Affordable quality golf, right in the city

  There is nothing that feels quite as invigorating yet at the same time as relaxing as a really good game of golf. You know you are on a good course when you are surrounded by perfectly maintained beauty with nothing but lush and manicured greens, tall trees that reach for the blue skies, stunning spots of sand, and beautifully incorporated water pieces. With a background like that, it’s hard to feel any kind of stress or anxiety. And if you’re on your game and you’re hitting those power drives and watching that little white ball fly through the sunny skies only to drop right on the green, how can you feel anything but exhilarated?
Fanshawe Golf Course is a wonderful course here in London located in the Cedar Hollow Park neighbourhood. You get quality golfing without the expensive membership fees, as it’s a pay and play type of course. Affordable golf with well-maintained courses is what you’re going to get at Fanshawe Golf course.
You don’t even have to leave the city to be able to enjoy quality golfing with your choice of two very different courses. The Fanshawe Golf Course is perfect for those weekends that creep up
on you and you realize that you actually don’t have any obligations or plans and your to-do list is actually quite manageable so the prospect of actually fitting a nice luxurious round of golf in your day is looking bright. You can simply take a quick drive over and enjoy an afternoon in the sun working on your short game.
Because Fanshawe Golf Course is close by and can be a quick play, it’s perfect for those who do not have a lot of time on their hands too and want to work on their game so that next time you go out on the course with your buddies, you’ll finally have a chance to beat Pete, who seems to always manage to find time to be out, working on his golf game and usually puts you all to shame.

The Courses

Fanshawe’s Golf Course has different courses designed for different skill levels and types of play so anyone can experience quality golfing, no matter your skill level. And the best part is that this golf is affordable golf!


Parkside 9

Fanshawe Golf Course is actually quite proud to be an inclusive golf course. The Parkside 9 was the first ever 9 hole golf course that was created to be wheelchair accessible in all of North America. As a par 28 with 900 yards, it’s a course that is great for beginners and golfers of any age and ability to enjoy. If you’re more than a beginner when it comes to golf but want a place where you can quickly and efficiently work on your chipping, wedge, and putting game, then you might want to try out the Parkside 9 course!


The Quarry

This course is known to be more of a laid back course, and is a great course for beginner golfers. It’s an 18-hole course with a links design. It has three different tee-spots for different skill levels. It has a slope rating of 117 and a 69.4 USGA rating. The Quarry is a very open course, so on a windy day, it takes a higher skill level to navigate this course. It’s made up of ten par 4’s, three par 5’s, and five par 3’s


The Traditional

This is usually the preferred course of the two main courses and is a more difficult course to play. It is an 18-hole course with tree-lined fairways and is made up of four par 5’s, eight par 4’s, and six par 3’s. It’s known for having more tricky par 3s to try and navigate. It has a slope rating of 116 and a 68.1 USGA rating. It also has three different tee-spots that people can use, depending on their skill level. You’ll have a beautiful view of Fanshawe lake from the first and second holes on this course.

The History

This course was built in 1958 because the Thames Valley Golf Course was the only public golf course in the city and it was too busy and was being overplayed. So the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority and the London Public Utilities Commission took some farmland and converted it into a golf course. At this time is when they built the Traditional course. Interestingly, most of the Traditional course is still intact from that original construction in 1958. There were some shifts and changes to only a couple of the holes when the Quarry course was added on. 1991 is when four golf employees Mike Olizarevitch, Al Stoyles, Fred Kern and John Cowie were asked to add new land into the course design. They wanted to preserve as much as they could of the Traditional, which is how they came up with the idea to add the Quarry as a second course.


Fanshawe golf course gets great reviews on golfing websites and apps. In fact, 97.1% would recommend the Traditional course to other golfers, base on golf advisor. People say that it has a great variety of hole layouts and that its courses are in great condition.
One golfer said that the Traditional course was a “personal favourite of all the city courses, open on some holes to let the driver go, challenging on others to force smart play.”
Another golfer said that the Traditional was a “Very good all around course, marks off all the boxes needed for enjoyment”.


Golf is a great way to hose fun tournaments for workplaces, family reunions, churches, or as a way to raise money. Fanshawe Golf Course can handle events from 30 people to 300 people. The staff are helpful and informative and can provide the planner and the players with a wonderful tournament experience.
Whether you want a shotgun start or staggered starting times, they can help. If you want to have a dinner afterwards and want to have prizes for things like longest drive, or best foursome score, or best player, they can certainly help with that as they are very well equipped in both of those functions. They also have lunch options available like hamburgers and hot dogs or packed sandwiches.
Your tournament will include : • Closest to the pin / long drive markers • 20% off any prizes purchased from the pro shop • Scoring sheets • Your golfer’s names on personalized golf cart signs

Things to Know

  • There is a dress code for this course, but it’s not as strict as at private courses.
  • They have a clubhouse where you can buy drinks and some food items. There is also a vending area on the course where you can also buy drinks because we all usually want a beer while we’re golfing halfway through the course.
  •  You’ll probably see at least one gopher while you’re playing.
  •  The course is well maintained in the fall as well, so don’t restrict yourself to only visiting in the summer.
  • Golfers must get off the course at first sign of thunder or lightning. Rain checks will be provided if you get stormed out of the course.
  • According to Google, peak times on weekends are from 12-5 and people spend between 1-3.5 hours at Fanshawe Golf Course
  •  You can rent clubs there
  • As long as you’re 18+ and have a valid driver’s license, you can rent a cart
  If you’re a golfer or even just enjoy the sport on occasion, then you can rejoice. London has you covered with affordable golf and a quality golfing experience right here in our very own city. You get a choice of three different courses (one that is fully accessible) for various skill levels, a nice variety of hole layouts, stunning views of Fanshawe Lake, tree-lined fairways, and a variety of tricky par 3s to try and navigate.
The best part about Fanshawe Golf Course is that you do not even have to leave the city to enjoy all of these amazing features. You can fit in a round of golf whenever you found yourself with some time to spare. Whether the sun is shining or it’s overcast, you can be sure to find the experience to be enjoyable.