Moving is a long and arduous process, that can be made all the more difficult with pets! So I’ve compiled some handy tips to help you and your pet, make it through a move stress free!

  1. Don’t pack away the dog food in a vaguely labelled box! Make it easy for yourself, by preparing a bag with all of the essentials, such as food, litter, toys and grooming tools to keep them happy and comfortable, while you go about unpacking.
  2. Update their tags or microchip information. In their new environment, they’re more likely to get lost, so take all precautions to ensure they can get back to you safely.
  3. Inform your vet, especially if you are moving far away, so they can provide you with records and any prescriptive medication you may need. Ask your vet if think a sedative will be necessary. They might also be able to recommend a vet in the area you’re moving to.
  4. Make sure to include breaks for walking dogs if you’re driving a long distance. Hotels have a limited number of pet-friendly rooms, so book in advance to make sure you’ll have a place to stay.
  5. Don’t take your pet out of their carrier! Ensure that they are secure before opening any doors!
  6. Pack your meals or plan on take-out. If it is a long drive to your destination pack a cooler with water and food. Restaurants won’t allow you to bring in your pets and you can’t leave a pet unattended in the car, so be prepared to eat.
  7. Consider a Boarding Kennel on moving day. The day of a move can be very stressful, so to reduce that stress you’ll want to put your pet in a quiet place. If you don’t want to leave them with a kennel, you could designate a room as the pet room and put a large sign with “PETS. DO NOT OPEN” to keep movers or friends from releasing your pets.
  8. Use your own car. As much familiarity as possible will help reduce the stress for pets.
  9. Keep to your regular schedule. Try to feed your pets at the same time, go for walks at your regular time. This will help to keep your pet comfortable with familiarity.
  10. Spoil your pet! Make sure to give them lots of attention, as you will be mostly distracted by setting up your new home. During this stressful time, pets tend to feel unloved and neglected which can bring out bad behaviour.