The London Club Is THE Place For Business Professionals

The London Club is London’s premier private club. It’s the establishment to be part of. It’s a club that was created for business professionals as a place for networking, relaxing, working, and advancing both personal and professional lives. While it may have started as a place for men only, it is now a place for business professionals, no matter what your background is. The London Club The London Club is the embodiment of class and elegance. It’s high society, but is also approachable and is a place where members can be comfortable to be themselves. Members can expect incredible service, outstanding food and drink, and an ideal setting for both social and business activities. Members will have access to amazing events and incredible services, all while having a place to call their own when they need to recharge, relax, and unwind. London Ontario is filled with business professionals from all kinds of fields, but when it comes to the London Club, everyone is treated as equals. Imagine the networking opportunities when members attend London Club events and are connecting with people from all kinds of different businesses. Imagine the incredible connections that you could make, both personal and professional. The London Club has been part of London Ontario’s rich history for over 130 years, which means that it has an incredible list of past and current members. Our lives are getting busier and busier and while technology has helped us advance, it has also made it possible to take work with you everywhere you go. Driven and passionate professionals need a place that can help advance their professional careers, while also providing a place  where they can enjoy their personal lives as well. Having a place to be social and connect with those who understand your busy lifestyle is so important. The London Club helps with that. Not only that, but the London Club provides its members with access to the concierge that can help with anything members need, whether it’s for business or for their social life. It’s located in the downtown neighborhood of London, Ontario, which means that it’s in the heart of London. It’s centrally located to be where so many professionals gather for their 9-5. Not only that, but it’s also close to so many entertainment establishments. Members can head there after work to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, grab a delicious drink and a great meal before heading to the nearby The Grand Theatre. If you’re a business professional in London Ontario and are looking for a place to socialize, network, have incredible food, receive amazing service, host events, and have access to the best wine cellar in the city, then you’re going to want to check out the London Club. It’s the place to be for business professionals.


the london club - memberships The London Club is a place for professionals to network, connect, relax, and enjoy an incredible culinary experience. The club has strived to maintain excellence in terms of cuisine, service, and comfort for its members. Expectations will not only be met, but exceeded for club members and any of their guests. Throughout the year, club members can attend social events that are meant to be good for both personal and professional life. Some of the annual events include: Mother’s Day Brunch, Chef’s Cooking Classes, Spiced Beef Buffet, Lobsterfest Social, Wine Tastings, Wine Dinners, the President’s Ball, Saturday Night Entertainment, Special Feature Nights, Easter Brunch, BIN 1880 Wine Club, and Golf Society. Members also get access to an extraordinary concierge service. Concierge can help with making reservations, arranging transportation, booking hotels, airline tickets, or even band tickets. The concierge can also help to guide you with choosing from special offers and incentives put together for members. They can also help with flower arrangements and even personalized birthday cakes. Whether personal or business, the concierge is there to help members with anything they can. Within the club, members can enjoy the bowling alley, three different dining areas, a ballroom, a business centre, as well as the John Allyn Taylor Lounge. It’s a place where business professionals can eat, drink, relax, enjoy fun activities, including billiards. London Club members also have the advantage of access to Reciprocal Clubs in other cities around the world. Members can use the facilities of these Reciprocal Clubs, much like they would use the London Club facilities. There are over 100 different clubs. Those clubs are located within Canada, The United States, Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, New Zealand and Australia, so club members can feel at home and experience incredible service, no matter where they’re traveling. You can find rates for membership here, but there are discounts for junior members, corporate memberships, and senior memberships.


The London Club - History The London Club has been part of London’s history for over 130 years, which means that the club has its own rich history. In 1875, the desire to have an exclusive club for professional men was strong and The London Club was formed. The club first started on King Street, across from the Covent Garden Market. Back then, the area was called “Whisky Row”. The London Club was incorporated in 1879 and the first president was Daniel Macfie. In 1882, the club moved locations. The building was formerly the home of Marcus Holmes, and was built in the Queen Anne style. The plans for the building actually came from a member of the club, George Durand. Even though the city and club have grown and changed over the years, the original style of the building has stayed, giving it elegance and class. The men-only club finally opened its doors to women in 1931, but in a very restricted way. The ladies membership was reserved only for wives and daughters of current club members. The women were not allowed in the main club, and were restricted to the badminton area, which was a squash court. Although the women were allowed to have tea and small toast while they were there. Finally in 1993-1994, women were allowed to become full members of the London Club and were not restricted to stay only in the squash court, regardless of if they were a wife or daughter of a current club member or not.


The London Club - Dining Gourmet fine dining and delicious casual bites to full-course banquet meals and teeming buffets, the culinary team at The London Club makes it all and makes it incredible. Member will be able to satisfy any craving with the delicious foods coming from the multiple kitchens at The London Club. Not only that, but The London Club makes sure that the incredible serving staff are ready and willing to make the whole experience a great one. Members get the chance to attend incredible culinary events as well, such as themed food meals, cooking classes, and more. On Sundays the club hosts an incredible brunch with menu options that will tantalize taste buds that are served with a mimosa or juice. They also offer incredible coffees, teas, and even brunch cocktails. So members can get a jump start on their week by starting it off right with Sunday brunch at the club. Members can expect lunch and dinner at the club to be incredibly delicious with many incredible options to choose from. For members who want the delicious food at home, the London Club also offers incredible take out options, which means that busy business professionals can still entertain at home without cutting into their packed schedules. With options like housemade tenderloin burgers with artisanal rolls and spatchcock chicken, members can relax knowing that anything they need in their personal and professional life can be made easier with The London Club.


For those who enjoy delicious cocktails and an incredible choice of liquor, The London Club has you covered. They have an incredible whisky list that consists of rye, bourbon, single malt, blended, irish, and scotch: lowland, highland, speyside, and islay. When it comes to cocktails, members can expect quality ingredients and expertly handcrafted cocktails. From the traditional cocktails like a Manhattan and a Negroni to unique cocktails like Resting Time and Hugh Hefner’s Water Bottle, members are sure to be satisfied with perfectly crafted drinks. The London Club also an award winning wine cellar with the biggest selection of wine labels in London, Ontario. By biggest selection, we’re talking about over 3000 bottles. The sommelier goes to great lengths to stock the cellar with incredible high quality wines from around the world that are not readily available in the general marketplace. The wine list that members can choose from is extensive and is exciting for any wine aficionado, not to mention the fact that the London Club also does long-term aging for some of their wines. For those who love wine, being part of the BIN7880 Wine Club is an incredible opportunity. The London Club has the best sommelier in the city that wine club members will have the opportunity to learn from. They’ll also get access to member only-tastings and wine events. Imagine rare vintage tastings that you wouldn’t be able to access anywhere else in the city. Members also get access to pre-tastings with the actual wine makers so that you can ask questions and hear about the process first hand. Not only that, but BIN7880 Wine Club members will also get exclusive deals and offers.


The London Club is a beautiful venue that can be booked for functions and events. They have rooms that can hold 240 seated guests, and there are private rooms that can also be used. When booking, there are incredible banquet and catering menus to choose from. The Executive Chef and the culinary team are prepared to make the most delicious meals, while the serving staff will ensure incredible experience that is second-to-none. If you want the delicious cuisine without the venue, the culinary team and the serving staff can do off-site parties, home meals, and there are also take-out items that you can take with you and warm yourself. When it comes to weddings, The London Club is all about turning your dream day into a reality. You can have an elegant and beautiful space, right in the heart of London Ontario. And if food is important to you on your wedding day, The London Club offers the most delicious food that even the most pretentious of pallets will appreciate. The club offers beautiful spaces for both the ceremony and the reception, as well as the opportunity to take photos in any of the beautiful and elegant spaces within the Club, including the Wine Cellar and the John Allyn Taylor Lounge. The best part is that you don’t even have to be a member of the club in order to have your dream wedding there.

Club Code

The London Club - Club Code The London Club is a club for business professionals. It’s a place to relax and unwind, but it’s also a place that is classy and elegant. Because of this, there are are some codes to follow. The first code is a dress code. Within the Front Dining Room, business attire is required, which means that men must have jackets.Everywhere else in the club, business-casual attire is required, which means that no torn or frayed jeans, no athletic wear, no sweatshirts, no beach sandals, no running shoes, and no T-shirts with commercial advertising and/or slogans. The club is full of well-dressed, classy, business professionals. Another code is to have silent technology. While there are lots of business professionals in the club, members need to be respectful of one another by having phones, tablets, and any other handheld technology should be on silent or vibrate. There are no handheld devices permitted within the Front Dining Room. Conversations on cell phones is prohibited in public areas. All of this means that members are guaranteed to have a relaxing place where they’re not interrupted by others’ conversations or electronics. Club code means that spouses of members are automatically given membership as well. Members are allowed to register and bring guests, but they can only bring the same person a total of six times per calendar year.