High-end, high-rise condominium living is becoming more and more attractive to potential buyers because of its innate convenience and luxurious features. Young professionals and retired couples alike have been making a move from large houses or starter homes in the suburbs to impressive condos in the city centre. Convenience meets luxury for the occupants of these apartments and London has seen and will continue to see a vast influx of high-rises in the coming years. This wave of development is the start of a new era for London’s skyline, and in the wake of the Renaissance Towers’ sheer success, Tricar has done it again with the recently erected Azure Tower. The appeal of high-rise living is growing tremendously, especially for Londoners and the constantly changing weather. The main advantage of living in a luxury condominium downtown is the access to amenities and worry-free lifestyle of maintaining a house, backyard. Shovelling snow? Not a problem once you don’t have a driveway! The building’s address is 505 Talbot Street. Located on the north side of Dufferin Avenue it is the perfect spot in walking distance to everything downtown yet shy enough of the core that it’s possible to avoid the crowds of people, especially in the summertime. The proximity to Budweiser Gardens makes this a prime location for Londoners. There is always something going on in the downtown core, and for Azure occupants, right at their doorstep! Victoria Park is only 5-minute walk away, and there are plenty of bus stops in the area, allowing residents access to the rest of the city with ease. Residents will love the views from the tower, if situated in the right spot they’ll be able to look down on Labatt Baseball Diamond, Harris Park and the Thames River! Those residents who aren’t situated that way can always enjoy the rooftop terrace and get a 360 view of the city. Downtown London Ontario skyline Let’s talk construction. Tricar is the builder behind Azure Tower and has been in high-rise and condominium development for thirty years now. As a big-wig developer for southwestern Ontario, Tricar has become a household name for anyone who’s interested in real estate and building. Their commitment to revitalizing downtown cores and withholding a certain standard of luxurious living is undeniable. With over 5,000 luxury apartment and condominiums since the beginning, it makes sense why the development of Azure is predicted to be a significant success and benefit for London’s downtown core. Holding the record as the tallest residential tower in the city, Azure Tower is nothing short of impressive. It features a full 29 floors of 198 unique suites and amenities. There are fifteen suites available throughout the building and feature variances in floor-plan, size, amount of bedrooms, bathrooms etc. The lobby itself will offer a colourful and welcoming ambience with gorgeous interiors and incredibly well-done design. The building will boast high-speed elevators which is essential for a tower as tall as 29 floors. The 29th floor is full of remarkable amenities that’ll surely sway any potential buyer. Azure has been built for a luxurious and convenient life and the facilities offered in the building are pretty impressive. The 29th rooftop floor boasts a sizeable open terrace which, once completed, will be beautifully furnished with outdoor furniture for lounging, barbecues and a fire pit perfect to host guests during the summer months. In addition to a terrace, residents can take advantage of a ‘social lounge’. The lounge will be home to a bar area and a pool table. For more recreation, residents can take advantage of the state-of-the-art golf simulator which is indoors and available all year round. For those hoping to host larger parties, residents will be able to rent out a decked out prep kitchen and dining space. The amenity floor also features a library and lounge area perfect for studying, and offers stunning views of the city from the 29th floor!


Tricar Group is devoted to ensuring their developments are as environmentally sustainable as possible, and with that comes major commitment to building efficient infrastructure. Azure Tower will be the very first residential high-rise building in London to be LEED certified! So what does a LEED certification mean for a building of this stature? LEED stands for Leadership in Environmental Energy and Design. To become certified, a building must meet specific requirements proving that the building is efficient in various ways. By meeting these requirements, Azure Tower is enabling condo-owners to live a sustainable life and save money on energy simultaneously.  This means the building was erected with specifically sustainable efficacies in mind, including the location, providing residents with quick access to transportation thus ensuring heightened connectivity within the community. Azure Tower is complete with state of the art cooling and heating systems, which significantly improves the indoor air quality and balances out the air flow, ensuring the healthiest air all the time. In addition to this, Tricar Group has implemented green roofs and water efficient landscaping. This saves water consumption for the building as a whole and the green power will provide 35%, if not more, electricity to the building – ultimately saving homeowners money and foregoing the waste on non-renewable energy. Residents who own electric vehicles, or who are thinking about purchasing one, will be pleased to note that there are car charging stations available, and those who cycle will have access to secure bike storage. These efforts to promote a green lifestyle are remarkable, as a green tower is necessary for the future. The high rises of the future will undoubtedly possess every sustainable feature possible, providing residents with direct access to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Whether it is promoting residents to walk instead of drive to their essential amenities, think about purchasing an electric vehicle or waste less electricity, it’s imperative for the high rises of the future to be built in an ecofriendly manner.


Tricar Group has made a name for itself by providing residents in southwestern Ontario with luxurious buildings second to none. As previously mentioned there are 15 suite types, but all boast a similar feel. Each suite encompasses an open concept with plenty of natural light and incredible views through high-end glass windows. Suites available range from two bedrooms, two bedrooms plus den, three bedrooms and penthouse with small variances between each one. The kitchen in each suite is graciously designed with the resident in mind, offering state-of-the-art appliances available in lavish granite or quartz. The Tricar Group website has listed all the specifications available in every suite in the building, for more detailed info you can check them out here . Each suite will vary slightly but these are the basic specifications found in each one throughout the building:
  • Premium flooring, wide plank engineered hardwood flooring in your choice of colour and plush carpeting with high-density underlay in bedrooms
  • 80” designer two-panel interior doors
  • Oversized, extra-deep balconies with tempered glass and aluminum railings
  • Closets with premium wire shelving
  • High-efficiency appliances and built-in laundry
  • Thermal windows
  • Programmable thermostat and humidistat for personalized temperature control
  • Energy-efficient lighting fixtures
  • Heating and cooling through centralized gas-fired boiler
Sound appealing to you? If you’re interested in Azure it would be smart to look into it sooner rather than later. Move-in dates are set for July and as of April 2018, over 80% of the units are already sold! While every suite is undoubtedly luxurious and well-built, the range of condominium pricing in the building is pretty vast. Suites start as low as $300k and skyrocket all the way up to $1M penthouse suites. Obviously there is a difference in square footage and interiors, but ever suite is built with the same vibe in mind and every resident will certainly feel at home in this building. Not looking for a while? Don’t worry as London is set to embark on a skyline improvement with plans for many high-rises in the next decade there will surely be a luxurious condo suited to your needs! The growth rate in London is growing by the year, and predictions that there will be a significant influx of people moving from the GTA to downtown London will only be satisfied by the implementation of high-rise towers in the core. Azure is setting the standard for luxurious living in the heart of London. This is an exciting time for the city as London as it comes at a time when The City is making a valiant effort to revitalize the downtown core. The implementation of luxury high-rise condominiums is no doubt going to add to the appeal of living downtown. Whether a couple coming up to retirement is looking to leave the hassle of taking care of their home for a more convenient and lavish lifestyle, or a young professional is looking to purchase their first place and want to be part of the action in the downtown core, Azure Tower will definitely fill their needs. Convenience meets luxury for residents of Azure Tower and following the success of Tricar Groups Renaissance Towers in downtown London, we have no doubt that Azure tower will undergo similar successes and pave the way for high-rises and the impending revitalization of the downtown core. Between this and the Dundas Flex Street, big things are happening and we are so excited to be in on the action. What do you think about Azure Tower? Do you support The City’s push to revitalise the downtown core by implementing numerous high-rise residential towers? Let us know on any of our social media accounts linked below and don’t forget to comment, like and share!