The Whole Grain Hearth


  They started with bread, but now offer so much more! From pastries to crossiants to cookies and sticky buns, they’re sure to have something for everyone. They’re not only super healthy, but SUPER delicious! You have to try it to believe it.  
Rows of fresh baked French croissants ready to be sold


  This week we visited Richard Placzek, founder and owner of The Whole Grain Hearth. They aren’t your regular bakery, they are dedicated to providing their customers with the healthiest and most digestible bread possible. They are able to do this with their traditional techniques, high-hydration, and freshly milled organic grains. Breaking down the science is extremely important when baking properly. In the 1800’s when milling was introduced to the world we began removing certain parts of the kernel of wheat. Losing the fibre and germ is what led to all-purpose white flour. But due to this common practise, many nutritional benefits were lost. Thankfully, The Whole Grain Hearth mills their own flour to maximize all the nutritional benefits. Nutrients such as, fiber, magnesium, riboflavin, thiamine, all still remain in the flour.   Don’t worry, we’ll tell you where you can purchase some of the best baked bread and pastries possible! They are constantly growing but below is where you can find their products.   Locations – Their bakery (958 Leathorne St #3, London, ON N5Z 3M5) – Lyn-Dys Organic Health Food – Booch Organic Kombucha – Jill’s Table – Storm Stayed Brewing Company – Black Trumpet Restaurant – Backroads Coffeehouse & Cakery Inc. – Zen’Za Pizzeria – Jaydancin & Zoe’s Market Place Bakery ingredients and tools over rustic wooden table. Dark and brown colors. Homemade style. Top view and space for text


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Address: 958 Leathorne Street, Unit 3, London, ON, N5Z 3M5 Phone: (519) 719-7355 Website: Email: Facebook: Instagram:



Euro Sun Tanning Salon



What better way to rid those winter blues than with a tan from Euro Sun Tanning Salon! Located across from CF Masonville Place, Euro Sun offers a variety of different tanning options, from Mega Beds to Standing, to spray tan. They also sell a number of high-quality products such as tan extenders, lotions and creams from recognized brands such as Australian Gold and Designer Skin.

  Euro Sun Tanning Salon covers all your tanning needs. They offer services such as Spray Tanning, Low and high-intensity tanning beds, as well as the stand up tanning booth. The Mystic Spray Tan booth is an automated tanning machine, so you can get your privacy while tanning. Euro Sun Tanning prides themselves on providing consultations upon arrival and by frequently changing their bulbs, it will provide you with the best tan possible. All tanning booths are monitored to ensure not going over the alloted safe time frame. Lay all your worries to rest, this isn’t Final Destination. Tanning can provide numerous health benefits. If you’re going on vacation, it is important to get a base tan whereas not to burn. This is one of the worst things you can do to your skin, as burns can lead to skin cancer. Also, tanning can provide a source of Vitamin D. One of the most undercover benefits to tanning is its incredible skin care qualities. Many people go to Euro Sun Tanning to clear acne, eczema, and even to help their arthritis. Euro Sun Tanning Salon provides quality services by frequently changing the bulbs in the machines and their atmosphere is A1! Described as feeling, “like your down south and there’s a very warm breeze” – Matt Santagapita

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Address: 60 N Centre Rd, London, ON N5X 3W1 Phone: (519) 672-9838 Email: Facebook:



Tree Lane Farms



Tree Lane Farms

It’s almost Christmas! And what better way to start the season by visiting a local Christmas Tree farm, Tree Lane Farms. We met with the owners Colleen and Lucas Nugteren who showed us around the farm and helped us pick out a tree!

Tree Lane Farms 3
Tree Lane Farms is the one-stop-shop for all of your Christmas needs. Of course, they have trees – both pre-cuts or you can go out and cut your own – but that’s just the beginning. They also have a wagon ride, activities for kids, a reindeer named Prancer, campfires, a hot beverage cart with coffee, hot chocolate, hot apple cider and Fitters from The Fritter Shop and lastly, an absolutely incredible store for all of your decorating and home decor items! Their 110 acre farm has over 40,000 trees, so you are sure to find the perfect fit for your home. Come pick up your tree today! PS: If you’re a photographer, this place makes for a beautiful backdrop! Tree Lane Farms 2

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Address: 13073 Twelve Mile Rd, Ilderton, ON N0M 2A0 Phone: (519) 666-0154 Email: Website:





Dance London logo

Meet lifelong dancer and owner of Dance London, Ashley Aarts! Ashley started out as an instructor, but when the previous owners were ready to retire, they knew that Ashley would be fantastic new face of the company.

Ashley Aarts, owner/director of Dance London
Dance London takes a different approach to dancing; they view dance as an art and no necessarily as a sport. At this studio, you won’t be graded or be forced to compete, but you are still competitively trained by a long list of high quality professional instructors. The contagious atmosphere and vibe they have been able to create is one that keeps a smile on everyone that walks in the door, whether it be an instructor, student or parent! Dance London offers a large variety of classes in many different dance types ranging in all age groups – including adult classes!
Ashley Aarts, owner/director of Dance London

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Address: 2 Langarth Street, West, N6J 1N6 Phone: (519) 434-6644 Email: Website:


the OVer



Say hello to Sabrina and Michael Maulucci, the founders of the OVer company. These two lovebirds started the OVer Company in 2015 after their second daughter was born eight weeks premature. Once out in the germ-filled world, Sabrina realized a simple blanket wouldn’t be enough to protect her baby, so she got to work.

Sabrina and Michael Maulucci
Sabrina created the first OVer, a multipurpose cover for both nursing/pumping and as a car seat cover. Using a blend of natural cotton and spandex, the baby covers are incredibly breathable as well as soft to the touch, offering the protection your baby needs without the risk of overheating. The OVer Company hasn’t forgotten their roots, Sabrina and Michael will always remember what it was like sitting in the NICU with their premature baby. And so, they are constantly giving back, forming establishing the B.O.S.S. Campaign – every customer that places an order for the Olive Gioia OVer print gets to select which hospital another OVer is sent to a preterm/sick baby going home after a stay in the NICU. Sabrina’s momtrepreneur spirit doesn’t just end there! She has established OVer Collective, the flagship store for the OVer Company and so many other awesome local mom and baby brands, including previous #BusinessOfTheWeek companies, Os & Oakes and Baby Be Mine! She also started The Modern Mom Show, a social and shopping event for the modern family, offering trendy clothing and accessories for babies and essentials for moms. It’s a wonder she can do all this and be a mom to three children!
the OVer company

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Address: 5-605 Newbold St. N6E 2T7 Phone: (519) 851-3502 Email: Website:


Be Mine



Baby Be Mine LogoMeet Suzanne Toth, supermom and owner/operator of Baby Be Mine, a line of bath products that are all natural, organic, and safe for both mom and baby!

Suzanne Toth of Baby Be Mine Baby Be Mine began during Suzanne’s first pregnancy, Owen, as a quest for non-toxic products for herself and her baby. By the time her second, Ella, was on the way, her skincare routine was drastically different than during her first pregnancy. Her secret ingredient was coconut oil. On top of being a healthy cooking alternative, coconut oil is a fantastic moisturizer. Suzanne barely had to use anything else. One of her favourite things to do with the oil was to put it in her baths. When she stepped out, her skin was so soft that she didn’t need to apply anything else! This is where the root of the company began. Baby Be Mine Natural Coconut Bath was her first product. Coconut oil, optionally mixed with either lavender or hibiscus essential oils to make your bath luxurious, moisturizing, and relaxing for all of your senses. All of the oils Suzanne uses are organic and natural, so you can be safe in the knowledge that no strange, un-pronouncable chemicals are making their way into your bath. Baby Be Mine Natural Coconut Bath is safe to use during pregnancy, with your baby or just when you need a moment to relax. Use a full tablespoon of the oils for a relaxing, rejuvenating bath for adults, or a half tablespoon to keep your baby’s skin as smooth as, well, a baby’s bottom as the saying goes. The Baby Be Mine repertoire has recently expanded to include gift boxes, which include a jar of your preferred bath oil scent and tried petals from the relevant flower (or rose petals for the unscented oil) to enhance the spa-like experience. She has also added a small line of Turkish bath towels that are on pre-order now! You can pick up Baby Be Mine products on their website, or in-store at Purdy Natural, The OVer Collective, and Cheeky Monkey‘s London locations! You can also find Baby Be Mine at stores in Sarnia, Toronto, and Vancouver! Baby Be Mine Coconut Bath

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