Once the holidays are over and the decorations put away, the inside and outside of your home, and neighbourhood can look very empty and dreary. With a blanket of snow covering the ground and the vibrant colours of the festive decor tucked away, it is easy to feel like your home’s décor is missing something. The end of the festive season does not mean that you cannot add a touch of winter magic to your home. Placing seasonal décor in your space is a highly popular and cost effective way to change the look of your area while celebrating the current time of year or special occasion.  Adding winter decorations to the inside and outside your property can create a warm, cozy and inviting look while filling the void left by a busy December month. The winter season is the time of year when rich, dark colours are trending in fashion and furnishings. Adding these bold hues to your environment creates a beautiful contrast against the white background. There are many ways that you can brighten your house by adding seasonal tones to your home’s décor.

Evergreen Boughs

Winter Decorating Tips: Evergreen Boughs Evergreen trees and shrubs are beautiful, hearty plants that are commonly used to add natural decor to rooms during the winter months. The rich green shade of the textured foliage easily compliments any living space by giving areas a naturally vibrant and earthy look. Place evergreen garlands along your mantel, cabinet tops, and doorway frames to create a naturally attractive accessory to your home décor ideas and entranceway.


Wreaths are no longer used only at Christmas time to decorate your home. Today, they come in many styles to commemorate any season or holiday. Once the yuletide rings are put away, you can add a beautiful wintery themed wreath to entranceway or interior wall to fill the empty space. There are plenty of premade ones that you can purchase at your local home décor store, or for the creative DIY tenant, you can create your own personalized ring using natural green boughs, pinecones, white flowers, straw, twigs, or burlap. With a little imagination and time, the options for designing your own indoor and outdoor house decorating idea with homemade wreaths is endless.

Vintage Winter Sports Gear

Winter Decorating Tips: Vintage Winter Sports Gear One of the most popular and attractive winter decorations used to enhance an entranceway is antique sports equipment. Vintage skates, skis, or snowshoes can be hung on the exterior of your door as a beautiful, wintery accent piece. Aged wooden sleds can be propped up on your porch or front step to give your space a playful, natural, and attractive winter decoration.

White Accents

One of the most trending looks in winter decorations is white accent pieces displayed against a dark backdrop. Placing white dishes, vases, figurines, and other ornamental trinkets on a dark green, blue, or red cabinet creates a beautiful, contemporary focal piece for your room. The stark contrast in the colouring is not only elegant, but the ivory fixtures easily compliment any colour scheme or display casing.

Throw Pillows and Blankets

Winter Decorating Tips: Blankets and Pillows
As the thermostat dips, extra blankets are used to keep warm while sleeping or relaxing in your living space. Placing plush blankets and throw pillows onto your furniture creates a naturally cozy and warm look to your room while giving the space additional colour and texture. To add a more personal touch to your home décor ideas, you can make your own pillows by repurposing your favourite old sweater or shirt to make a comfortable, decorative cushion for your chairs, sofa, or bedroom furniture.

Faux Fur

When we think of the cold, we think of wrapping up in a soft, plush, thick cozy wraps. Faux fur linens in rich browns and other bold winter colours add texture to your living space while creating a perfectly natural seasonal look to your home décor. With beautiful faux fur accents, you can add seasonal style and comfort while keeping you warm on a cold, winter night. 

Wintery Signs

Winter Decorating Tips: Wintery Signs Once your holiday displays are stowed away, fill your empty wall spaces with winter signs. Signage is a popular decorative idea for any season or room; there are many fabulous winter decoration portraits that you can show case in your hallway, living area, kitchen or dining area. To give your space a real wintery touch, set up a hot chocolate station on an accent table. Set out white or snowflake designed mugs and cannisters, a hot chocolate maker, and place a hot chocolate sign above the cabinet. Not only will this fill an empty area in your place but it will add a great seasonal display to your home.

Outdoor Lighting

While the Christmas lights might be considered inappropriate in January, that does not mean you have to completely remove all lighting from the exterior of your property. Clear twinkle lights add a beautiful, elegant touch to your place while illuminating your area. The clear lighting strands are a great home décor idea that can be used anytime of the year on your eves, trees, home edgings, porch, and patio.


Winter Decorating Tips: Mirrors Mirrors  are another popular house decorating idea that not only fills in an interior void, but also adds a little sparkle to your room. Mirrored wall hangings are versatile accessories that compliment any room. come in different shapes, sizes, and frames to compliment any room.

Winter flowers

Winter flowers are a great way to add vibrant, seasonal colour to every room. Set heather, pansies, winter aconites, or other floral arrangements to your accent tables in your entranceway, halls, or living room in stylish vases or glassware to brighten the area. Place floral arrangements on your dining room table or mantel as a centerpiece to give your furnishing beautiful, naturally rich hues. January is a difficult month for most homeowners. After the holiday decorations are put away and the cold, snowy season settles in for the next couple of months, homes and surrounding areas quickly look empty and dreary without the festive, bright displays. Winter decorations can easily fill the void to the inside and outside of your home by adding beautiful seasonal colours and textures to your existing house decorating ideas.