If you’re looking to move, whether it is just around the corner or halfway across the world, there are proactive actions you can take to get a better idea of the neighbourhood that you’re looking to move into. Here are 4 tricks you can do to make sure you choose the right place to live.

Google Earth

Google earth may be the best way to virtually view your neighbourhood today. It has multiple features that allow you to interact differently with this tool. The detail is incredible as you can zoom from outer space all the way down to street level. The street level view looks as if you’re standing in the middle of the road and can look around from the perspective of a person rather than an overhead view (which is also available). In this view, you can ‘walk’ down the street to see the neighbourhood. You can also visualize GPS tracks, which makes it easy to see what the commute to work, the store or the gym will be like. Lastly, you can now fly overhead and view the world in 3D.

Go For A Walk

The best way to get a feel for the neighbourhood is to go see it yourself! Go for a walk in the neighbourhood with purpose – see the local parks, meets neighbours, and get a feel for the sense of community.

Shop Local

Imagine you’ve bought the house that you’re thinking about. Now, think about where you would go for groceries? For dinner? For a new pair of shoes? Go to these locations, meet the people and see if it is somewhere that suits you. We more often than not shop in places that are conveniently located on our way home or near our house.

Google Reviews

To tie into much what has already been mentioned, Google reviews can provide insight into many of the concerns you may have. Online is a great resource for reviews of neighbourhoods, schools, businesses and restaurants. This way you can compare your own opinions to what other people have to say. Places like Yelp and TripAdvisor are also helpful tools. But be mindful! There are many reviews written by hired writers to help increase their rating. Surf the internet with caution and don’t believe everything you read.