The London Knights are a Junior A hockey team playing in the Ontario Hockey League, one of the three leagues that makes up the overarching Canadian Hockey League. A perennial favorite of hockey fans in London, Ontario, the London Knights operate as part of the farm system for the Toronto Maple Leafs of the National Hockey League. Playing out of a state-of-the-art facility in downtown London, the Knights perform to a packed house more often than not, and many of their players have gone on to play in the NHL, including some Hall of Fame players.

The London Nationals

London Knights - origins as London Nationals

The London Knights began as the London Nationals, a team that was created as a franchise in the Ontario Hockey Association and that began play in the 1965-66 season. The London Nationals were created explicitly as a farm team for the Toronto Maple Leafs, made to replace the Toronto St. Michael’s Majors, who had folded shortly after winning the 1961 Memorial Cup. The London Nationals were sponsored by the Canadian National Recreation Association, an athletic organization comprised largely of employees of the Canadian National Railway. Their uniforms were almost exactly that of the contemporary Toronto Maple Leafs uniforms, except with “London Nationals” in the place where “Toronto Maple Leafs” would have otherwise been.  Before admittance into the Ontario Hockey Association, the London Nationals played at the Junior B level. However, once the Nationals were admitted into the Ontario Hockey Association as a Junior A team, the Junior B team moved to Ingersoll, where they for a short time were known as the Ingersoll Nationals.

Two record holders for the old London Nationals were a pair of long-time National Hockey League journeymen. Garry Unger played fifty games with the Nationals, during which he scored a whopping 42 goals (becoming the leader in career goals for the team). Afterwards, he played sixteen seasons in the NHL, from 1967 to 1983, playing for the Maple Leafs and also the Detroit Red Wings, the St. Louis Blues, the Atlanta Flames, the L.A. Kings, and the Edmonton Oilers. The all-time point leader (with 100 points) was Walt McKechnie, who went on to play pro for seventeen years for nine NHL teams, including the Maple Leafs, the Boston Bruins, the Washington Capitals, and the old Minnesota North Stars. Another well-known name who made their playing debut as a London National (and subsequently two years as a London Knight) was Darryl Sittler, who put in eleven seasons with the Toronto Maple Leafs, three as a Philadelphia Flyer, and one as a Detroit Red Wing; he is often brought up in conversations of the best NHL players to have ever lived.

The Darwin Era

In 1968 the National Hockey League ended the program of directly sponsoring the junior hockey system. Ottawa businessman Howard Darwin, an amateur boxer and real estate magnate who had started Ottawa Cablevision in 1965, bought the London Nationals for $500,000. He at the time was also the owner of the Ottawa 67’s, another OHL team. In order to shake things up and put his stamp on the team, Darwin held a contest to rename the team. Local baseball and hockey historian Brian Logie proposed the name “Knights”, which was the winner. With the new moniker, the team also chose to change the blue-and-white knockoff Maple Leafs colours to a more unique green, white, and gold colour set. The London Knights were born.

Success did not come early, however, even with a new name and a new outlook.  The late 1960s and early 1970s were a hard time for the new Knights team, but as the Seventies wore on the team built strong lines and became a contender. The culmination of this wave of competition came in the 1976-77 season. The 1976-77 London Knights were a powerhouse, featuring three future NHL players. Two of them were hometown heroes. Rob Ramage, born down in the village of Byron, would go on to play fifteen seasons in the NHL with both the Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens, as well as the Calgary Flames, Tampa Bay Lightning, and the Philadelphia Flyers. Brad Marsh, born in the city of London, would become a journeyman defenceman in the NHL for fifteen seasons and would be an All-Star player in 1993. The third man would be born out-of-town (although nearby, in Sarnia, Ontario) but he was also Dino Ciccarelli, an NHL Hall of Famer who scored over 1,200 points with the Minnesota North Stars and the Detroit Red Wings. This stacked lineup cut through the Western Conference of the Ontario Hockey League like a scythe, defeating the St. Catharines Fincups, led by future Red Wing Dale McCourt. The Knights beat the Fincups in an overtime nailbiter but went on to lose the OHL final to the Ottawa 67’s.

The Robillard Era

The loss of the OHL final to the 67’s marked the end of the team’s fortunes for some time. By the early Eighties they were languishing in the cellar of the Emms Division, playing poorly and drawing much lighter crowds than in their mid-Seventies heyday. It was clear that the gas had run out of the franchise at the time; Howard Darwin began casting around for buyers and in 1986 he sold the team to a trio of businessmen from Paris, Ontario: Jack Robillard, Al Martin, and Bob Wilson. Like Darwin, they knew how to spread their risk; the Knights were owned by the same trio that owned the Hamilton Steelhawks. The sale was something more in the way of a real estate deal; the team itself was sold for a single dollar, while the Knights’ arena, the London Gardens, was sold to the trio at full market value.

The new owners kickstarted a new phase of competitive play for the London Knights at the end of the Eighties. Admittedly, while the renovation of the London Gardens probably added to the team’s sense of morale, the presence of future NHL superstar Brendan Shanahan on the team likely did more to boost the team’s fortunes. Shanahan, who played for the Knights in 1985-86 and 1986-87, brought the crowds back to the arena to cheer on the team. He would go on to play in the NHL until 2008, at first for the New Jersey Devils but more memorably for the Detroit Red Wings. He would win three Stanley Cups and be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The boost that Shanahan brought to the London Knights would carry them forward into the Nineties. From 1987 until 1993 the lowest the team would finish was third, and in 1989-90 they finished at the top of the Emms Division. Their success in the regular season was one thing, however; finding success in the post-season proved to be quite a bit harder. During this period the team never made it to the OHL finals, and the wave of team spirit faded by the time the alt-rock revolution broke over North America.

The Spiderknight Era

London Knights - The Spiderknight Era

The trio of Robillard, Martin, and Wilson sold the London Knights in 1994 to St. Thomas, Ontario businessman Doug Tarry, Sr. Tarry Sr.’s untimely death led to the team being inherited by the owner’s son, Doug Tarry, Jr. Upon taking over the London Knights, Tarry Jr. renovated the London Gardens again, and changed the name so that it was known as the “London Ice House.”  Tarry, Jr. also commissioned the infamous Knights logo and colour changes of the mid-Nineties. The long-time green, gold, and white colours were replaced with an eggplant-and-teal colour scheme. The existing Knights logo was replaced with a logo that has become derisively known by longtime Knights fans as the “Spider Knight” logo. The nickname is something of a misnomer; the logo more strongly resembles the Green Goblin, Spiderman’s nemesis, than it does Spidey himself. Still, the point is there: the logo was cartoonish at best, and ended up alienating a large portion of the Knights’ fanbase.

The team’s performance more or less matched fan expectations after the introduction of the Spider Knight logo. The 1995-96 London Knights season set a particularly ignomious record. Their record for that year was a pitiful 3 wins, 60 losses, and 3 ties, coming in with a dreary 9 points. This season was the worst for any team in the Canadian Hockey League, ever. It has since achieved lasting infamy as the team’s “Knightmare” season. They got better from there – they could hardly have done any worse – but most of the Nineties were spent languishing near the bottom of their division. Morale was at an all time low, stemming from the team’s poor performance and from the decaying condition of the London Ice House. The Ice House was falling apart largely because the team’s ownership wanted the city of London to partner with them in building a new arena, and had ceased putting any money toward repairs of the existent one.

The Hunter Era

In 1998-99, however, things turned around. The Knights, led by future Pittsburgh Penguin Rico Fata, surged right into the OHL championship. They ultimately lost the finals in seven games to the Belleville Bulls, but the challenge had been issued and the standard had been set. The next year a trio of former NHL players, including former Washington Capitals captain Dale Hunter, bought the London Knights and accelerated the process of turning the team around. The Ice House was sold off and closed at the end of the 2001-02 season, to be replaced by an exciting, big league new arena that doubled as a major entertainment complex for the city of London. Then it was known as the John Labatt Centre; now it’s known as the Budweiser Gardens. With a new ownership (with Dale Hunter doubling as a new head coach) and a new arena, the Knights 1998-99 season became just a jumping-off point to a new era of greatness.

By 2003 they were setting much better records than their dismal Knightmare season. Their 2003-04 season set an OHL record with 110 points in the regular season, although they lost the Western Conference final to the Guelph Storm. The next year they would set another record; they started off the 2004-05 season by going 31 games without a loss. That season saw the Knights break their previous season’s record by finishing with 120 points. That year also saw them blow through the playoffs and defeat the Ottawa 67’s in five games to win the J. Ross Robertson Cup, the OHL championship. London would host that year’s Memorial Cup tournament and win the Memorial Cup, defeating the Rimouski Oceanic 4-0 in the tournament’s championship game.

The history of the team since then has been one of continued success. Since the 2004-05 Memorial Cup win the Knights played in the tournament four more times, winning it again in 2015-16 against the Rouyn-Noranda Huskies. The Hunter era of the London Knights has been easily the most successful, going from being a cartoonish also-ran in the Nineties to being a powerhouse of the Ontario Hockey League. Even advanced opportunities couldn’t keep the team’s core strengths from being torn apart. In 2011 Dale Hunter was given the chance to be the head coach of his old team, the Washington Capitals. He took the offer and coached the Capitals for the 2011-12 season, but he returned to London to coach the Knights again the very next year. There’s nothing quite like a cannonball of success to keep your life thrilling.

Budweiser Gardens

London Knights - Budweiser Gardens

A team’s prestige and morale is tied up as much in their home arena as it is in their history and their record of championships. The London Knights’ home base, Budweiser Gardens, is one of the finest in all of the Canadian Hockey League. Located in the heart of downtown London, Budweiser Gardens is a state-of-the-art hockey facility, in many ways just a smaller version of an NHL arena. There’s room galore for fans, both home and visiting, with seating for over 9,000; this includes both bowl seating and private VIP sections. The exterior of the arena is an ultra-modern concrete-and-glass structure, except for the part of the arena at the intersection of Dundas and Talbot. This section is designed as a replica of the façade of the old Talbot Inn that stood on that corner beginning in the 19th Century. The Talbot Inn was a historical site for decades and was also at one point the epicenter of the London punk rock scene in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The inclusion of the façade into the architectural design of the Gardens is a clear indicator of the integration of the Knights into the city of London itself.

In addition to hockey and the large world-class shows that take place at the Gardens, the facility offers a great food and drink experience as well. The Talbot Bar and Grille offers 220 seats to Gardens ticket holders, and features a wide variety of food and drink on an eclectic menu. The corner of Dundas and Talbot also features the King Club, a full-service bar that opens up an hour before the start of the game and broadcasts the pre-game radio show throughout the lounge. It’s a great place to slip in and get hyped up for the hockey game before finding your seats inside the arena proper.

Community Involvement

The home base of any great team is more than just the arena, of course. The city as a whole has to be behind the team, and the Knights are lucky in that they have just such a city. Part of this loyalty is based in the team’s sense of community involvement; they are a team that certainly knows how to give back. Their community involvement extends to any number of fundraising opportunities that see the team partnering with local organizations and corporations to raise money for their causes. Typically, this involves meet and greets with players, with the opportunity for fans to get autographs; donation matching by the Knights usually follows a 50/50 system. The fundraising integration into the community means that the Knights are truly London’s team.

Since the heady days of the Sixties, the city of London, Ontario has been the home of the London Knights, a Junior A hockey team that often serves as the starting point for great professional hockey players, many of whom go on to excel in the National Hockey League. With a cadre of Hall of Famers studded in their history, as well as modern stars like John Tavares and Nazem Kadri, the Knights have proven over the years to be a durable, capable incubator of raw, unflinching talent. From their home at Budweiser Gardens in downtown London, they continue to provide big league competition in the Ontario Hockey League.

The Best Chicken Wings in London

The magic of chicken wings lies in the elegant simplicity of the dish. Chicken, deep-fried and tossed in a sauce or dusted with a seasoning. That’s it: simple and delicious.

Londoners, as with basically everyone in the world, love chicken wings. From the grab-and-go restaurants to pubs to something a little fancier, you’ll find chicken wings just about anywhere you go. Each with their own special twist or trademark that makes their wings unique and delicious.

With so many places offering fantastic wings, we had to include more than usual on our list! So, this Best of London is a bit of a quick-fire round, hitting on as many chicken wing spots as we possibly can. Let’s jump right in!

The Squire Pub & Grill

Neighbourhood: Downtown London
109 Dundas St. (map)
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Best Chicken Wings - Squire

If you’re familiar with Santa Knows Best, then you’re almost definitely also familiar with the Squire Pub & Grill. This pub is right across the street from Budweiser Gardens, making it the perfect stop either before or after one of their many events – from concerts to London Knights and London Lightning games.

No matter what your reason for being downtown, the Squire is always a great place to stop for a drink and a bite. In our case this time, it’s those gorgeous chicken wings. With nearly a dozen different flavours, both wet and dry, the Squire is primed and ready to fill that chicken wing craving any which way you please.

Heat seekers can torture their taste buds with flavours like Extra Hot and Chipotle Mango. Barbeque fans will be overjoyed by the Apple Butter Mesquite and the Red Ale Carolina BBQ. Fans of the classics can rest assured knowing the Squire offers favourites like Classic Frank’s and Lemon Pepper. And the more adventurous types can venture into the great chicken wing unknown with flavours such as White Cheddar and Ketchup Seasoning. Of course, either ranch or blue cheese dressing can accompany your wings regardless of flavouring upon your request.

For the best deals, head to the Squire on Mondays and Thursdays. Along with 20 ounces of Bud or Bud Light for $5, your wings will be half price!


Neighbourhood: Westmount & Carling Heights
141 Pine Valley Blvd. (map) & 777 Adelaide St. N (map)

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Best Chicken Wings - PalasadYou know Palasad for the bowling, you know Palasad for the pizza, and now you’ll have to head back to find out all about their amazing wings!

At Palasad, you can have your wings your way. They give you the option of classic wings or boneless, traditional sauces or dry rubs, or go for one of their house-made signature sauces! There are so many options!

Their traditional sauces include a variety of heat levels ranging from mild to “ridiculously hot”, two barbeque options, and the classic honey garlic. Their butter-basted dry rubs offer less saucy, but equally delicious options, such as lemon pepper, Cajun, or maple bacon. The true majesty, however, lies in their house-made signature sauces – these options take the Palasad’s wing game to a new plane of existence. These flavours are like the levelled-up versions of the ones previously mentioned. You’ve got your classic Buffalo Hot – combining Frank’s Red Hot, butter, and spices – or the Canadian Maple BBQ – putting together their maple bacon dry rub and BBQ sauce for a match made in heaven. These wings are truly exquisite.

Go in on Wednesdays between 3PM and close, and your wings will be half-price! With the quality you’re getting, that’s a real steal!

Dinner and entertainment work perfectly in tandem at Palasad – eat as you bowl, just make sure you get the sauce off your fingers before you stick them in the bowling ball!

Bernie’s Bar & Grill

Neighbourhood: Sherwood Forest & Byron
1225 Wonderland Rd. N (map) & 1290 Byron Baseline Rd. (map)
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Best Chicken Wings - Bernies

This London bar has had a couple names since it opened its doors back in 1989 – originally known as Spindle’s Restaurant, then Cherry B’s in 1990, then finally settling on Bernie’s Bar and Grill in 1993. With two locations and nearly three decades, Bernie’s has been serving up some stellar chicken wings to Londoners!

At Bernie’s you can pick from fourteen different flavours! Including the staple flavours including a range of heats – mild to ultimate suicide – lemon pepper, and Frank’s Red Hot. They also have a couple off the beaten track like the spicy sweetness of Hot Honey or Butter Brushed (let’s be real, butter is good on everything).

At both Bernie’s locations, every single Monday and Tuesday are Wing Nights! Stop in and grab a whole load of wings for 69 cents each! With prices that great, you’ll forget it’s not the weekend!

The west side of London never has to worry about where to get wings. Southwestern Londoners can head to the Byron location while northwestern Londoners only have to go to Sherwood Forest Mall to get their cravings satiated.

Fatty Patty’s Bar and Grill

Neighbourhood: Southcrest
390 Springbank Dr. (map)
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Best Chicken Wings - Fatty Pattys

Fatty Patty’s is a south end bar and restaurant that has gained a reputation for famously fantastic wings in the south end of London. Grab a pint and some buffalo wings and you’ll never have a bad time at Fatty Patty’s.

The Fatty Patty’s menu labels their wings as legendary, and we have to agree. They are fried to perfection and slathered in the sauce of your choice, either mild, medium, hot, suicide, honey garlic, or honey hot! And celiacs can celebrate! Since these wings are not breaded, they’re gluten free!  Grab a pound for $8.95, two for $14.95, or 3 pounds and a jug of draft for $29.95!

On Wednesdays at Fatty Patty’s, you’ll find one of the best deals in the city. Each wing costs you only 50 cents! Take advantage of the deal from the time the doors open at 11AM until they close at 1AM. It’s that kind of deal that makes your heart skip a beat!


Neighbourhood: Aylmer
438 Talbot St, Aylmer (map)
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Best Chicken Wings - Cys

Cy’s is a combination bowling alley, sports bar, restaurant, and event venue that prides themselves on some seriously delicious wings. Cy’s isn’t in London exactly. It’s southeast of the city in the town of Aylmer, but it’s a reasonable drive for some of the best wings in the region or, as they claim, all of Ontario!

Their house-made sauces are the talk of the town, reaching a level of spice that they refer to as “suicide.” Other crowd favourite flavours include garpar, or garlic parmesan to the layman, and classic buffalo. If you’re craving wings, but also dying for a slice of pizza, you can give their buffalo chicken pizza a try. Chicken slathered in their famous buffalo sauce and put on a pizza? Sounds like a great idea!

Whether you’re at Cy’s to bowl, see a show, or just hang out at the bar, you absolutely have to get a basket of wings for the table. They claim to be the best in Ontario, and we’re inclined to agree with them!

Ring A Wing

Neighbourhood: 6 Locations in London
6 Locations (map)
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Best Chicken Wings - Ring a Wing

Ring a Wing is a grab-and-go chicken wing restaurant with six locations in London. Founded and owned by Emanuel Isaac and his three brothers, Ring a Wing is a local favourite for fried chicken on the go. Winning the London Free Press awards in 2012 and 2013 for Best Chicken Wings in London, Ring a Wing is definitely a quality spot for dinner if you’re craving chicken wings.

Ring a Wing offers a staggering 50 flavours of chicken wings. They’re broken down into four levels of heat: mild, medium, hot, and dry. Mild includes flavours such as honey garlic, sweet and sour, and zesty orange ginger, which stands out as something you won’t find anywhere else. The medium level offers flavours including a variety of BBQ sauces, pad Thai, and pineapple curry. Hot has four options: hot, Jamaican hot, hot honey, or spontaneous combustion – eat these at your own risk! Finally, the dry flavours include lemon pepper, Cajun, and spicy BBQ.

Ring a Wing offers flavours you won’t find anywhere else, and when you order on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, you’ll get a great deal! Either the small or large family pack, which includes wings, fries, onion rings, and pop for a discounted rate!

Chain Restaurants

Chain restaurants may not be locally owned, but some of them undeniably serve up some great wings. As such, the following chains with London locations also belong on this list. With great deals and even better wings, these are the best wings you can get from a chain restaurant in London.

Montana’s BBQ & Bar

Neighbourhood: Hyde Park & Glen Cairn
1335 Fanshawe Park Rd. W (map) & 485 Wellington Rd. (map)
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Best Chicken Wings - Montanas

Montana’s may have a focus on barbeque, but their fried chicken wings are also a crowd favourite. Their wings are double breaded and then fried for that extra crispy crunch.

Pick from mild, medium, hot, or honey garlic sauces for your wings to be tossed in and you’ll get them hot and fresh with a side of either blue cheese or ranch for dipping.

For the non-meat eaters out there, Montana’s has also included a buffalo cauliflower “wing” option. Fresh cauliflower dipped in tempura batter and fried to perfection. While some may scoff at the comparison to chicken wings, these cauliflower “wings” are incredible nuggets of deliciousness and friendly to vegetarians!

Kelseys Original Roadhouse

Neighbourhood: 4 Locations in London
4 Locations in London (map)
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Best Chicken Wings - Kelseys

Kelsey’s has been offering unforgettable wings since 1978! Their delicious and saucy wings come in three sizes of orders: snack, regular or large, depending on your appetite!

Pick from a variety of flavours and heat levels to satisfy your palette, including classic and apple butter BBQ, honey garlic, and sweet and spicy Thai chili!

Kelsey’s also offers New York-style wings, which are un-breaded! Or if wings aren’t your speed, but you’re still craving some fried chicken goodness, they have a whole host of chicken finger flavours, including Doritos Cool Ranch!

Head to one of their many London locations or order for delivery with your preferred food delivery app, Kelsey’s has got you covered!

Boston Pizza

Neighbourhood: 3 Locations in London
3 Locations in London (map)
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Best Chicken Wings - Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza may have the most varieties of wing types than any other restaurant on this list. You can pick from all meat bites (AKA boneless wings), breaded and fried wings, un-breaded and fried wings, or un-breaded and oven roasted wings!

Once you have your wing type selected, then you get to pick your flavour. Get them naked with no sauce or a classic BBQ, spice levels ranging from mild to hot, or enjoy the salt and pepper dry rub.

They also have the most extensive dip selection. Get the classic ranch or blue cheese, or venture into the crazily named cactus dip, or try the creamy garlic Caesar.

With their recent Appy Hour promotion, Boston Pizza offers drinks and appetizers, including your prized wings, starting at $4 at participating locations! Make your trip between Sunday and Thursday at either 3PM to 6PM or 9PM to close and you’re in the Appy Hour!

Crabby Joes

Neighbourhood: 4 Locations in London
4 Locations in London (map)
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Best Chicken Wings - Crabby Joes

The wings at Crabby Joe’s are definitely some of the greatest there are. Lightly breaded and served crispy and straight from the fryer, it’s hard to turn down those gorgeous wings.

Enjoy flavours like your classic mild, medium, and hot, some parm ‘n’ pepper, or if you’re glutton for punishment: the Nashville hot or the ghost pepper wings. All wings are served with the classic accoutrements of carrots, celery, and blue cheese dressing.

Make your visit to Crabby Joe’s a Tuesday for Wingin’ It Tuesday. Every blessed wing will only cost you 69 cents! The deal goes on all day so you could get some for lunch and come back for dinner if you’re really invested in getting some wings!

Comic Con

Comic Con is not just about comics, it’s a celebration of all fandoms and anything in pop culture in the most awesome way possible. Whether you’re into movies, TV shows, comics, games, or even books, you’re going to find your fellow fans in Comic Con. This is the place to let your inner nerd shine. This is the place where you can feel comfortable being able to quote the first four seasons of The Office almost word for word. This is place to embrace all of the useless horror movie trivia knowledge that you have. This is a place to truly take pride in whatever fandom you are a part of. Are you a potterhead? A whovian? A ghosthead? Sherlockian? Trekie? Warsie? It doesn’t matter. All are welcomed.

London Comic Con is all about having a fan-first experience. This isn’t a place for you to just walk around and look, the creators of this event want you participating, touching things, talking to people, and having a truly immersive experience. You’ll get to meet other fans, celebrities, and even characters.

London Comic Con is actually Southwestern Ontario’s largest Comic Con, so people from all over come to London to check out this cool event. The number of visitors has been steadily growing with each year, and reached over 13,000 in 2017. They even outgrew their venue and had to switch to the Metroland Media Agriplex at the Western Fair District, which is located in  the Old East Village neighborhood. This new venue has more floor space, which means an even better event for guests, and even better WiFi!

This event is a great way to meet and connect with people, dive in to your favorite fandoms, and revel in all things nerdy and pop culture. Trust me when I say that this is an event that you really don’t want to miss out on.


London Comic Con - Cosplay

To be perfectly honest, one of the best things about Comic Con is the Cosplay. People put time and money and their incredible creative brains into creating the most elaborate and detailed costumes. People really go all out for it. No matter what your fandom is, you can bet that you’ll be able to find someone in Cosplay for that fandom. It’s actually a great way to meet people and bond over your shared love of a specific comic, game, book, movie, show, or character.

But whether your cosplay skills are all leveled up, or you’re starting out as a noob, you’ll feel at home in Comic con.

There is a cosplay corner in the artist alley for those who want to promote their cosplay or thier fan group, so if you’re trying to make it as a professional Cosplayer, you’ll want to check that out.

There’s a Lens Mill Store competition for those who participate in cosplay at Comic Con, which means that you have a chance to win cash and prizes, just for having a ton of fun cosplaying all  weekend long, which is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. But of course, if you’re not in to the idea of a competition, you can always just dress up for fun. I mean, how many excuses in the year are there to dress up in costume and play pretend like you used to do when you were a kid? Not many.

In the Cosplay Photo Booth, there is a professional photographer there to take your picture and make you look as awesome as possible in your cosplay outfit. The cool thing is that this is totally free. You get the services of a professional photographer, and the memory captured for life all completely free.

In the Cosplay Headquarters, there is a Cosplay Repair Station with costume experts on site, because if your costume rips, or malfunctions, you wouldn’t want to have to leave to repair it. The experts will have you fixed up and ready to show your love for your fandom in absolutely no time.

Comic Con goers can also enjoy the live script readings where voice actors will perform hilarious renditions of classic scripts.

For anyone who loves LARP (Live Action Role Playing), there will be both metal and foam LARP battles throughout the weekend for people to sign up and participate in.

There is also a Cosplay Party where you and all other cosplayers can party and dance the night away. Who knows, maybe you’ll be able to find the Princess Leia to your Hans Solo and party the night away together. It’s a great place to meet other people who have similar interests as you, or to just enjoy hanging out with your friends at a really cool party.

There are a few fandoms that make a prominent appearance at London Comic Con in the Cosplay Headquarters. The first of these is Ghostbusters. With the hilarious new movie that came out a couple years ago and the nostalgia of the original, everyone loves the Ghostbusters. An exclusive Ghostbuster Experience is held at Comic Con and fans can get together and enjoy.

The next feature fan group that is going to be making a prominent appearance is the Canadian Dalek Empire and the Dr. Who Society. Whovians from all over Southwestern Ontario can come and show their die-hard love of the show that has spanned generations. Make sure to get your picture taken with the Tardis and with the Dalek (but keep a close eye on that Dalek. We all know they cannot be trusted).

Of course no pop culture convention would be complete without having Star Wars being a big part of it. We’ve stuck with it from the very beginning in 1977, through 8 movies, with more still coming, and we’re not looking to give it up any time soon. Fans of Star Wars can expect some interactive fun and the chance to hang out with your favorite characters.

Interactive Fan Zones

London Comic Con - Fan Interactive Zones

Get ready for incredibly immersive fan zones where you can not only look, but actually do. Whether you’re a Dr. Who fan, a Star Wars Fan, a gamer, or a total horror nut, you’re going to find really cool zones and enjoy unique experiences. You’ll get to have photo opportunities, see incredible cosplayers, interact with your favorite characters, play games, and you’ll even get the chance to raise money for children’s health foundation.

Sci Fi

Every year London Comic Con brings in a famous vehicle from an actual big hit movie. Imagine getting to see the Batmobile up close and personal. Or maybe the DeLorean from Back to the Future will be the impressive, right-there-in-front-of-you vehicle that you’ll get to see and check out. Whatever it is, you know it’s going to be really cool to see something that you’ve only ever been able to see on the silver screen right there in real life.

Echo Three, which is a popular Star Wars fan group will be hosting the Star Wars Fan Zone. They will be in full costume and anyone who wants to stop by will get to take pictures with the  group (with the Death Star as the backdrop) and play some really awesome Star Wars-themed games.

The Nomad Ghostbuster team will be manning the firehouse, fully armed with their proton packs and ghostbusting gear. You’ll be able to take pictures with the crew and will a life size Vigo painting. Enjoy some fully loaded ghostbusting games with the Nomad Ghostbusting team and so much more when you stop by this fan zone.

The Dr. Who Society of Canada and the Canadian Dalek Empire and coming together to host the incredible Dr. Who Fan Zone. You’ll get to see a full sized Tardis (I mean…not on the inside, because…well, Whovians know). You’ll get to meet and interact with fellow Whovians, and you’ll get to see a small army of Dalek robots, so be on guard! They’re only sort of friendly.

Joe Hart’s THING Fest has got to be one of the coolest fan zones in Comic Con. THING is one of the greatest and most nostalgic movies of all time, and in this zone you’ll get to see the largest collection of THING memorabilia and get to see up close, in real life, real and replica movie props. You’ll be totally blown away.

The insanely popular YouTube show, Trekyards, will actually be shooting live and in person their YouTube show from London Comic Con and will include a special segment.


Another popular fan zone is definitely the Monster Museum. Sinister Laboratories puts together in incredible interactive experience each year at Comic Con that sends horror fans into a tizzy of delight. If you’re brave enough to try it out, you’ll get to experience the shocking, horrifying, and terrifying when you dare to enter the Monster Museum. Don’t worry though, the people at Sinister Laboratory have been told not to bite, so you can feel all of the thrill of the horror without the worry.

The Sodat Collectibles’ Putrid Playhouse is not for the faint of heart. Mike Thain is an incredibly talented horror artist and his creepy creations are enough to churn even the strongest of stomachs. He creates custom figures by smashing together the most horrifying of creations to bring you creatures straight out of your nightmares. There is the playhouse photobooth for fans to take pictures in with dolls, toys, and strange creations as props to give you a truly horrifying picture to take with you and cherish forever.

The Horror Zone is going to be where you want to head to if you want to get any ideas for Halloween. Costumes, t-shirts, and movies are just a few of the things that you get get your hands on. You’re also going to find Killer Coffee and Deadly BBQ Sauce and a ton of other incredible merchandise and memorabilia that will speak to your horror heart.

The Horror Zone is also home to come amazingly fun retro horror games. Comic Con goers can take some time to relax and enjoy some thrillingly themed horror games that will take you back in time and hit you with a wave of nostalgia.


You know what’s better than playing in an arcade? Playing in a free arcade. Woodstock Custom Arcades is stocking London Comic Con with classic and retro arcade games like Araei, Super Nintendo and Sega. They’ll have the joysticks and buttons from those classic arcade games that filled your childhood. They’re all free to play all weekend, so be prepared to really get into it and enjoy some good old fashioned nostalgia. Woodstock Custom Arcades actually make custom machines that you can order and have made for your own home! Just imagine how cool that would be to have an arcade game that you could play whenever you want with absolutely no line up.

If you’re a big fan of games, take a walk through the History of Video Games, which was curated by the PC Museum.. You’ll get to see everything from the start of video games and their humble beginnings to the biggest videogames to take households by storm. You’ll get the chance to play some really cool historic video games that are really rare and thought to be lost forever. There are incredible artifacts to see too!

The Pinball Arcade is the place to go if you’re a fan of pinball. You’ll get to see classic machines as well as the newest and coolest. Pinball has gotten so advanced in the past few years, you’ll be blown away to see and experience the differences.

If you’re a fan of Risk, then you’re going to love this. There are Risk tournaments throughout the weekend. Some are will the traditional game board, but newly designed versions will be played with as well. They’re designed by Nove-e-Tales. Instructional games are also there and teaching seminars for those who don’t know how to play and want to learn how to conquer the world.

There will be Indie Game Developers there to showcase their work and give you hands on experiences with their games. There are all kinds of games including tabletop, Android and iPhone, and virtual reality games. You’ll be able to experience them all and see what is happening in the Indie Game world. The coolest part is that these games were all created right here in Southwestern Ontario.

Kids Activity Zone

London Comic Con - Kids Activity Zone

Parents can have the chance to relax while their kids enjoy the Activity Zone, which is geared towards kids and family-friendly entertainment.

Heroes Comics hosts the kids coloring table where kids can color in beautiful original art pieces created by comic book artists. Kids can sing and dance along with their favorite characters in live sing-a-longs and puppet shows. Your kids will get the chance to meet some of their biggest heroes and favorite characters as they wander through the kids zone. For the gamer kids, there are kid-friends games for them to get their hands on and enjoy playing. There are superhero inspired arts and crafts to keep their hands busy and minds active. Last, but certainly in no way least, there is a bouncy playground to get out all of their pent up energy and excitement.

Movie Screenings

If you’re a film nerd, then you’re going to want to catch some of the awesome screenings that happen at Comic Con. They’ve got a nice, big screen and great sound, so you’ll be immersed in

the experience. You’ll be catching the newest flicks from professional and independent filmmakers that are both internationally and locally produced. The films come from all genres, so there is something from everyone. Directors, cast and crew will be there for you to meet and talk to.


If you’re heading to London Comic Con, you’re going to want to bring your wallet. They have 100+ vendors selling everything, including trending toys, memorabilia, collectibles, hard to find items, comics, clothing, and even video games.

Workshops & Seminars

Industry insiders lead sessions and workshops so that you can learn the secrets of the trade and all of the insider information. You’ll get to learn about things like comic book history, costume making, costume makeup application, and voice acting. Some sessions are serious debates, debates about latest trends, and podcasts.

Artist Alley

The Artist Alley is a place for professional and up and coming artists and creatives to showcase their amazing talent. You’ll find incredibly unique, handcrafted wares from artists, illustrators, writers, and comic artists. The things you’ll get your hands on in the Artist Alley are things that are original art and include things like buttons, cross stitching, sketches, limited edition prints, and so much more. It’s a great place to look for gifts for Christmas too!


There is a stage and breakout rooms throughout the event that will host fun entertainment for Comic Con goers. You’ll get to see stand up comedy, script readings, live broadcasts, pro-wrestling, martial arts, and even some record-breaking feats. You won’t want to miss a thing so make sure to check out their schedule.


London Comic Con always brings you the best, the most nostalgic, and the coolest celebrity guests. You’ll have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to meet them and even have a photo taken with them in an intimate setting, so that you’re not overwhelmed by screaming fans as you get this chance to stand with your hero and have your picture taken by a professional photographer. You’ll get a fantastic print you can even choose to get a digital copy so that you can make all of your Instagram followers insanely jealous.

There are media sessions at the Metroland Media Stage where celebrity guests will chat about their career and their lives. Fans are welcomed to ask questions too, so you can FINALLY ask the questions you’ve been wanting to for years and years.

You can also choose to get an autograph from these celebrities with a personalized message to you. Either bring something from home for them to sign, use the photo that you took together, or take one of their provided pics.


There is a huge comic book area in London Comic Con. I mean, comic is in the name of the event, so how could there not be such a large space dedicated to it?

Both rare and collectable comics can be found in the MASSIVE collection. There are a lot of bargain comics that you can buy too, even as low as $1. Honestly, the collection is huge, so basically, if you’re looking for it, you’ll probably find it here. So you won’t walk away empty handed. You’ll also get to meet amazing creators and illustrators of comics such as Richard Comely,Dan Parent, J. Torres, A Shay Hahn, Fernando Ruiz, Soo Lee Illustrator, Scott Chantler, RB White, Neil Collyer and most subscribed comic book Youtuber, ‘Caped’ Joel Daly.

After Parties

There are going to be after parties located all over the city, both dance nights and pub nights. Keep an eye on the schedule to make sure you don’t miss out on partying with your fellow nerds in at least one party or another.

London Comic Con - After Parties

If you’ve never been to London Comic Con, or any Comic Con, then try it out this year. You won’t believe how much there is to take in and how much fun you can have. Make sure you’re checking out the schedule so that you don’t miss anything that you’re really looking forward to. Trust me, it’ll be a weekend that you never forget.

Best Fall Activities In London

The leaves are changing, the temperature is dropping, and the sunset is getting far too early for our liking. Fall may mark the end of the warmth of summer, but it also marks the start of something new – and we’re not just talking about Pumpkin Spice Lattes coming back to Starbucks!

London is teeming with activities that embrace autumn’s weather and holidays. With Thanksgiving is just around the corner and Halloween shortly after, there are so many opportunities to get festive. Otherwise, get outdoors to enjoy the autumn air now that heat and humidity don’t border on suffocating.

Some of these fall activities are great for people of all ages and families, while others are more appropriate for leaving the kids at home. No matter what you’re looking to get up to this fall, there will be something on this list for you!

Kustermans Berry Farm

Neighbourhood: Mount Brydges
23188 Springwell Rd. (map)
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Best Fall Activities - Kustermans Berry Farm

Since 2011, Kustermans Berry Farm has been the home to the Kustermans Fall Festival, a celebration of all things autumnal in southwestern Ontario! The farm is open to the public on weekends and holidays, including PA Days at your child’s school.

The Fall Festival offers acres of family fun, from wagon rides to zip lining to friendly farm animals. There’s so much to do, it’s almost impossible to accomplish in only one day, so a return visit may be necessary.

Kustermans doesn’t shut down after sunset though, that’s when you can attend Kustermans After Dark. Running from 7pm to 11pm, Kustermans After Dark offers activities such as a haunted house, a corn maze lit only by flashlights, and a coffin ride simulator.

Experience Walt’s Acres, the theme of this year’s haunted tours. They offer two separate tours: The Corn Stalks – try not to lose yourself in the crops when someone (or something) begins to harvest – and Anna’s Barn – Walt’s daughter had a rough life growing up in a barn, and now she’s going to make your life rough too.

Many of the Fall Festival’s day activities are also available in the After Dark hours. The zip line, water balloon slingshot, and many more are still open for your entertainment.

Of course, during all of this excitement, you’re going to build up an appetite. Stop by the Kustermans Kitchen and Farm Market to pick up some lunch, or maybe even ice cream if you can stand the chill.

Regardless of whether you’re visiting in the day or at night, Kustermans Fall Festival is a thrill ride worth checking out this autumn!

Fanshawe Pioneer Village

Neighbourhood: Fanshawe Ridge
2609 Fanshawe Park Rd. E. (Enter at 1424 Clarke Rd.) (map)
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Best Fall Activities - Fanshawe Pioneer Village

Fanshawe Pioneer Village is the host to many events throughout the fall months. These events offer a historical perspective on the autumn holidays we love, taking you back in time to experience it as the pioneers would have.

Their fall events kick off with Thanksgiving Day. Stroll through the historic village to learn about how the pioneers prepared for winter – it wasn’t as easy as just turning your thermostat up back then. Participate in interactive exhibits, such as grinding corn and preserving fruits, or sample apple cider as you watch the reenactments. Thanksgiving Dinner is served at the Pioneer Village Café on the Saturday, Sunday, and Monday of Thanksgiving weekend. You must reserve a seat for the dinner, so purchase tickets ahead of time, and they sell out fast! Your meal ticket also grants you access to the entire park for the day. (PLEASE NOTE: All tickets for Thanksgiving Dinner at the Pioneer Village Café have been sold.)

Once the wholesome togetherness of Thanksgiving has wrapped up, the village takes a turn to the spookier side of autumn. To celebrate Halloween, Fanshawe Pioneer Village is putting on a show titled Midnight Village: Hangman’s Harvest. This event is not for kids, recommended for people at least 14 years of age. Hangman’s Harvest is a creepy spectacle, following the curious and grizzly executions that occurred in the region we call home. These hour-long traipses through the history of the gallows run from October 12th to 28th with three shows each night, beginning at 7, 8, and 9, with an additional show at 10 on Fridays and Saturdays.

The village is also open during their regular hours if the spookiness isn’t up your alley. Enjoy the brisk autumn breeze as you experience the history of the region in the outdoor museum.

As always, Fanshawe Pioneer Village is an excellent way to learn about and experience previous generations of locals. Whether you’re interested in a traditional dinner or want to learn about the macabre side of London’s past, the Fanshawe Pioneer Village should be your destination this fall.

Apple Land Station

Neighbourhood: Thorndale
329 Richmond St. (map)
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Best Fall Activities - Apple Land Station

Apple Land Station is a farm and orchard just east of London that makes a fantastic day trip for you and the family. Open seven days a week, they offer exciting fall-themed activities that get you outside and enjoying the cool autumn air!

It all started with pick-your-own apples. Explore their orchard and fill a basket with their wide variety of types of apples. See exactly what they’re currently offering at their Apple Report, so you know if you can pick your favourite type! You won’t find apples any fresher, since you’re literally plucking them off the branch! Explore the rows of trees, picking to your heart’s content. You can fill either a 10-pound bag for $15 or a 20-pound bag for $25!

But you aren’t just lugging around a massive bag of apples from the orchard back to home base. Apple Land Station has a train that will drop you off and pick you up! It’s a half-size replica of an 1850 L-Train, which is proven to be popular with children, train enthusiasts, and people with sore feet alike!

Apple Land Station has more attractions than just apple picking though! They also offer a corn maze, a sand mountain, pumpkin picking, and the opportunity to meet a whole host of farm animals!

Their Halloween-themed corn maze has two difficulties: a toddler maze, simple enough for your little ones to navigate on their own without trouble, and the Mythological Maze, which involves hunting down secret rooms and solving puzzles in order to find your way out.

Head over to the Pumpkin Hallow to pick your pumpkin right off the vine! They also have hundreds of pumpkins that have already been picked and washed for your convenience.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention their bakery. They are pie experts over at Apple Land Station. From savoury dinner pies like beef and chicken pot pies to incredible dessert pies including pumpkin, strawberry rhubarb, and you guessed it, apple pie. They use the freshest ingredients, especially what they pick from their own farm, and hand-make every pie with love. Their pies are as authentic and wholesome as if your grandmother baked it herself!

Apple Land Station is a great way to spend a day with the family on an autumn day. Explore the exciting attractions, pick some apples, and grab a pumpkin for carving all in one place!

Clovermead Adventure Farm

Neighbourhood: Aylmer
11302 Imperial Rd. (map)
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Best Fall Activities - Clovermead Adventure Farm

Clovermead Adventure Farm used to be known as Clovermead Apiaries, also known as a bee farm. They still keep bees and produce some of the best honey in the region, but they’ve expanded their scope from bees to adventure! The farm is a destination throughout the year with plenty of activities and attractions beginning in the spring and continuing throughout the summer. The beginning of fall marks the kickoff of Clovermead’s Pumpkin Festival! A celebration of all things autumn and pumpkin!

For $14.99, your ticket will get you anywhere in the adventure farm. Hop on a wagon or the bee train for a ride, visit some farm animals, and take a spin on the pedal carts. Clovermead Adventure Farm is jam packed with activities for the family!

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Pumpkin Festival without pumpkins. Head out into Clovermead’s expansive pumpkin patch and search for the one that’s perfect for you, whether it be the perfect décor, awesome for carving, or you get a good sense that it’s packed with seeds for roasting. Your pumpkin isn’t covered by the ticket cost, so you will have to buy it separately, but the experience is well worth the small extra charge!

They also have pumpkin-based events running through the day! Pumpkin Drop, Pumpkin Rolling, and Pumpkin Cannon shows happen at various times every Saturday! For a bit of extra gourd-based excitement, make sure you stop by and watch in wonder as the pumpkins are dropped, shot, and rolled in amazing and crazy ways!

Rural charm and family fun are always in stock at Clovermead Adventure Farm. Take a day to escape the hustle and bustle of city living with your family this fall and experience the Clovermead Pumpkin Festival!

Great Lakes Farms

Neighbourhood: Port Stanley
5111 Union Rd. (map)
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Best Fall Activities - Great Lakes Farms

Great Lakes Farms, found just south of London in the Port Stanley area, is an apple orchard and farm with over 50 years of growing experience! Family owned and operated, Great Lakes Farms is a wonderful way to spend a fall day with your family.

Wander through the orchard and pick your own apples, selecting from four different varieties: macs, gala, courtland, and empire! They give you a bag to fill – either small (15 pounds) for $20 or large (25 pounds) for $30. Fill it up with your favourites and, as long as the bag can tie up at the end of it all, you can take them all home to munch on or bake into your favourite dessert! If you eat a lot of apples, they even have a loyalty program – purchasing a large bag gives you 2 stamps, a small bag gives you 1, and once you have 5 stamps, you get a free small bag of apples! That may seem like a whole lot of apples, and it is, but someone’s got to eat them!

On top of picking apples you can also pick your own pumpkins, pears and gourds! All of this produce will be the freshest you can find, since you’re picking it yourself! Guaranteed freshness and quality, who can argue with that?

In the fall, Great Lakes Farms also adds activities for the kids. For only $6.50 per person, or $15 for a season pass (September to November), your kids can climb, explore, and race through the Fun Farm. With attractions like a pirate ship, pedal tractors, a corn maze, and a zip line, you’ve got a whole day of activities ahead of you!

Great Lakes Farms not only knows how to grow apples, they also know how to bake with them. Their bakery is always bustling with activity as they turn their fresh apples into delicious confections that you can eat there or take home with you! Apple pie, apple crisp, apple strudel, apple muffins, and apple cookies are all handmade and baked just for you! Their rustic café has a porch overlooking the orchard, so you can enjoy your favourite treat with ice cream as you watch others pick!

Great Lakes Farms is a fantastic day out for the family, so get out there and enjoy the fall foods and weather before the snow starts to fall!


London is known as the Forest City for a reason. There’s so much greenspace in and around the city limits to explore on a hike. Experience the magic and majesty of nature transforming from greens to reds as you wander the many walking or biking trails that snake through London’s forests and greenery.

One of the favourite trails at Santa Knows Best is around Fanshawe Lake. Whether you’re walking or biking, it’s a beautiful sight to behold any time of the year, but the fall colours really add an extra element that is unlike anything else. Walking along the Thames River in Harris Park is also a remarkable sight with the added bonus of access to the downtown core!

Check out AllTrails for a full rundown of hiking trails in and around London. Some are much longer than others, so know your walking limit and look for one that matches your expectations!

The Best Plumbers in London

It would seem that every homeowner has a plumber with a special place in their heart. That one plumber that came to them in their time of need – fixing a burst pipe or putting an end to a backflow. This emotional connection, this bond that homeowners and their plumber feel is unlike anything else. They’ve been all up in your toilet and come out the other side and that is something special.

One thing you’ll find in common with all of the plumbers on this list is they aren’t in it for a quick buck. Yes, plumbing repairs and replacements can get rather pricey, but these top tier London plumbers are by no means inflating their prices for the sake of extra profit. They work hard, it’s a skilled trade, and materials can be expensive, but their prices are fair for the results you’ll receive.

While they may not all be Italians with bushy moustaches and red hats emblazoned with the letter M, these local plumbers have found their ways into the hearts of many Londoners with their excellent service. You can rely on them, whether you’re in your darkest hour or when you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom.

Iron Horse Plumbing

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Best Plumbers in London - Iron Horse Plumbing

Iron Horse Plumbing has been serving local businesses and homeowners since 2015. They offer the full range of plumbing services as well as complete bathroom and kitchen renovation!

Good natured and even better with their hands, the Iron Horse team will get to work as soon as you need them. It’s always service with a smile when you call these plumbers – even in an emergency, they keep their heads cool and maintain a friendly composure while they diagnose and solve your plumbing problem.

Call Iron Horse up for anything plumbing related, and you’re basically guaranteed to be a satisfied customer. From aforementioned emergencies to upgrading and installing new parts, this team will have you covered.

These guys do more than fix leaky pipes, though. If you’re looking to change up your kitchen or bathroom entirely, the Iron Horse team has your back. They’ll not only redo your plumbing, but facilitate the whole renovation! With skilled designers and expert plumbers, the bathroom or kitchen will be both beautiful and functional in no time! Iron Horse offers this for both residential and commercial spaces! If your office bathrooms need some help, these are who you call! In fact, they’ve even done commercial renovation work as far as Windsor, in the Devonshire Mall (Windsor’s largest mall) with some food court renovations! It’s great to see that the reputation of a London company is spreading all over southwestern Ontario!

The Iron Horse team are experts, there’s no denying it. Their work is clean, quick, effective, and comes with a smile. Whether you need a leaky pipe fixed or are redoing your entire bathroom, the Iron Horse team should be the ones you call.

Salliss Plumbing & Heating

Neighbourhood: Soho
443 South St. (map)
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Best Plumbers in London - Salliss Plumbing and Heating

As their name implies, Salliss Plumbing & Heating offers services in two home systems that are absolutely integral to modern life: plumbing and heating. It’s nearly impossible to imagine living without either, and thankfully with Salliss Plumbing & Heating, Londoners will never have to. The solution to any plumbing or heating needs in your home or business is only a call away.

The name of the company comes from owner and operator Marty Salliss. In the early days of 2001, the company was just him, the sole proprietor, and it was known as Salliss Plumbing. In the following decade and a half, the company has grown to much more. They added heating to their offered services and the staff grew from Marty alone to a team of nine with a variety of abilities, certifications, and specializations, including plumbing, HVAC, gas, and sheet metal.

No matter what your plumbing needs are, Salliss Plumbing & Heating are as reliable as they are incredible. They can build a plumbing or HVAC system from scratch in a new build, update an older system, or fix a failing one – no matter how catastrophic it may be.

Call any time you want and you’ll get an answer, 24/7. The Salliss team knows that emergencies don’t believe in a 9-5 schedule, so they need to always be available to help their customers. Their dedication to service has been noticed in the community – stories of Marty and the Salliss team saving the day, despite the fact that it’s the middle of the night and/or a weekend fill their Facebook reviews. And if numerous reviews of praise aren’t enough, Salliss Plumbing & Heating is the plumber personally recommended by Santa himself! Matt has been a Salliss customer for years and recommends them to anyone he can.

Salliss Plumbing & Heating possess a rare trifecta of customer satisfaction: fair pricing, fantastic workmanship, and friendly customer service. It’s no surprise that this combination has resulted in such a positive reputation!

R.W. Pope and Sons

Neighbourhood: Oxford Park
83 Cavendish Cres. (map)

Best Plumbers in London - Pope Plumbing

R.W. Pope and Sons, also known as Pope Plumbing is a family-run plumbing company that has spanned generations. The company originally began in 1922 and nearly a century later, they are still offering London top notch service when it comes to plumbing and heating.

Pope Plumbing is on its third generation of ownership, with the fourth generation ready to take over when the time is right. It all started with Alfred R. Pope, who then passed the reins to his son, Robert Pope. Now, the owner is Chris Pope, who has over forty years of industry experience. Next in line to the Pope porcelain throne is Rob, Chris’ son, who has been in the industry for eleven years at this point under the tutelage of his father. To round out the family affair, Glenda Pope keeps the books for Pope Plumbing! It really is all in the family.

Pope Plumbing offers their services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients. No job is too big or too small for the Popes to tackle it. Their certifications, backed up by decades of collective experience, allow you to feel comfortable entrusting the Popes with your job. It’s as simple as a phone call and you’ll have a solution to your problem in no time.

With so much experience behind them, Pope Plumbing can solve just about any plumbing problem you may have. Their list of services include clearing plugged sewer lines, installing piping – both water and gas, repair and service work on boilers, sinks, toilets, and taps, and installation of appliances including but not limited to water heaters, dishwashers, garburators and sump pumps.

The Popes also offer renovation of your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room. When renovating, they only use the highest quality products, brands like American Standard, Delta, Kohler, and Moen.

In the case of a plumbing emergency, Pope Plumbing is always available. Their 24-hour emergency service makes it so you never have to wait to get an issue fixed!

Generations of plumbing expertise have been passed down through the Pope Family. After nearly a century in business, R.W. Pope and Sons is just as dedicated to high quality work, professionalism, and reliability as they day they of their first job in 1922.

Steve Young Plumbing & Heating

Neighbourhood: Dorchester
30 Woodvale Dr. (map)
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Best Plumbers in London - Steve Young Plumbing and Heating

Steve Young Plumbing & Heating is a plumbing company based out of Dorchester that serves all of London and surrounding areas. They’ve made a name for themselves in Dorchester over their two decades of service, becoming a pillar of the Dorchester community. Their logo is even on the welcome sign when you enter the town! They aren’t just talk though, when you call Steve Young for a job, you can rest assured that the job will be done right.

Their list of services is lengthy, including pipe fittings, backflow testing, water heater installation, and even full bathroom renovation. They can also take care of your heating and cooling needs, including installing in-floor heating to keep your feet warm on those cold winters that Canada is famous for. Call to set up an appointment and you’ll get a free estimate because Steve and his team believe that you shouldn’t have to commit before you know the cost!

They have 24-hour emergency availability. In the event of a late-night or weekend plumbing problem, Steve Young and his team will be there to save the day, no waiting until morning because sometimes that’s just not an option! When you call with an emergency, they’ll be at your door as soon as they possibly can, primed and ready to solve your problem.

Steve Young Plumbing & Heating offer their services to both residential and commercial spaces. One of their most recent commercial jobs was a Santa Knows Best favourite, 10Eighteen! They installed a grease trap and a three compartment sink for the Old East Village café, and we know for a fact that 10Eighteen only accepts the best!

For 23 years, Steve Young and his team have been offering unparalleled service to their hometown of Dorchester, the city of London, and all of the surrounding area. They made their name with great craftsmanship and even better work ethic. Their dedication to fast, friendly, and affordable service has resulted in lifelong customers and a great reputation. You can rely on Steve Young Plumbing & Heating as so many others have.

George’s Plumbing & Heating

Neighbourhood: Old East Village
14 Rathmine St. (map)
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Best Plumbers in London - George's Plumbing and Heating

George’s Plumbing & Heating is a family owned and operated plumbing company that has been serving London since 2018. In their decade of service, George’s has made a name in the Forest City as a friendly, knowledgeable, and reliable team of plumbers.

As a Reliance-Certified Contractor, you are assured that the George’s team will take great care of you and your pipes. They’ve got the training, experience, and skills to fix just about any problem that a homeowner will face with their plumbing or HVAC systems.

They emphasize timeliness in their work. Prompt response time, maintaining their appointment schedule, and completing their work in a time efficient manner are all important to the George’s team. But quick work doesn’t mean cutting corners, it means no slacking! You’re always guaranteed top quality results.

Just like their service, George’s also offers some of the most efficient products on the market today. For instance, they have a line of tankless water heater systems that will save you money! These tankless systems heat water when you need it, rather than having a reservoir of water that needs constant heated through the day and night. Talk to the George’s team about what make and model of tankless system will work for you – every home is different!

You can be at ease knowing that if something goes wrong, George’s will always be ready to help. Their 24-hour emergency repair and installation services are always available and they can be at your door, ready to get down to work faster than you can believe.

London Mechanical Plumbing and Heating

Neighbourhood: White Oaks
3392 Wonderland Rd. S (map)
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London Mechanical Plumbing and Heating, or simply London Mechanical, has been proudly serving London’s pipes since 1985. With over three decades under their belt, London Mechanical is confident that they can cater to your every plumbing or heating need.

No job is too big or too small for London Mechanical. They offer a wide variety of services so they can be your one stop shop for anything involving running water or flowing air in your home. Every project gets treated with the same meticulous attention to detail, you’ll almost feel as though you’re their only client. Give them a call with any of your plumbing needs, they’re more than happy to answer questions and give guidance – your satisfaction is their number one priority.

The London Mechanical team are dedicated, hardworking, and professional. They aren’t satisfied with a job until you are. They are the happiest when you don’t have to call back for a long while – it means they did their job right! From the most urgent repair to refitting an entire bathroom, London Mechanical will make sure the job is done right, done quick, and done with a smile.

Ivey Business School

London’s Ivey School of Business is one of the top ranked business schools in the world

Ivey Business School

Ivey School of Business is a world renowned school that is revered for its case-study method of teaching and learning. Their style of hands-on learning that forces students to develop incredible critical thinking, decision making, and problem solving skills is one of the best for producing graduates who can handle real-world business issues and have the leadership skills and confidence to bring incredible success to whatever business venture they enter. Ivey ensures that all of their graduates are fully equipped to handle the ever-changing and fast-paced business world, even on a global level.

Students who graduate from Ivey are quick to find employment as they have learned top-notch leadership skills, and incredible critical thinking skills. Not only that, but Ivey takes a great interest in setting their students up for success in life after school. Career Management is woven into student’s lives during their years at Ivey. Career guidance is simply part of the learning experience so that by the time they get their degrees, they have high-paying careers within months.

London is incredibly lucky to have one of the world’s top ranked business schools right here in our amazing city. It means that we’re producing the world’s best leaders. We are equipping our great city with the success that we need to have our business thrive and succeed in our rapidly-changing world. Ivey is giving London, and the world, incredibly prepared leaders who are adaptable and have amazing critical thinking.

Ivey is located in the Masonville area of London and is one of the best establishments of our city that we can be proud of. We truly are creating the future within this amazing school.


Ivey Business School - Old Image

The now prestigious Ivey School of Business started in 1922 in the basement of the Western’s University College.

Before the school ever came to fruition, back in 1919, Dr. W. Sherwood Fox, who was the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science and Dr. K.P.R. Neville, of the University Registrar, looked into options for teaching Commerce and Business. There was a demand for it from First World War veterans. The two created comprehensive studies of all of the business courses that Universities offered in North America. They decided through their findings that the case-study method that Harvard used was the most effective teaching style for Business. Ellis H. Morrow was a Harvard Graduate. He became the Head of the Department of Commercial Economics, Faculty of Arts (which gets a name change in 1927 to the Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Arts). Morrow travels to Harvard Business School for more training.

In 1923 the very first class (of only 6) graduate with degrees in Honours Business Administration (HBA) for business administration.

Then in 1948 there was a meeting at Western to determine if a National School of Business Administration is needed in Canada. In attendance of this meeting was the country’s top 100 CEOs and Presidents. In this meeting they established an Advisory committee and then started figuring out how to get an MBA degree program, and Executive Education program, and a PhD program.

They were successful and in the fall of that year, Canada’s first MBA program started.

In 1948. Canada’s first Executive program started, which was the Management Training Course (MTC). It combined both the Western and Harvard faculty.

Then in 1950, The School of Business Administration finally became a separate entity within Western and Lloyd W. Sipherd was appointed the Dean of it.

In 1951 the school finally upgraded from the basement of Western and moved to its first building, which was a former residence building near King’s College.

Richard G. Ivey then led an effort in 1957 to raise the funds to build an actual building for the School of Business Administration on Western’s campus. When the building was built and opened, it honoured Richard’s amazing work by carrying his name and becoming the name we all know it by now.

The Family

Ivey Business School - Ivey Family London Room

The family that has left behind such an incredible legacy have done so much for business education in London, Ontario, and in Canada. The Ivey Business School is renowned around the globe and would not be possible without the generosity and hard work of this incredible family.

Richard G. Ivey

Ivey Business School - The Ivey Family - Richard G. Ivey

The man that the school was named after was a true businessman, a lawyer, and was generous in his philanthropy. It’s him that he school is named after. He was the very first Chairman of the Advisory Committee. The committee played a crucial role in helping the school become a seperate faculty from Western and become the first national school of business.

He also helped raise the money for the actual physical building for the school. He also financed the first Management Training Course, the first PhD program in Business, as well as the first Canadian MBA program. His passion for learning and education was always apparent in his generosity.

His philanthropy also stretched to the School’s Research Fund and the Plan for Excellence (the later has actually placed Ivey in as a Business School in a leadership position within Canada), both of which he donated to.

He was granted an honorary Doctor of Law degree by the University to recognize all of his outstanding contributions.

In 1947 Richard G Ivey and his Son Richard M Ivey founded the Richard Ivey Foundation, which has given more than $56 million through this private charitable foundation.

Richard was Chairman of the Advisory Committee and only left that position when he was elected as University’s Chancellor in 1955. He kept that position in 1961.

Richard G. Ivey passed in 1974.

Richard M. Ivey

Ivey Business School - The Ivey Family - Richard M. Ivey

Richard took after his father in more than just his name. He too became a lawyer and was a generous philanthropist.

He attended both Ridley College, and the University of Western Ontario, the latter is where he got his Honors Business Administration degree. During his time at Western, he was a member of the Delta Upsilon fraternity.

Richard M also took after his father when he served as chancellor from 1980-1984. He was also made a member of the Order of Canada in 1988. After that he was promoted to Officer in 1994 and then to Companion in 2000.


Ivey Business School Emblem

Ivey Business School has created quite the name for itself across the globe. It has an amazing reputation for its teaching and research and the Alumni have proved time and time again that Ivey churns out incredibly talented students that excel and succeed in the business world. The school’s accomplishments are many and are impressive and are the reason why London Ontario is proud to have Ivey Business School in our great city.

Ivey’s MBA program has the highest salaries three years after graduation out of all of the Canadian business schools, according to the 2018 Financial Times Ranking. From 2014-2017, Bloomberg Businessweek granted Ivey Business School the number one MBA program spot in all of Canada.

Bloomberg Businessweek did a recruiter survey in 2015 and found that the MBA graduates from Ivey were ranked first in these skills: leadership, collaboration, communication, and strategic thinking. These skills are always on the top of employers lists of what they’re looking for, but are not often skills easily found.

The Economist, in 2017, ranked Ivey in the top ten in the whole world for Education Experience and Career Services, and ranked the MBA program as number one in Canada.

For the Wharton-QS Stars ReImagine Education Awards in 2015, Ivey won bronze in the category for Nurturing Employability.

Ivey Alumni have a high chance of holding the title of Chair, President, C-Suite, Vice-President, Managing Director, or Partner in their careers. In fact, 52% of all Ivey Alumni hold one of those titles.

The school has a 92% career placement rate for 2015’s MBA class.

Ivey Business School has maintained a top Canadian business thought and management practice publication (the Ivey Business Journal) for over 80 years.

19 of Ivey’s alumni are spearheading Profit 100 Fastest-Growing Companies

Ivey was the first to open a permanent international business school campus in Hong Kong.

Culture and Beliefs

Ivey Business School

The Ivey Mission: “To develop business leaders who think globally, act strategically, and contribute to the societies in which they operate.”

Ivey believes in upholding the reputation that the school has been building since 1922. Because of that, in 2007 they started to do a pledging ceremony in which students agree to their role and responsibility to carry on the good name of Ivey and be an ambassador for all that it stands for. The students receive an individually numbered Ivey ring with this pledge as a symbol.

Ivey is a big supporter of diversity. From faculty to students, they pride themselves in supporting different ethnicities, cultures, backgrounds, beliefs and sexual orientations. They actively seek out diverse faculty to provide students with an incredible learning experience from gifted and high-function members of faculty.

Invey has cultivated a culture that is accepting and a safe space for members of the LGBTQ+ community, and have an LGBTQ student club.

Ivey is also incredibly supportive of having women leaders and equipping them with the keys to success. They want to see powerful and successful business women out there in the world making a difference.

Sustainability is also part of Ivey’s core beliefs. We only get one earth and Ivey believes in doing what we can to reduce our footprints and keep this earth healthy. They used sustainable building practices and created an amazingly green building for their school.

Giving back and contributing to education is another big part of Ivey’s culture. Alumni stay connected with the school and give time, talent, or resources to the school because they have fostered a culture that believes in what the school does and stands for and once you’ve been through it, you cannot help but want to give back to the institution that brought you were you are in your career.


Ivey Business School Programs

Ivey offers students world-class teaching and incredible learning experiences. Students have access to world-renowned faculty who are leading experts and will get to experience the Harvard-approved method of case-study learning. Graduates will face the world with confidence and will be well equipped with the leadership skills and business fundamentals that is going to make them an incredible candidate for whatever career path they’re choosing.


Ivey Business School - Programs - HBA

Most of the business programs out there are going to give students very narrow specialization opportunities, and start you off in those specializations early. Ivey does things a little differently. The HBA program at Ivey is designed to provide all students with leadership skills and essentials that every manager out there needs to acquire. After your first HBA year, if you want to specialize in something, then Ivey does have you covered in that area.

You won’t find the opportunity to explore such a vast number of different career paths in any other undergraduate business program like you can find with Ivey. They believe in equipping the future leaders in the business world with the essentials needed to take on any role, in any industry, anywhere on this great globe that you want to go.

In the 2017 Employment Report for HBA graduates, Ivey had a 94% placement rate (in only three months!) for students who were looking for jobs. Of that 94%, 78% of them were school-facilitated job offers. The average starting salary of those students was $68,873. These new careers took place in 26 different industries, which goes to show that no matter what you want to do, Ivey’s HBA course can help you get there. They also found that of the 616 students in the 2017 class, 40% of those students were women!

While it differs year to year, Ivey is able to award approximately $2.2 million in scholarships and bursaries to their HBA students.


Ivey Business School - Programs - MBA

This program is perfect for people who want to achieve career goals in less time. This is a 12-month program that focuses on real world, action-oriented, and practical learning experiences that can translate to the challenges and difficulties that students will face in real-world business.

This program is rated as the top MBA program in canada and was in the top 10 Alumni Network on a global scale. They have over 24,500 alumni from this program in over 106 countries, which means that you’re going to be building global connections, finding incredible mentorship, and will create incredible friendships.

The MBA program has smaller class sizes, which means that you’re going to be able to get to know all of your classmates, feel the strong ties of a tight-knit community, and will get more attention and time from the faculty.

The placement rate for the MBA program is 91%. The average starting salary (including signing bonuses) is $103,560.

The first six months of the program are spent creating the foundations of core knowledge and business fundamentals that are necessary for any business person. Some of those essential courses include communicating effectively, leading people and organizations, decision making with analytics, leveraging information technology and developing and executing strategies.

After that students will transition into their career-focused electives. An optional part of this phase in the course is the option to participate in a study trip to China or South America, and the option to volunteer to teach/provide consultations about business in China or Eastern Europe. Students will also be participating in real-world projects in this half of the course where you can work with a real company on an issue and present your findings to that company.

Throughout your entire 12 months, you’ll be connected with Career Advisors, as Career Management is woven throughout the program and is a big part of the MBA.

Executive MBA

Ivey Business School - Programs - Executive MBA

So…MBA or EMBA?! Well, the Executive MBA is for mid-late career executives who are looking to accelerate their career and further develop their expertise and knowledge. This program is meant for people who have at least eight years of experience in their career. It’s designed to give you higher levels of success for your own career and for your organization.

Since this program is meant for people who are already established, it’s meant to fit into an already busy lifestyle. It’s 15 months, but only 4 days a week, with approximately 25 hours for each week. The classes happen in the Toronto campus in the heart of the financial district, downtown.

This program is divided into three terms. The first term (Leading and Thoughtful Analysis) is all about re-establishing the foundations of leadership and management and then building on them. The classes include: Winning through Marketing Management, Competing with Analytics, Information Systems, Leading, and Management Accounting and Control.

The second term (Leading and Creating Value) is focuses on the foundations of operations, finance and change. The courses include operations, sustainability, entrepreneurship, managing financial resources, strategic analysis and action, and leading action and change.

The third term (Leading Globally) combines what you learned in the first two terms and gets you thinking about them in a global context. This term has optional study trip at Silicon Valley or Mexico City. Courses include global environment of business, international strategic financial planning, global marketing planning, global strategy, and discovery expedition.

Accelerated MBA

Ivey Business School - Programs - Accelerated MBA

The Accelerated MBA is for Ivey HBA graduates who want to also get their MBA. It’s a condensed eight month course that builds on the fundamentals you learned in HBA and helps you develop and hone your leadership abilities. By using case studies and real-world projects, students will be challenged in ways that simulate real struggles and issues that they will face in their careers, which will equip them with the problem-solving, analysis, and leadership skills that they’ll need to succeed.

Just like the regular MBA, students will have the chance to participate in the optional study trip to China and South East Asia, or volunteer in China or Eastern Europe with teaching and business consulting. And they will also have access to Career Advisors throughout the course as part of the Career Management aspect of the MBA.

Every student that applies for this program will be considered for scholarships and awards. Those scholarships and awards range from $5,000 to almost half of your tuition.

MSc in Management

Ivey Business School - Programs - MSc in Management

The Master of Science in Management is a 16 month program for undergraduates with two options. You can head in the MSc in Management in Business Analytics route, or you can go the MSc In Management In International Business route. Either course is going to be an incredible experience with real-world case studies that will help students to develop incredible leadership skills and kick start their careers.

Part of the MSc in Management course is an 8 week placement program where students will get the chance to investigate future career paths and have real work experiences in those fields.

Business Analytics students will fine-tune their data-driven decision making skills and will get to have real-world experiences within the Ivey Analytics Lab. Students will learn about programming skills, risk analysis, and data analytics. This course has a 95% job placement rating and the average starting salary for those with this degree is $68,762.

The International Business students will be learning in an incredibly diverse classroom. The real-world case studies will have an international focus, and students will get to take part in the Ivey Global Lab. This course has an 89% job placement rating (within the first three months after graduation), and the average starting salary is $62,135.

The Ivey MSc is a direct-entry program requiring no previous full-time work experience. The program is designed to build on your previous undergraduate experience and prepare you for international career interests in an ever-evolving, multicultural business world.

Executive Education

Ivey Business School - Programs - Executive Education

Executive Education is incredible management training that is offered in two different formats: Programs for Individuals and Teams, and Custom Programs for Organizations. The purpose of this education is to develop and strengthen business intelligence and leadership capabilities.

For individuals and teams, there are over 20 programs available. Some of the programs included are: Women in Leadership, Strategic Leadership: Transform Your Business by Leveraging Disruption, Marketing: Understanding Your Consumer, Design Thinking: Driving Innovation, Crisis Preparation & Damage Control, Ivey First-Time Manager Program, and Finance for Non-Financial Professionals.

Successful completion of these programs will earn you a digital artifact (which is basically like an online badge) that can be displayed on social media, electronic portfolios, websites, email signatures, and on professional networks. You’ll also receive a certificate of completion.

Classes are set up to be engaging, hands on, and interactive experiences. You’ll be learning by doing and by using case studies. These classes are not about textbooks and lectures. You’re going to gain the confidence and knowledge that you’ll need in your career.

For corporations, governments and non-profits, Ivey will design and execute a completely unique and customized development and training program, which will be tailored to what your company needs. They’ll either look at your existing or help you develop if you don’t a competency profile. They will incorporate your management team’s language throughout the process, will make sure that the executives are brought along in the process, and will help you select what assessment tools are best for you (or use yours, if you already have them established).

You’ll be led by amazing faculty and will have dedicated program managers to keep the process organized and to support the client. Since Ivey believes in hands-on learning, that is what you’ll get. The program will be based on participation and is interactive.


Ivey Business School - Programs - PhD

Getting your PhD in Business from Ivey is going to be an intense 4-5 years in a full-time research-based program. But once you’ve completed the program and received your PhD, you will have graduated from a top research university in the world.

The program starts off with a statistic boot camp. Then, for the rest of the two years, students will be taking classes (statistics, method training, seminars, foundational courses), working on research, making presentations at conferences, writing for publications, and connecting with other like minded academics from other universities. Students then write a comprehensive exam at the end of the summer.

Years 3+ is the time for working on and submitting your thesis. It’s also time when students are able to teach. Students will be mentored by faculty as they decide on and create their thesis proposal, as well as when they write their thesis paper.

Pre-Ivey Experiences

Ivey Business School 0 Programs - Pre-Ivey Experiences

For those who want to have an Ivey experience before ever entering into a program with Ivey, there are plenty of incredible options. These options “give a taste” of the Ivey experience, to explore if it’s right for you.

Ivey Summer Leadership Program

For the high-achievers looking for new experiences, this is one that will challenge you and take your leadership skills to a whole new level. It’s a face-paced learning experience that includes hearing from incredible speakers, working with Ivey faculty, and team projects.

It’s available for students going into grade 10, 11, and 12. It’s a nine day program that gives you a taste of what Ivey’s HBA is all about. Students will live like a university student by staying at Western’s Ontario Hall and eating and sleeping like a university student. Students will get to have on-site visits with different companies in London to get some hands-on learning. They will also participate in team building activities, and 2-day case competitions. It’s an incredible experience that will leave students with a hunger to excel and succeed.

High School Students at Ivey HBA

High school students who know that they want to attend the HBA program at Ivey can apply for the Advanced Entry Opportunity (AEO). Normally people apply for HBA after two years of University at Western (or another affiliated school). But exceptional high school students can have their future secured by getting into the AEO.

Those with 90%+ average in Grade 12, have completed a mathematics course for university-bound students, and those who have shown incredible leadership in their community and extracurricular activities can apply for the AEO. They apply when they’re applying for their first year at Western.

If accepted, they must maintain their AEO status through their first two years of university by keeping up their overall average and making sure to take the prerequisite courses to Business Administration.

Business Foundations Courses

For any full-time and part-time Western students in any faculty, Ivey’s Business Foundation courses are available to take! If any students are interested in learning about business, or for students who want to attend Ivey’s HBA program, then this is a great option for them. There are many courses available, which will help students to learn business fundamentals and sharpen their skills, and figure out if Business is the right course for them.

Ivey High School Case Competitions

For grade 11 students who are motivated and have an interest in exploring business, they have the chance to participate in an incredible competition. Students in the competition get placed into teams (randomly chosen) of 4+ students, all from other schools. They will get a run-through of a practice case and then will be given the best tips on how to approach case-studies. The teams will then be given a brand-new case study that they have never seen before.

After the three hours, the teams will stand before a panel of judges and present their solution to the case. The teams will be narrowed down to the top 2-3. Those teams will get the chance to present their solutions again, in front of the entire group of participants and judges. The winning team is then announced.

Complimentary Cases for Secondary School Classrooms

Ivey is well known around the world and is revered for the Case-Study Method of learning. In fact, Ivey is a top publisher of business cases worldwide, coming in second only to Harvard. So Ivey has case studies available to secondary school teachers, absolutely free of charge, so that teachers can bring this revolutionary experience into the high school classroom.

Beyond Schooling

Ivey Business School

Ivey is a business school, but it offers so much more than just a learning experience for students. Everyone and every company can benefit from the intense, hands-on learning that Ivey provides. Since Ivey’s goal is to develop leaders who think globally and strategically, that does not stop inside of the classroom. Ivey offers many options for professionals and businesses who wish to be the best leaders possible, to create an organization that will thrive, or need some real-world guidance. These are some of the options offered to businesses, teams, and/or individuals:

Corporate Retreats

Ivey Business School - Beyond Schooling - Corporate Retreats

Corporate retreats can be amazing tools for your leadership and your organization. The Ivey Academy corporate retreat is going to give you next-level skills and problem-solving as you bond with your team over strategic issues that impact your organization. Everything is taken care of for you in this two and a half-day retreat. They’ll organize meals, speakers, sessions, and social/team-building time.You’ll be lead by an experienced and incredible management team.

Ivey’s faculty rate among the top 10 around the globe, and their teaching methods and materials also sit among the best of the best in the world.

The entire thing will be housed at The Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre, which gives businesses an incredible setting. The center is in a stunning manor that has 30 acres of incredibly beautiful landscape. It has 125 guest suites where you and your staff can stay, 14,000 square feet of event space that are meant to make the most out of every meeting, cycling trails, hiking trails, five different restaurants, a fitness centre, and a high-ropes team-building course. There is even free parking.

Executive Coaching

Ivey Business School - Beyond Schooling - Executive Coaching

Ivey-certified coaches are experts in the industry and are available to be integrated into any team, organization or situation. They help to elevate performance, provide support to leaders, and reach full potential. Coaches are experts in mentoring skills, developing talent internally, creating succession plans that are effective, encouraging leadership and delegation skills, conflict management, strategic thinking, creating organizational culture that is thriving and resilient, and the challenges that the executive team may face.

Talent Assessment Tools

Ivey Business School - Beyond Schooling - Talent Assessment Tools

Organizations need to have a clearly defined competency model to measure employees against in order to show the behaviors and skills required for success within a role or progress within the organization. It also helps organizations to hire and promote. You can create this through robust assessment tools. Organizations that use assessment tools have lower employee turnovers, increased engagement within their employees, more productivity, and higher success rates.

These assessment tools are also useful for individuals to have self-awareness of strengths, weaknesses and personality nuances. Self-aware leaders can be empowered to make better choices and achieve better success.

The assessment tools that they offer are: Leadership skills profile, leadership character insight assessment, mindful leadership training, simple succession planning workshop, multidimensional emotional intelligence assessment, the hogan personality inventory, the leadership wheel, and the sigmaraduis 360 assessment.

Learning & Develop Advisory and Instructional Design Services

Ivey Business School - Beyond Schooling - Learning & Develop Advisory and Instructional Design Services

Are your organizations prepared to meet your long-term objectives? Is your organization set up for successful succession? The goal of this is to help your employees be prepared for their current roles, as well as helping to prepare them and develop their skills for possible future roles.

They’ll start with assessing and analyzing your organization’s needs, they’ll help you define your organization’s values, and figure out what your organization’s deliberate culture should be. They’ll then help you figure out the leadership profiles of what your organization needs. Next, they will help to identify and develop potential employees. They’ll help you identify key competencies that your employees will need in order for your organization to be successful.

Next, they’ll assess your employees to identify strengths and areas of opportunity for their development. Then they will help you with succession planning to create a pool of leadership talent that is prepared and willing to step up and assume roles once those roles are required.

Lastly, career development, which includes coaching, mentoring, assessments, and job rotations.


Richard Ivey Building

Ivey Business School - Campuses - Richard Ivey Building

Location: In the Medway Neighborhood on Western’s campus.

Programs: HBA, MBA, MSc, PhD

This building is more than just a 270,000 square foot educational building, it’s also a leader in green technologies. It cost more than $110 million to build, but it has achieved the Gold Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certification from the Canada Green Building Council.

The building has 20 classrooms that can sit 50-75 students. It also has 52 breakout rooms, 36 staff meeting rooms, 9 conference rooms, 7 lounges, 8 open-concept work areas, and a 640 seat auditorium, as well as 112 faculty offices. It is a big building that has been thoughtfully planned out to meet the needs of all faculty, staff and students that are part of Ivey.

Green Technologies

Construction materials were made from renewable resources and 81% of the construction waste that would normally be sent to landfills were diverted from them through recycling, and other efforts.

They structured the building in a way to eliminate water waste as much as possible. One of the ways that they did that is to create a system that uses rainwater to flush toilets. They also surrounded the campus with drought-resistant landscaping, which basically means that they’re not going to be wasting water by setting up and irrigation system to keep their landscapes looking good.

Only environmentally friendly products are used for any kind of cleaning that happens within the building. Any of the materials such as pain, adhesives, carpeting, etc. were low-emitting materials to keep any possible volatile organic compounds out or at least to the bare minimum possible.

Around 75% of the space uses daylighting, to give natural light to the areas to reduce the energy needed to be used within the building.

In further ways to reduce energy cost/use they made the roofs to slope in order to collect rainwater which then gathers in the reflecting pool. As water evaporates from the pool it cools down the air outside, which then goes into the cooling system, already cooled off, which means that less energy will be used to cool it down.

They also try to encourage green travel by offering better parking spots to those who carpool, lots of safe spots to keep your bike, and was built in a location that has multiple bus routes close by.

Tangerine Leadership Centre

Ivey Business School - Campuses - Tangerine Leadership Centre

Location: In the heart of Toronto’s Financial District, in the Exchange Tower

Programs: Executive Education, EMBA

The Tangerine Leadership Centre is a state of the art facility that offers all of the amenities needed for business conferences, learning, breakout rooms, and more. The facility has two-tiered amphitheatre classrooms. They each can accommodate 65 people with comfortable ergonomic seating and wireless technology (including on-site support, in case it’s needed). There are also 9 breakout rooms that can accomodate 6-8 people each, and there is a beautiful and large reception area that can comfortably hold 100 people. This incredible executive teaching facility is designed to meet the needs of schooling and businesses.

Hong Kong Campus

Ivey Business School - Campuses - Hong Kong Campus

Location: In the Cheng Yu Tung Management Institute, which is located in the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

Programs: Executive Education, EMBA, Case Teaching and Writing Workshops

This state-of-the-art facility has two classrooms, equipped with all of the necessary technology required for a truly seamless and dynamic teaching experience, that can seat up to 100 people. It also has 11 breakout rooms, which can also be used for training purposes, seminars, as well as meetings. The classrooms overlook Hong Kong’s Central Business District, which is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking, and can inspire goals and dreams in the students.


The campus was opened in September of 1998 by Mr. Tung Chee Hwa, the ex-HKSAR Chief Executive. The Cheng Yu Tung Management Institute was created to honor Mr. Tung Chee Hwa’s father, who had an incredible love and commitment to education.

The campus was founded with the support of many Ivey alumnus, as well as Dr. Henry Cheng, who is the leader of the New World Group.

Spencer Leadership Centre

Ivey Business School - Campuses - Spencer Leadership Centre

Location: In the Masonville Neighborhood, just minutes from Western University and Ivey Business School.

Programs: Executive Education, Ivey Academy

The Spencer Leadership Centre is an incredibly beautiful estate that is housed in a Georgian manor. It boasts 30 stunning acres of parkland that is meticulously maintained. While it houses many of the Executive Education programs, it’s also a place for companies and organizations to book corporate retreats where their teams can participate in incredible learning experiences and team building exercises.

It comes fully equipped with any and everything you could possibly want, such as three amphitheatres, cycling trails, hiking trails, a fitness centre, five dining rooms, 125 guest suits, a high-ropes team-building course, ample parking, and over 14,000 square feet of event space.

It has even been rented for weddings, as it’s an unbelievably beautiful location.

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