What comes to mind when you think of a real estate agent?

The easy answer is someone who is at open houses, someone who tries to get top dollar for your home or someone who sells construction that is underway. While all of those things are true, the job of a real estate agent has evolved into something much more than that. In order to be successful in any industry, you need to know the ins and outs, you need to be knowledgeable and be confident in your knowledge. A real estate agent is someone who you can reach out to with any and all questions regarding the housing industry. Your agent should be able to answer a wide range of questions. From “are there good schools in the area I’m looking for?” to “how much would it cost to install hardwood floors in the property I’m looking at?” 


So What Is A Real Estate Agent Today?

Beyond buying and selling homes, a real estate agent has evolved into a directory. We are now a walking-talking Yellowpages and Whitepages. We are the ‘who do you know’ person – we are the connectors. Our jobs require a lot of face-to-face conversation and networking is extremely important in the industry. Over time, a realtor will have built their own database of people they trust. Your agent was once someone you put a lot of your trust in their hands. Wouldn’t their recommendations on movers or landscapers be more credible than Google searching for a phone number and taking whoever was on the first page.

So next time you’re wondering where you can find a great painter or a skilled electrician, call your real estate agent! After being in the industry for over a decade and talking to countless clients and attending endless open houses, I wish I could say I know it all! I’m always learning and growing from each client I work with and I am always thankful for that working relationship.