Our world is becoming busier and busier and people are becoming more and more dependent on technology for their person-to-person connections. Screens are becoming the new norm in ways of communication. But what if you could live in a community setting where the focus is on giving you time to enjoy your life and actually connect with people? What if your home was full of lush gardens and beautifully kept green lawns? What if you were able to walk through quiet streets that are lined with absolutely gorgeous one-floor homes so that the beauty of nature was still visible beyond the homes? With Sifton’s RiverBend Golf Community, you get just that.

RiverBend is a community that is made up of over 400 new home builds. Within the heart of this beautiful community sits an absolutely stunning 18 hole golf course. It’s a place that was created to encourage healthy social and active lifestyles. It’s a community that focuses on giving people plenty of events, activities and clubs for connecting with their neighbors. It’s a place that gives you hassle-free home ownership so that you can spend your hours enjoying the beautiful outdoors, chatting with friends on the Clubhouse terrace, working on your short game, or relaxing in sauna.

Riverbend Golf Community

RiverBend Golf Community is a place that simplifies life for you so that you can enjoy a worry-free lifestyle. Landscaping is all taken care of. There is someone to watch your home while you head to warmer climates for the winter or travel around the world. It’s located in the RiverBend Community neighborhood, which means that you’re tucked away from the busyness of the city in an area that is cradled by the beauty of nature, but you’re close enough to shopping, restaurants and entertainment that you won’t feel isolated or feel the inconvenience of being out of the city.

The Homes

Every home in the RiverBend Golf Community are built by the prestigious award winning builder, Sifton Properties Limited. When you get a house built by Sifton, you’re getting a quality home that was designed and crafted by a family owned and operated company that has over 90 years of experience building homes and communities within London.

Once it’s complete, RiverBend will have over 400 homes within this community. Imagine the small-town charm and feel that it will have tucked away in the NorthWest end of London, where it’s close to city amenities but far enough away to feel like it’s own little village.

Riverbend Golf Community - The Homes

Homebuyers looking to live in RiverBend can choose from multiple layouts of these one-floor designed homes, but all layouts include a gorgeous spacious kitchen and great room, sky-high ceilings, covered porches, luxury master retreats, and giant windows to show off the amazing views of the beautiful community of RiverBend.

Detached homes range from 1812 to 2458 square feet. The attached villas range from 1534 to 1756 square feet. Depending on the layout you choose, you can look forward to luxurious details like french doors, huge walk-in closets, cathedral ceilings, gorgeous hardwood, stunning stone fireplaces, and glistening countertops.

Riverbend Golf Community - The Homes

No matter what layout you go with you know that you’re getting a beautiful home created by an award winning builder that has put thought into every detail of the home to give you a beautiful haven to wake up in every day.


You know that feeling that you get after you get home from a getaway vacation and you’re so happy to be home, but there is still that part of you that knows you’re leaving behind that resort-style of living and misses it? Well, with RiverBend, it’s liking having that resort-style living all year long. You never really have to feel like you’re missing it.

RiverBend gives you access to the great outdoors and plenty of options and opportunity to explore nature, access to a premium golf course with beautiful fairways, a first-class restaurant on site,and the 28,000 square foot Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is the hotspot for social activities and gives residents incredible amenities to look forward to.


For the avid golfer, there is nothing more exciting than the prospect of living on a golf course. Any beautiful day is an invitation to hit the green. Even for those who do not necessarily enjoy playing the sport, you cannot deny how beautiful maintained golf courses are. There is

something almost dreamlike about the tranquility that comes with a golf course. RiverBend is a stunning 18-hole private course.

Riverbend Golf Community - Amenities, Golf

Maintenance-free living

At RiverBend you get the enjoyment and beauty of a house without the hassle of yard maintenance. Year-round professionals take care of the grounds and the landscaping and snow removal, which means absolutely no fussing with lawn mowers, rakes, or shovels.


Imagine having incredible dining options within your community. Delicious foods right within walking distance from your doorstep. If you’re not in the mood to cook, then delicious options await you without needing to take you far from home. In the RiverBend Clubhouse there are multiple dining options, depending on the type of ambiance that you’re looking for. No matter where you’re going or what type of food that you’re looking for, the Executive Chef, who has travelled the world to learn all different types of cuisine and culture, is sure to have something delicious to tantalize your taste buds.

If you’re looking for a more quiet and elegant meal, then the Dining Room will suit your needs quite nicely. They have a sizable menu that offers tasty entrees and tantalizing appetizers as well as some of the club favorites. The 19th Hole is the perfect spot to grab a quick bite after a game or to catch up with friends. You can find Club classics here like juicy burgers and satisfying sandwiches. The Fireside Lounge is a great casual place to connect with people with a big roaring fire while enjoying little treats and a drink. It has beautiful views of the golf course. The Terrace is the perfect spot to enjoy a beautiful day outside. It overlooks the beautiful golf course. You can grab a little snack or have a whole meal out there while you enjoy the sunshine and fresh air.

Riverbend Golf Community - Amenities, Dining

Fitness Facility

The lower level of the Clubhouse sits a state-of-the-art fitness room. We all know that staying healthy means fitting exercise into our weekly routines, but it can be hard to find the motivation to leave home and go to the gym. But when the gym is AT home? Well, that changes things. This fitness center has a wide variety of workout equipment: treadmills, bikes, elliptical trainers, rowing, weights, dumbbells, BOSU trainer, stability ball, medicine ball, and resistance tubing. So you’ll get the full real-gym experience with options for strength training, endurance, cardio and more!

The best part about this fitness facility is that you have the option to train on your own or with one of the fitness directors. So if you’re the kind of person who needs someone there to coach and motivate you, you’re totally covered! Plus, there is complementary orientation for new residents so that you’ll know how to properly work every machine without injuring yourself.

Riverbend Golf Community - Amenities, Fitness Facility

If you’re into taking classes, there are a number of great classes offered in the fitness facility. From yoga and strength training to aqua-fit and seasonal classes, they have enough options that you’re sure to find something that you enjoy taking.


Enjoy swimming all year long with a beautiful heated indoor pool. Had a long day? The Clubhouse also features an incredible hot tub to help soak away all of your stresses and worries. If that’s not enough, then why not just sweat it out in the luxurious steam room?

Riverbend Golf Community - Amenities, Pool


RiverBend is a gated community, which means peace of mind for you, no matter how often you leave home. The concierge staff can even watch over your home while you’re gone on vacation. They’re also happy to greet guests and direct visitors.


Professional staff take care of maintaining the beauty of the property. They do grass cutting, lawn fertilization, spring and fall cleanup, snow removal from driveways, common areas, and front walkways. They take care of all of that stuff so that your time can be spent enjoying your beautiful home and the community you live in.

Community Lifestyle

RiverBend is not just about a beautiful location for your home. It’s about having community. Whether you’re a wallflower or a social butterfly, you’ll enjoy the welcoming community feel of RiverBend.

Riverbend Golf Community - Community Lifestyle

The RiverBend Social Committee was created to to provide social activities and incredible events for the residents. Within these social clubs and events you can meet neighbors, make lasting friendships, and enjoy connecting with others.

The list of regularly scheduled social clubs are:

  • Book club
  • Bridge club
  • Creative therapy (knitting, sewing, etc)
  • Mahjong
  • Games nights
  • Darts
  • Billiards
  • RiverBend on the road (travel excursions)
  • Speakers series
  • Holiday celebrations

The Location

RiverBend Golf Community is in a prime location for those who love nature. Green space surrounds the community and practically right in your backyard is the absolutely stunning Kains Woods, which is a 5.8km hiking trail. Right close by is also the beautiful Riverbend Park and just a short drive will land you at Warbler Woods. The Thames River nestles the RiverBend Golf Community into an alcove. It’s all tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but is still close to both the beautiful Byron village and the Oakridge neighborhood that you don’t have to go far for shopping, restaurants and entertainment.

Riverbend Golf Community - Location


Mowbray Sifton actually started the dream that led to RiverBend Golf Community over 50 years ago. His dream was to see a community that was designed for and catered to the golf enthusiast. He wanted to see this community surrounded by the beauty of nature. He wanted a place for those who were approaching retirement that would encourage a healthy active lifestyle. His dream included the finest amenities. Mowbray’s dream became a reality, thanks to the incredible dedication of his sons and Sifton Properties. Today, RiverBend Golf Community is one of the most desirable locations in all of Southwestern Ontario.

Preserving the natural surroundings of the community has been one of the top priorities of Sifton. RiverBend has shown it’s focus of preservation when, in 2006, they were designated as a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary. This incredible designation is only given to golf courses that show an incredible amount of dedication to natural preservation through: wildlife habitat management, water conservation and management, a significantly reduced amount of chemicals used, and environmental planning.

Riverbend Golf Community

If you’re an avid golfer and love the idea of the RiverBend Golf Community, then you can check out the available homes here. I wouldn’t hesitate to check it out if you are interested since most are already sold out, as this is an incredibly desirable place to live in an incredible location in London. But there are still a number of different layouts and options left to consider. There are even a few that are “quick closing”, which means that they’re ready for you to add your own personal touches to and move in within 90 days. Make a call and get yourself a viewing of the neighborhood. As you walk down the quiet streets and take in the beautiful views, you’ll know that this is exactly the kind of place that you’ll want to call home.

What do you think of the RiverBend Golf Community? With it’s gated community, lush and perfectly maintained grounds, 18 hole golf course, and Clubhouse, it’s a home that is really geared towards a certain kind of lifestyle. Is it a haven for golf fanatics looking to retire soon? Is it the kind of community living that you could see yourself in? Or are you more of a hustle and bustle of the big city kind of person? Whatever your thoughts are, we want to hear them! Click any of the social media accounts below and share your thoughts!