bowling pins being secured on the lane by a magnet, they are attached to strings. This reduces lane issues and makes for a smoother bowling experience! Pricing and Deals on bowling at both locations: Shoe Rental: $3.99 per adult // $3.49 per child Monday: $2.00 per game + shoe rental Bowling is priced per person, with lane time based on group size.  1 person = 20 minutes  2 people = 40 minutes  3 people = 60 minutes  4 people = 80 minutes  5 people = 100 minutes  6 people = 120 minutes Tuesday:
  • All day / All night 11am-midnight 
  • $7/person 
  • Shoe Rental Included
Wednesday & Thursday:
  • Before 5pm $10/person 
  • After 5pm $14/person 
  • Shoe Rental Included
  • Before 5pm $10/person 
  • After 5pm $16/person 
  • Shoe Rental Included
  • All day / All night 11am-11pm
  • $16/person 
  • Shoe Rental Included
  • Before 5pm $16/person 
  • After 5pm $14/person 
  • Shoe Rental Included
Neighbourhood: Argyle Park 2086 Dundas Street (map)

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If you’re a Londoner who is serious about bowling, then chances are you’ve been a regular for years, (or you’re at least familiar with) the classic of all bowling spots in the Forest City, Bowlerama Royale! Located at the east end of Dundas Street just west of Clarke Road, Bowlerama Royale is the tried and true, ultra-vintage yet consistently reliable bowling alley that will never disappoint. The venue itself began as a bowling alley, Town Bowl, and went on to serve its purpose as a recreational facility hosting bowling alleys and roller skating rinks through the years. After a brief stint as a furniture store, the site returned to its roots as Bowlerama Royale. This is a destination that will bring back memories for Londoners as a place they either bowled or roller skated at in their younger years. The facility needed much updating which was fulfilled when the new owners, Mark and Brenda came on board in 2011. Mark Decman has done professional bowling in the past, and is well known in the bowling world. He competed in the TSN championship and is auditioning for Team Canada. This in and of itself is a reason to check out Bowlerama Royale! The bowling community is tight-knit and ranges from kids to adults. Bowlerama is home to many bowling leagues that run throughout the year. These leagues are open to people with all skill levels from beginner to competitive. Bowlerama hosts end of season banquets with prizes and offers discounted open bowling practice rates and shoe rentals for league bowlers. There is a Bowlerama Royale Youth Program which offers opportunity for scholarships and tournaments. Bowlerama itself is an awesome place to go for a fun night out or to join a community of like-minded people who love to have fun. A unique aspect of Bowlerama is its bowling pro shop. The pro shop provides any avid bowler with every accessory they may need. From custom drilled bowling balls (who even knew there was such a thing?!) to customized individual training for people of all skill levels, the staff at Bowlerama will welcome you with a energetic attitude that will no doubt teach you something you didn’t already know about bowling! The venue boasts 32 lanes of ten-pin bowling. If you and your friends are looking for a fun night of bowling, the building is licensed so you can get drinks while you bowl making it the perfect spot to go on a Friday or Saturday night (or any night of the week, really!). The area is 27,000 square feet and is perfect to host events such as parties, fundraisers, field trips and much more. Pricing and Deals: Shoe Rental: $2.75 for juniors // $3.75 for adults Daytime: Monday – Friday: Juniors & Seniors bowl for $4.00 per person per game // Adults $4.50 per person per game // OR daytime by the hour $21.00 per lane Nightime: Monday – Thursday: $26.00 per hour per lane after 6:00 pm Friday and Saturday: $31.00 per hour per lane after 6:00 pm Deals: Monday: Cosmic Bowling // 9:00pm-11:00pm special game rate of $2.20 per game Tuesday – Thursday: 9:00pm-11:00pm $15.90 per person including shoe rental for all-you-can-bowl Wednesdays: Red Pin Bowling! Red pins are placed between the pins and if you bowl a strike on the head pin you get your bowling for free from 9:00pm-11: 00 pm Thursdays: All you can bowl for $15.00 Weekends: Cosmic Bowling all weekend long! Group rates are offered depending on how large the group is. Check them out or give them a call to see what kind of discount they’ll provide you and your party!
Neighbourhood: Fairmont 972 Hamilton Rd. (map) Facebook icon transparent
While tenpin bowling seems to be the game of choice for many, we can’t forget about the five-pin option. Whether you’re a five-year-old who can’t yet hold up a tenpin bowling ball or a 55-year-old who loves the difficulty of aiming the small ball at those pins situated pretty far from each other, five-pin should most definitely be your game of choice! Invented in the early twentieth century for those who deemed ten pin bowling too strenuous, five-pin bowling made its mark and is here to stay! There is a bowling alley in London dedicated to five-pin bowling. This bowling alley is called Fairmont Lanes. This small and unembellished alley is located just west of Highbury Avenue North and Hamilton Road. Fairmont Lanes offers a combination of that classic bowling alley vibe, and a pleasant family-oriented atmosphere thus providing patrons with a sense of familiarity and nostalgia from those afternoons spent at the bowling alleys as a child. Especially those memories of being enthusiastic about bowling, yet not quite strong enough be like the adults and tackle those daunting yet alluring ten-pin lanes. Fairmont Lanes has been around for 52 years and has cemented itself as one of London’s most steadfast establishments. Let’s be honest, bowling alleys normally aren’t recognized for their state-of-the-art equipment and flashy technology. What makes a bowling alley great is their loyalty to the game itself. Fairmont Lanes has stayed true to its devotion to bowling in its half-century run and has created an incredibly tight-knit community of bowlers from all walks of life! Most of Fairmont Lanes revenue comes from bowling leagues which are primarily hosted during the week. They offer open bowling, but that’s mostly on the weekends. Their facility houses full twelve lanes and has a liquor license! While this is a smaller business than the others on this list, the quaint atmosphere brings people closer together, which is exactly why it’s such a great destination for bowling leagues! Deals and Prices: Free Bowling: Adults $4.75 per game // Kids $4.00 per game Hour Rentals: $36.00 per lane (up to 5 people)



  This week I visited award winning percussionist Joel Jacobs and owner of the music school, Junction Beats. Joel has an extensive music background and has even toured with members of the David Matthews Band! He is still a practicing musician and plays in the band called Great Spirits with Todd Taylor and Al Aguilar – who happen to both be teachers at Junction Beats. Here they started by offering just drum and guitar lessons but have expanded their offerings to vocals, keyboards, brass, audio production, general recording studio, a rock band class and summer camps. These classes are taught by individuals who have a passion for music and want see the music community in London grow.


Contact Junction Beats





348 William Street, London, Ontario


Whistling Dick’s Barber Shop


This week I visited owners and founders John Parlow and Gregory Kahnert of Whistling Dick’s Barber Shop in Old East Village. These two are not new to the entrepreneural lifestyle as you may recognize them for their involvement with The Pulp & Press Juice Co., Wood On Steel, and Hairpin Legs Canada. The newly opened men’s barbershop is like a step back in time. They have created an incredible vibe to match their service with that old-fashioned feel. They offer everything to do with men’s hair and beards including a hot straight-razor shave! By starting this project, John and Greg’s vision wasn’t to just create a spot to get a haircut, but a place for men to socialize and spend time with other men. They are currently waiting on approval for both their liquor and tobacco licences, which is sure to keep the boys coming back! When asked why they decided to open a barber shop the owners will tell you “One of the last strongholds of the masculine culture is the barbershop. In the 30’s, the barbershop was a place that was much more than where one could get a haircut or a shave. It was a social paradigm, a ritual, and an institution. A sanctuary where men could speak freely about manly things. A fraternity of masters who carry on with a presence of strength and will. All for just two bits and an hour or so of their precious time.” Whistling Dick’s Barbershop is an homage to the men who we once looked up to as kings of their time. A reimagining of a once great temple of masculine grit. Upon opening the door at 760 Dundas Street East, you are welcomed by smells of woods, cigars, and a hint of Barbicide. The walls are littered with objects of rustic flair and paraphernalia belonging to an era long since past. You will hear the dulcet tones of 1930’s chart toppers. Just as the vibe washes over, you hear a voice say, “Good afternoon. What can we do for you, sir?”. It is then that you realize that you haven’t stepped into just a barbershop, but a time machine. We at Whistling Dick’s know that there are plenty of places to hide in London, but there are few places where you can truly escape. While getting a cut or shave at Whistling Dick’s you can also pic up a branded t-shirt or socks! They also sell products from Dapper Dan, Layrite, Reuzel, and Man Dust.


Contact Whistling Dick’s Barber Shop

Phone: 519-432-9498




760 Dundas Street, London, Ontatrio


Sunday-Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday-Wednesday: 10am-7pm

Thursday-Friday: 10am-8pm

Saturday: 9am-6pm