If you’ve read our article on the West 5 development coming to London, you’ll know that a sustainable future isn’t just an option, it’s a necessity. Our precious planet is facing grave consequences due to major ecological mistakes made by humanity in the last 100 years. Rather than rationing the valuable resources the planet has to offer, we’ve managed to deplete them to the point of no return. To fix these mistakes and create a brighter future for our children, companies such as S2E Technologies are bringing together some of the world’s visionaries in architecture and sustainability to create housing developments that offer net-zero living (a home that produces as much energy as it uses each year). EVE Park A place to call home that you won’t feel guilty about, what’s better than that? The newest community coming to London is called Eve Park and the amenities offered will unquestionably pave the way for sustainable living in the years to come. We were lucky enough to chat with Ashley Hammerbacher, Eve Park’s lead planner, to discover the numerous reasons why this futuristic community is at the forefront of net-zero living. Residents will dramatically shift the way they live their life and the footprint they’re leaving on the Earth. This complex will provide a net-zero lifestyle in a stylish, futuristic home that exists harmoniously with nature. Residents and visitors alike will flourish in a community that caters to the people and the environment. Instead of using space for car parks and driveways, the community will be people-centered, encouraging engagement between neighbours, whether it’s through the carshare membership or the open concept design.  


EVE Park by S2e Technologies S2e Technologies has established itself as a serious business striving to take direct action on climate change. Every project this company embarks upon is committed to providing communities and technology that not only promote sustainability but make an immediate difference. This company is built on passion, and it doesn’t go unnoticed as it received the 2018 GLOBE Climate Leadership Award for a small/medium business. This type of award not only garners recognition but fuels the desire and commitment to making the world a more green, cohesive and efficient place. What began as a company developing large solar farms, has branched off into microgrid integrations with solar power, and green tech control systems. Now, s2e Technologies has transitioned into a company at the forefront of green housing developments that encourage not only green housing but a green lifestyle. In our brief conversation with Ashley Hammerbacher, she exuded an infectious knowledge and apparent desire for this project to succeed. And for Eve Park to excel in its vision, it is imperative to work with engineers, architects and designers who are at the cutting edge in sustainable technology. This is such a special endeavour because it’s bringing together some of the world’s visionaries in clean energy.


EVE Park - Partner - Dror Benshetrit The Eve Park team is collaborating closely with Studio Dror, an architectural firm led by Dror Benshetrit. His company’s vision for the future directly aligns with the fundamental nature of Eve Park. They have dedicated much of their firm to not only this project but evolving the future infrastructure and design of metropolises around the world. This firm’s impressive portfolio showcases the idea that it is possible for cities to thrive harmoniously with nature. In addition to partnering with Studio Dror, Gensler, a large architect firm has been working tirelessly to bring Eve Park to life. Gensler began in 1965 and has since established itself as a firm constantly bending the norm and erecting awe-inspiring architecture around the world. Gensler has opened offices in multiple cities across North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Asia with 3,500 clients spanning across the globe. With such an expansive set of resources available to Gensler, it comes as no surprise they were chosen to work on Eve Park. EVE Park - Partners - Gensler These two firms have carried out projects reminiscent of something only the future would hold, but through innovation and dedication have solidified that the future is now.  While the planners of Eve Park are working with additional partners that cannot yet be mentioned, we are optimistic that design and sustainability will come together seamlessly as a result from these leading architects. The project will also see a significant partnership with London Hydro to ensure best practices pertaining to efficiency. It is imperative that the marketing team work hard to ensure Eve Park is catering not only to the future but to the people. Market research allows the developers to understand what their target market is looking for, but also deliver a product that fits the unique needs of the community. The initial phase of research garnered an overwhelmingly positive response. While the first phase of market research barely scratched the surface, with short surveys and advertisements via Facebook, the second phase will see a more comprehensive study put in place. This analysis will provide insight into how potential homeowners currently use their living spaces and what they want for their future community. Communication with potential future residents of Eve Park is imperative to the design of the complex. The market research plan is to transition from conventional questionnaires to an open dialogue between developers and customers. This will have a direct effect on the design of each unit in the complex.  Communicating with future customers about how and why they live the way they do will not only benefit Eve Park developers but hopefully spark a conversation about sustainable living.


Eve Park wouldn’t be at the forefront of innovation if not for the sustainability aspect of the entire development. Since development hasn’t yet begun, Hammerbacher was able to provide only minor insight into the inner workings of Eve’s sustainability. Efficiency without solar power would be unheard of in this day and age, and Eve Park will have solar panels across the entire building with lithium-ion batteries for energy storage, thus, providing energy for everything from charging cars to heating water. Hammerbacher explained that simple modifications in the installation such as solar panels on windows reduce energy immensely. In addition to installing solar panels, Eve Park will showcase state of the art charging tech for electric vehicles. There is also talk about including agricultural aspects such as hydroponic green areas and edible fruit trees to further solidify the goal of net-zero living.  The technology used for this project is state-of-art, but it’s readily available today. Through implementing such technology in Eve Park, the goal is for other communities to see that it is possible to live a sustainable lifestyle now, and not twenty years from now. 


EVE Park - Car Share There are many aspects of Eve Park that get different people excited; however, after a few conversations with people from all walks of life, it became apparent that the carshare is the most intriguing. Even Hammerbacher’s zeal over the idea of sustainable carsharing was contagious, and it will no doubt be the most pioneering aspect of the community. What was once a mere glimmer of hope in the automotive world, is now a reality. For decades, the idea of electric cars dominating the roads was a concept that required such innovation it was essentially deemed impossible. Fast forward to 2018, and we’re at the dawn of a new automotive age. Electric cars are more accessible than ever, and as we see them slowly infiltrate the roads, we see strides in helping maintain the planet’s resources. The developers of Eve Park are aware of how urgent incorporating electric cars is to decrease one’s carbon footprint, and they have plans to make sustainable living easy with their carsharing concept. Car sharing isn’t necessarily a new idea, but existing models require a few tweaks to ensure convenience for Eve Park residents will never be sacrificed. For example, existing car share models offer one car per 100 residents and in some cases, up to 500 residents. While it’s great that existing buildings are implementing a car share model, they’re just not fully accessible and convenient. It’s difficult to provide information pertaining to Eve Park’s specific carshare model as there are a few options the planners are exploring. Features such as summoning a car (right to their doorstep) for a certain amount of time, whether you reserved it beforehand or need it right away are being ironed out. Carpooling is also a likely component of this carshare and will help strengthen a stronger sense of community. Talk for using Tesla is also in the works, but Hammberbacher explained they’re researching numerous charging technologies and reviewing all viable options in the electric car sphere. These are mere possibilities under review; details will be further solidified once the second, more comprehensive phase of market research has been finalized.  Hammerbacher explained that the answer for the future of transportation isn’t to stop the community from being mobile per se but to inspire the people to change how they move.

Looking Forward

EVE Park So where is Eve Park and what’s the timeline looking like? Eve Park will be situated by the West 5 community in the north-west end of London. The complex will provide residential spaces, but no commercial areas. Because of this, Eve Park residents will no doubt become part of West 5, building a strong sense of community with like-minded people striving for a net-zero lifestyle. As far as timeline’s go, nothing is quite yet set in stone. The second, more comprehensive stage of market research will set the stage for a concrete building timeline. Stay tuned for more engagement with the planners as they’ll want to hear from anyone who has questions, comments or concerns regarding the specifics of Eve Park. In fact, one of the motivating factors for the developers of Eve Park is to not only provide a residential area devoid of excess carbon emissions, but to ignite a wave of interest and conversation about what it means to live a sustainable life. While there are still many people in London and the world that are unaware of the urgency to move toward a greener life, we at Santa Knows Best are aware of the progressive strides that must be taken. With an influx of local businesses in the Forest City, and a determination to ensure new and old buildings are up to specific green standards, London is optimizing itself to be a frontrunner in the eco-race; which is not a choice but a requirement for future generations to live a prosperous life. Londoners should be proud to live in a city that’s partaking in developments that not only create eco-friendly communities for the city, but pave the way for future generations of housing developments around the world. Eve Park oozes both passion and promise, and this is an exhilarating time for builders, developers and residents alike! We’d love to hear what you think about Eve Park and sustainable living in general! Is this a residential neighbourhood you’d be interested in moving to? Let’s start a conversation about what you value in your home’s efficiency! Connect with us at any of our social media accounts linked below.