Having a professional on your team is now more important than ever. Thanks to the Internet, proprietary information is no longer an issue – it’s posted for all to see. Would you trust doing an engine swap in your car from how-to YouTube tutorials or would you prefer a professional with years of experience do it for you? The same goes for real estate.

Buying and selling a house is an infrequent transaction. You need someone there who knows the ins and outs of the market, the best strategy of when and how to list, and someone who understands the entire process. This help and expertise will allow the transaction to be as smooth as possible. This decision doesn’t just affect your bank account, it’s also incredibly emotional. A home is a place where families grow and memories are shared, but you need someone who can look at a deal and put feelings to the side.


This is a common misconception, especially for the younger generations, looking to buy their first home. Getting approved for a mortgage was particularly difficult after the credit and housing crisis, however today it is much easier. It is possible to get a loan with as little as 5% down. Keep in mind, hitting a home run isn’t that easy. You must still have good credit, a steady income and tangible assets to back you up!


Many people believe that because of technology, high-definition pictures, video walk-throughs, 360 degree videos, and virtual reality, that open houses are no longer an important aspect of selling your home.

Open houses are part of the foundation of real estate. The more you make your home available the better chance you have at not only selling it, but finding the best buyer.

While technology offers itself as a great tool to showcase your home to people who may not be able to make an open house, pictures and videos only go so far. As technology stands to today, virtual is still virtual. You cannot get a true sense of how well a home was maintained, how a home feels and the space it provides, without stepping inside.


There are many factors that help determine the appraised value of a home including the neighbourhood, age of the home, renovations, finishes and fixtures. That being said, those things only determine the appraised value, there is only one force that can determine the true value of a home. That force is the market. The true value of a home is only determined by what buyers are able and willing to pay for it.