The Music Hub Of London

The London Music Hall is located in Downtown London and is one of the go-to venues for music lovers in London. It’s always packed full of amazing concerts from every music genre you could think of, so it’s a great idea to keep an eye on what is going down in the London Music Hall so that you don’t miss a thing. There have been some really big names that have performed at the music hall such as Snoop Dogg, Skrillex, August Burns Red, Calvin Harris, The Trews, and Killswitch Engage to name a few. It is also a great place that holds concerts for lesser-known groups. This is amazing for fans because you get a much more intimate experience listening to one of your favorite groups at a venue like this.
The London Music Hall has been a beloved part of the music scene and the downtown culture in London for so many years and recently went through a facelift that took it from a small event location to a medium-sized venue. People who frequent the London Music Hall concerts and events love it.
One of the things to note about the London Music Hall is that you’re not going to be able to access the main area from the front of building on Dundas street. Instead, you’re going to need to enter the venue from the Queen Street parking lot, which isn’t a big deal but it’s good to note when you go to a concert so that you’re not wandering around looking for the entrance. Security and staff that work at the London Music Hall are always very friendly and nice to interact within, so you’re sure to enjoy your time when you go!

The Rooms

Rum Runners

This part of the venue holds 350 people. It has a green room that includes a private bath and shower. It also has access to the sky view patio, which is absolutely beautiful on summer nights. It has two bar locations and five washroom locations.
When you see a concert here, the feeling is close and intimate. It’s a really great venue for music lovers and for when you’re really into the band and want to experience their music up close and personal. It is a great small size venue.
If you’re looking to rent out Rum Runners for an event, the venue is not too big where it will feel overwhelming to try and decorate and figure out logistics, but it still has all of the amenities and features that are great for your guests.
On Fridays, Rum Runners turns into more of a bar/club scene and plays rock music. On Saturday’s, if you’re into electronic music, you’re going to want to head to Rum Runners to hang out, drink, and dance there.

London Music Hall Main Room

The main room of the London Music Hall can hold 1,600 people. It has two different green rooms for the performers with a private bathroom and two showers. It has a three side mezzanine that looks out over the stage. There are five bars in total for you to acquire your beverages. There are even two bus parking spots with power for the traveling and touring bands. There are four large bathrooms in this area and of course, it also has access to the sky view patio.
Concerts here are pumping. They give you the vibe of a large venue without needing to squint to see the performance on stage. You’re still close enough to feel like you’re a part of the action, but the event space is big enough that you feel like you’re at a big concert.
My old workplace used to host our Christmas parties here, and let me tell you that it is an amazing space for big events. There is so much height and space to transform the hall into whatever you want to make it.

The Expansion

In 2013 the London Music Hall had a facelift that left it looking like a brand new building inside. They added a large new stage that can host bigger sets for bands and performers. They also added a second-floor mezzanine that surrounds the main floor so that you can watch from above if you want to get out of the crowd. They added three private boxes for those who get to be in the lap of luxury with the VIP treatment. And they also added more bars and exits. But the best part for the bands that come to play is the added greenroom.
The greenroom is a separated space for the band to relax and unwind in. At one concert that I went to in London Music Hall the lead singer actually mentioned the green room saying that it was a pretty swanky addition from the last time he played at London Music Hall, so you know when the lead singer feels so passionately about it enough to mention it on stage that it must be really nice.

Food and Beverage

There is an A&W attached to the London Music Hall and they have a window that opens into the venue so that while you’re enjoying your music or event and you get a little peckish you can order a delicious burger or fries, or get one of their heavenly ice-less root beers and when you’re full of adrenaline and excitement from watching an amazing band tear it up on stage, the fast food hit the spot perfectly.
The music hall has multiple bars open during events so that you won’t have too long of a line up to wait through to get your drinks. The prices are more on the higher side, as is expected at a venue like that, but on Saturdays, Rum Runner has cheaper drinks.
There are also a lot of really great restaurants close by since the London Music Hall is located downtown. So if you have a later show the best thing you can do is grab a bite to eat somewhere downtown and just walk over to the venue.


Block Party After-Party

Block party is one of London’s best events of the whole year. It’s one giant party that starts in Harris park with amazing performances by the biggest and hottest names for performers. The music is pumping and the vibes are great and when it’s all over but you want the party to continue, the London Music Hall is the official after-party location so that the good vibes and fun don’t have to end.


The ultimate rock and roll experience, you’ll be surrounded by other lovers of rock as you make your way through all of the rock and roll presentations and attractions. There are vintage guitars, rare vinyls, cool collectibles, and amazing merch for sale at this event. And there are of course concerts and special rock gods to get up close to. For any rock fan, it is the event to attend in London.

Forest City Metal Fest

Metal music lovers unite — this all-ages event is for every metal fan in London. It has great names in the metal world and brings them all to you in one venue.


There are so many amazing concerts and performances here. Make sure you keep an eye out for what’s upcoming so that you don’t miss something that you love.
The London Music Hall really is a shining gem in the downtown core of London Ontario. It’s the place to be for music lovers and it is bringing a culture to the Dundas and Richmond area that is promoting a love of music and entertainment. It’s surrounded by great eats and fun things to do, so if you have an event that you’re attending there try and make a whole day of it! It’s also an amazing choice if you’re looking for a venue to suit all of your needs. Check them out!