Western University Has Been Positively Impacting Our World’s Future Since 1878

Western University People come from all over the world to attend the University of Western Ontario, and London is incredibly lucky to have such a fantastic educational institution in our city. Western brings a vibrant and booming culture to our great city, and of course it’s also great for our economy. Students fill up our downtown nightlife, and rental properties overflow with studying people who will be the next leaders of our world cramming for the next exam. Cafes get clogged with stressed out university students as exam time approaches and then the city seems to stand still during the dead quiet of exams. Malls, restaurants, and entertainment places burst at the seams during the breaks as students let loose and get away from the stress. London Ontario is proud to be home to a top ranking University. It’s ranked in the top 10 of Canada, top 100 of North America, and top 200 in the world, which is incredible when you think that there are over 2800,000 to compare it to. It hosts 4,300 International students from 127 different countries, and is an incredibly diverse and inclusive school. The University of Western Ontario has helped establish an identity for London, as a university city, and we embrace it with both arms. Western has so many options available for those who want to receive higher education. Whether you’re looking for a big, loud, fully loaded university experience, or are looking for smaller class sizes and more focused education, the University of Western Ontario has something for you. It’s a place that is full of students, staff, and faculty with so many different backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles that you’re sure to find a place where you belong within the beautiful and large campus. Western is located in the Masonville neighborhood of London, Ontario. It brings in people from all over the world who want to study at a university that believes in providing the best experience possible for their students and creating a learning environment that is respectful and focused on success. Western has a rich history and is truly an incredible school when you dive deep and take a look at the past, the present, and the future of Western University. Everything that Western stands for, its rich history, the things that it has contributed to the world and to London, Ontario, and everything that it provides for its students makes it an incredible educational institution that is setting our future up for success.


Western University - Beliefs The University of Western Ontario states this as their mission: Western creates, disseminates and applies knowledge for the benefit of society through excellence in teaching, research and scholarship. Our graduates will be global citizens whose education and leadership will serve the public good. The Vision for the University of Western Ontario is as follows: Western will be a destination of choice for the world’s brightest minds seeking the best learning experience at a leading Canadian research university. Western has been and always will be a leader in research, as they are constantly pushing the boundaries and transforming learning.


Western University - History The University of Western Ontario has been part of London’s rich history since March 7th, 1878 when it was founded by Bishop Isaac Hellmuth. In 1881 The Western University of London Ontario (which is what it was named at the time) opened up to students. At that time it only had four faculties: Arts, Divinity, Law, and Medicine. The first class graduated in 1883. Ever since then the University has been a booming learning center for people who wish to pursue higher education. The Kingsmill family purchased the current campus in 1916. The Western University of London Ontario was renamed to The University of Western Ontario in 1923, and is still known by that name today, although most people just refer to it as “Western”. Interestingly, in 1920 Sir Frederick Banting was sleeping at Western University when he woke up and wrote down the 25 words that led to the discovery of insulin. Dr. Helen Battle joined Western’s Zoology department as an Assistant Professor in 1928. She was the first woman in Canada to earn a PhD in marine biology. She went on to become an award-winning teacher and researcher in her 40-year career. The first French Immersion program in Canada, which still continues today, was established at Western in 1932. Ivan Smith continued on the tradition of incredible discoveries happening at Western University when, in 1951, he developed the very first ‘cobalt bomb’ in the world, which helps to treat cancer. This discovery meant that the cure rate for cervical cancer went from 25 percent up to 75 per cent. The University of Western Ontario has been a leader in wind engineering since 1965. Western opened the WindEEE Dome research facility and tests incredible structures, such as the World Trade Center, Sears Tower, and Jakara Tower. Western University pushed innovation recently wehn Dr. Chil-Yong Kang received approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration to start human clinical trials from an HIV vaccine that the Dr developed at Western in 2012. These trails were the first of their kind, proving that Western is a leader in medical advancement. Today, The University of Western Ontario has over 36,000 students, three affiliated university colleges, 12 faculties (Arts & Humanities, Business, Education, Engineering, Health Sciences, Information & Media Studies, Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Music, Science, and Social Science), and over 400 specializations, majors and minors.


The University of Western Ontario is committed to being an educational institution that gives back to its community, its staff, its faculty and its students. The university is committed to giving everyone who wants higher education the chance to have a positive learning experience. Because of this, the university has five main initiatives that it has committed to. Western University - Initiatives

Mental Wellbeing

As an innovator and leader in the medical field, Western University understands the importance of mental wellness. It offers a wide variety of counselling services, such as grief counselling, group counselling and individual counselling. Western also offers their students, faculty, and staff multiple mental health resources.


Western University believes in being accessible and barrier free to any and everyone who wants to pursue an education, visit, or career at the University of Western Ontario. Because of that, there are services, groups, and committees dedicated to ensuring that all people have equal access to any and all services and facilities that they need. Student Accessibility Services are there to ensure that all academic programs are accessible for all students, both graduate and undergraduate. They will help to make arrangement for class,  internship and exam accommodations. The Student Accessibility Services will also provide things like digital textbooks, Braille textbooks, campus transportation and learning strategy instructions for any students with disabilities that need it. Western also has computer labs with assistive technology. For employees at Western University, Rehabilitation Services has three consultants to help minimize the impact that disability can have throughout the organization and promote health and wellness. Those consultants consist of an Ergonomic and Return to Work Consultant, an Ergonomics Consultant and a Wellness Coordinator. They can help facilitate with sick leave, long-term disability, and can help with the transition back into work, when the time comes.

Safe Campus

One of Western’s main initiatives is to create a learning environment that is safe and respectful. The Safe Campus Community is made up campus partners who offer resources and services to all members, both students, staff and faculty of the University in order to keep the campus safe. Promoting and maintaining a safe and respectful working and learning environment at Western is a shared responsibility. The Safe Campus Community is an initiative of campus partners offering services and resources to members of the University community focused on keeping our campus safe. Western looks at creating a safe campus by tackling these 5 issues: Environmental Safety, Physical Safety, Emotional Safety, Cyber Safety, and Sexual Violence Safety.


Western has members on campus that are equipped with the resources needed to create a culture of safe and healthy environment. They help everyone to understand how to prevent accidents on campus, and keep the campus safe for all to work and learn.


Western has resources and services available to to ensure that online information and resources are kept safe. Some of those services includes information about known phishing attempts on campus, CyberSmart information to help you learn how to keep your computer safe and your valuable information is protected, Information Security Reference Tool that helps everyone understand information security awareness and protections, and the Information Technology Services, which supports that campus community.


Western is dedicated to having a campus is free of violence for all. The Campus Community Police Service go on patrols, respond to incidents, have crime prevention, fire safety, and emergency management services for everyone on campus. Being Aware is a resource that has tips for personal and community safety. Crime Alerts are used by Campus Police to inform  members of the campus community about issues and situations that could affect personal safety. The Work Safe Program is a great program for anyone who is studying or working late on campus. The program is totally free, and anyone can register. Once you register you can establish check in times. If within five minutes after the check in time you have not called to check in, police will be sent to check on your welfare. Western Foot Patrol is another great program for physical safety on the campus. They have co-ed teams made up of one male and one female. Any time someone wishes to be escorted to their car, or the bus stop, or to wait for a ride, they can connect with Western Foot Patrol and request an escort team. This is really great for those late night study sessions. They also patrol the campus for safety. The Student Emergency Response Team can provide first-aid response to anyone on campus that needs it.


Western promotes a campus that is free of harassment and discrimination by providing services, tools, and resources that help to make a campus that thrives on a culture of respect. These services and resources include: Mental Health @ Western, Equity & Human Rights Services, Student Development Centres, Student Health Services, Indigenous Services, Office of the Ombudsperson, and the Affiliate Colleges Harassment & Discrimination Services.

Sexual Violence

Western University will not stand for sexual violence and will certainly not tolerate it. The University of Western Ontario has a Policy on Sexual Violence, as well as procedures on how to respond to sexual violence, how to support victims and members of the campus community, and are committed to those things, no matter where the incident of sexual violence has occurred.


The University of Western Ontario has woven sustainability into multiple facets of everyday life on campus. Promoting and educating on sustainability is an integral part to their main initiatives. They do this by incorporating responsible practices in all areas of the University. They believe in minimizing their impact on the environment and being a helpful part of the London Community. The next global leaders are sitting in University classes today, and as an educational institution, Western wants to give students the knowledge, tools, and habits that are so essential to making sure that we’re creating a sustainable future. Since Western is an incredible research facility, they’re also committed to researching and discovering solutions for the most pressing issues that is impacting our world environmentally. Western wants to make sure that our great earth is healthy and stays healthy for its citizens to enjoy for years and years to come.


Openness and transparency in all operations is one of Western’s biggest foundations. As an institution of education, they feel that they are accountable to the people of Ontario and Canada. They take tremendous efforts to ensure that they are providing information and insights into the practices and activities. They monitor their performances in all areas that they serve. Western makes their Strategic Plans, which outline the University’s vision, mission, and goals, public knowledge and is one tool that they use to stay accountable to the public. Their annual publication, Performance and Activities Indicators Report, is another tool that they use to stay accountable.

Campus Life

The student experience is more than just what you learn in the classroom. At the University of Western Ontario, students get the opportunity to enjoy a rich and fulfilling student experience. There are many benefits to being a Western student. From clubs and organizations to the amenities offered on campus, there are a lot of great reasons to feel Western Mustang Pride. Western University - Campus Life

Arts & Culture

Western University is steeped in Arts and Culture. From galleries, theatres, auditoriums, and performance centers, Western has so many places for students to connect with and interact with art.


Artlab Gallery is such an integral component of the Department of Visual Arts. It’s a visually intriguing gallery that focuses on pieces and projects that are responses to social and cultural issues. The gallery includes visual art in a wide range of mediums. The McIntosh Gallery is a university-based public art gallery, whose purpose is to present and dive into the more advanced research and practices in both art history and visual art. It’s a gallery that is meant for teaching and research nad is meant to serve the students, the faculty, as well as the London community. They use exhibitions, educational programs and special events to promote innovative projects and engagement with visual art and artists.

Performance Centres

The Paul Davenport Theatre (which used to be called the Talbot Theatre) has more than 200 performances each year. These performances range from instrumental concerts and opera to renowned guest artist performances and the lively routines of local dance troops. More than 32,000 people attend the performances in this 400-seat theatre. The von Kuster Hall was named to honor the very first dean of the Faculty of Music, Clifford von Kuster. This hall is mostly used for chamber music and small ensembles. It’s also often used for undergraduate and graduate credit recitals. The hall has also been praised for its use as a recording venue. The Spoke and The Wave host incredible musical events throughout the year. From country nights, to Battle of the Bands, students are able to catch live musical performances at their favorite hangouts.

Auditoriums and Theatres

McKellar Room, UCC is the University’s movie theatre. They have a fully operational snack bar, including fresh and daily made popcorn, nachos, and ice cold slushies, with prices that won’t empty out your bank account, unlike regular theatres, and have cheap ticket prices as well. Althouse Auditorium functions throughout the academic year as an instructional space, but is also used for dance troops, theatrical performances, concerts, and variety shows when it’s not needed for learning. Western University - Campus Life - Auditoriums and Theatres

Athletics & Recreation

Wellness, athletics, and physical recreation is an integral part of campus life. Because of this, Western University is fully equipped with many ways for students to stay healthy, get fit, de-stress, and relax and unwind from the pressures of student life. The Student Recreation Centre is a state-of-the-art facility to give the best student experience possible. It has an aquatic facility, which includes a 50-meter pool, which has 8 swimming lanes and a diving board. There is an accessibility lift into the pool so that no students are excluded. The Recreation Centre also has a fitness center which has cardio equipments, stretching space, and a weight area as well. There are over 200 pieces of equipment in this 19,000 square-foot space. There are also five gymnasia within the Recreation Centre, three of which have sprung hardwood flooring, whereas the other two have poured athletic resilient flooring. These gyms are multi-purpose use. The lounge space within the Recreation Centre is a place for students to relax and unwind. It has wifi and table tennis. The multi-purpose studios are great for dancing, as they have sprung hardwood flooring, dance barres, mirrors, and millwork benches. The Recreation Centre also has five squash courts and a wellness suite. The wellness suite is a private area that has massage tables, hand sinks, and a small reception space. Of course you cannot talk about Athletics at Western without talking about the Western Mustangs. The games are a great way for students to show their Western Pride and enjoy  much-needed breaks from studying. The Mustangs make the University proud by winning trophies and awards and have been since 1878.

Career Services

The University of Western Ontario wants all of their students to succeed in life beyond the university walls. Because of this, there are so many opportunities, support services, and information that students are given access to. One of the amazing support services offered to Western students is the Student Success Centre, which helps to facilitate and develop personal and career growth. They offer career counseling, career exploration, events and workshops, career fairs, daily drop-in resume centers, interview preparation, and even networking help. They’ll help you figure out what career path is the best fit for you, and then help you develop the tools needed to get there. Western also has the Career Central, which is an online career portal that gives students the resources and tools that they’ll need when searching for and developing skills for their future careers. They also have their HireWesternU campaign where they work hard to show potential employers the benefits of hiring a Western graduate. Lastly, there are a lot of options and opportunities for students to find jobs and careers working at Western University.

Clubs & Associations

Western Ontario offers students a large variety of different clubs and associations. In fact, there are over 180 different clubs, which means that there is something for everyone to belong to.

Computer Support

Western Technology Services makes getting online and getting help for any kind of technology issue fast and easy. There are resources available for those who need to learn how to keep their identity and information safe. There is also a drop in counter, and help by phone for students having technical issues. Western University - Computer Support


Western believes that any and all people should have access to higher education, if they wish to pursue it. Not only that, but any student should have the right to an inclusive and and respectful campus and learning experience. Because of this, there are multiple clubs, organizations, policies and services were specifically created to support a rich and diverse student body. Everyone is welcomed at Western, period.

Food & Dining

Students need to be well fueled in order to survive the stressful and busy university lifestyle. Because of that, there are over 28 different eateries on campus, scattered throughout 12 different buildings. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a quick, fresh bite to grab on the run or if you’re looking for a place to relax and eat while you decompress from your day, or if you’re looking for a more formal atmosphere for a business lunch, you’re going to find what you need right on campus. And, of course, Western has high standards for the quality of food that they serve their students, so you’re going to be eating well at Western. The Green Leaf Cafe in the Somerville House at Western is an amazing dining option. They provide incredible food in a sustainable manner. They support local farmers and growers, so you know that you’re going to get the freshest and best ingredients there. They even have eight honey bee hives right there on campus, so you can buy local and unpasteurized honey in the cafe. The Grad Club is known for it’s amazing lager beer, and for new graduates drinking from “the goblet”, which is a long-standing tradition. It has amazing meals, and fun social nights, such as Trivia Tuesdays, and Wednesday night Board Game Nights and Paint Nite. Of course no Western experience is complete without grabbing a bite to eat at both The Spoke and The Wave, which are quintessential dining experiences for students. For residence dining, you’re going to get delicious food on a six week menu rotation, so you’re not going to get bored of the same old food all the time. Also, there is something for everyone, including vegan and gluten-free options.

Health & Wellness

The health and wellness of students is a very important part of campus life. Student Health Services provides medical care, counselling and psychiatry, birth control information, allergy injections and immunizations, and sexually transmitted disease testing. The medical care includes assessment and treatment for urgent issues as well as booking for non-urgent issues. Students are welcomed to ask for a specific gender in their doctor if that would make them feel more comfortable. There is a pharmacy on site as well. Health and Wellness goes beyond physical care, so Western also offers counselling services, as well as multiple mental health resources and tools. They also offer crisis contact information for those who need help right away. Western University - Academics

Family Support

Western is a University that believes in higher education for anyone who wants that, which includes those with children. There are breastfeeding station and baby change tables throughout the campus for those who need it. There is University Childcare available, both full  and part time, for those who need it. UCC Flexible Childcare is another option for those with children. Western knows that those with kids need the ability to relax and unwind just as much as those without, so there are different events year-round that are family friendly, including the Western Mustang Kids Club, summer and March break camp, concerts, and stargazing in the observatory.

Safety & Police

Safety is of the utmost importance at the University of Western Ontario. They have the Campus Police to keep staff, faculty, and students safe. There is also Fire Safety and Emergency Management to keep the campus and everyone on it safe and sound. The Student Emergency Response Team are responders that provide event coverage and are First Aid Certified. They’re able to respond in emergency situations as well.

Shopping & Retail

Everything from Western swag to books for your courses are available on Campus in the different shops. The Bookstore, Campus Computer Store, Books Plus, The Purple Store, and Graphic Services is there for students to find what they need throughout their time on campus.

Transportation & Parking

With such a large campus and multiple building, Western has plenty of parking lots available for its staff, faculty and students. Not only that, but there are multiple LTC buses that go throughout the campus, making public transportation an easy choice for students. There are shuttle buses that is completely free to students that can take you around campus and to the sister university colleges.


Western University - Academics The University of Western Ontario is a renowned and large university that is dedicated to providing students with the best learning experience possible. They have more than 400 combinations of majors, minors, and specializations, which gives students an incredible array of options for where they want their studies to take them, and where they want their careers to go. Western is committed to hiring the best faculty to give their students an incredible experience. In terms of programs, they offer more than 90 undergraduate, 70 master’s, and 50 docrotal. They also offer continuing studies programs, distance studies programs, and exchange programs so that students can get the best choice for their learning experience. Western has three affiliated university colleges: Brescia, Huron, and Kings. These affiliated colleges allow for unique learning experiences, while also giving Western-quality education. Any main campus Western students are able to take courses offered at affiliated colleges, and visa versa. Western has incredible teaching hospitals that provide both for the community and for those who are entering into the medical field to learn from. There are also incredible research institutes that Western University is connected with as well, including Robarts Research Institute, Lawson Health Research Institute, London Regional Cancer Program, and Children’s Health Research Institute.