How To Save on Your Energy Bill This Winter With the cost of living rising higher than the average pay rate, today’s budget-conscious homeowners are always looking for ways to save money on their energy bill. This time of year is especially more expensive because the cold temperatures force tenants to run their heating appliances. Getting a pricey utility bill is never pleasant, but during the holiday season, the additional expense adds to the mounting expenses and seasonal stress. There are some things about winter that we cannot control. Colder temperatures and shorter daylight hours are part of the season. But they do not have to over burden our household electricity usage. There are many ways to save money on your bills each month.  Developing these efficient energy conservation habits in your home can save you hundreds of dollars every year.

Setting Your Energy Efficient Thermostat

Save this Winter: Thermostat Energy efficient thermostats use less power and can be programmed to control your homes heating more efficiently than traditional setters. How you set you buildings temperature is also important. Many people still believe that lowering the ‘stats temperature when they go to bed or leave their home will save money but that simply is not true. If your structure’s interior cools down too much, the heating system will have use more energy to rewarm the place when you turn the temperature up later. Keeping a steady room condition will put less strain on your furnace.

Turning Out The Lights

The days are shorter during the winter season which means we spend more time in the dark. Keeping every room in the house lit is unnecessary and a real money waster. To lower your electricity bill, only turn on the lights you need and  get into the habit of turning off lamps when leaving a room. LED light bulbs also help you to save money because these eco-friendly bulbs require less power to run.

Use A Timer When Plugging In Your Car

When it is too cold outside, your vehicle needs to be plugged in to keep the block heater warm. But they do not need to be plugged in all night. By using a timer on your outside outlet, you can control the amount of power used to warm your auto without wasted electricity.  This will quickly save you money because you will be using less power for shorter time periods while still protecting your auto’s engine from freezing.

Seal Air Leaks

If you have not already found them, winter is a sure fire way to find all those unwanted leaks or small cracks around your windows and doors. These opening allow the heat to escape and cold air to get inside. Drafts will cool down your home very quickly, forcing your furnace to work harder to keep the temperature at your desired setting. Every unwanted household leak forces you to spend more to heat your home. Now that it is cold, go through all your rooms to look for the  drafty areas. Caulk all openings to create an air tight seal so the warmth stays in your place.

Use Energy Efficient Appliances

Appliances have different ratings depending on the amount of electricity needed to run the product. The less power needed to run the device, the higher their energy conservation ranking. Buying appliances with a high energy efficiency ranking will use a lot less power throughout your daily routines and lower your electric and heating bill.

Keep Vents Clear

Vents are required to keep unwanted air flowing out of the house but, if poorly maintained, they can also be an opening for cold air to rush into your place. Dryer vents are particularly vulnerable because they are lower to the ground and more prone to ice and snow blockages. Check your vents to make sure they are not cracked, frozen open, or blocked by the outside elements. Clear snow and ice to keep the ventilations from breaking and replace any damaged ones during the warmer weather months so unwanted cold air does not get into your home and overwork your furnace.

Replace Furnace Filters

Dirty filters force your furnace to work harder during the cold season. Before winter arrives, check and replace all filters so your heating appliances are working at their optimal best. During the colder months, check the filters monthly to make sure they are clean and have extras in your home so you can easily replace worn filters.

Insulate Everything

Everything has to work harder when it is cold. Water tanks, furnaces, automobiles, and even interior appliances feel the strain of the dropping temperatures. Good insulation will keep your home, pipes, and appliances at a comfortable temp so they can function efficiently. Energy conservation insulation in your walls, and attic will help retain the heat inside your home. Wrapping your pipes with insulation tubing will protect them from rupturing from frozen water trapped inside. Basement, attached garages, and other attached rooms should be insulated to prevent cold air from leaking into your home. Wrapping your water tank in an insulated covering will use less electricity to warm the water and save you money.

Holiday Displays

The holidays are a popular time to decorate the interior and exterior of your home. While the festive light displays look beautiful, they add considerable strain your home’s electricity. If you like to put the pretty lights on your house, you can save money by using LED lights for both inside and outside decorations, and limit the time you light the displays by setting them on a timer. Even turning the lights off a few minutes earlier each night will add up to big savings at the end of the month.

Open the Curtains

When the sun is shining, let it in. The temperatures might be cold outside but the warm sun will still heat the interior of your home naturally so your furnace will not run as frequently to keep your place cozy. Today, homeowners are becoming savvy with energy conservation by finding effective money saving tips in their home. Winter is especially challenging because the colder, snowier season forces property owners to use more electricity to keep their place and appliances warm and in good working condition. Developing effective energy conservation habits to save electricity will help lower your utility bills this winter and keep your hard earned money in your pocket.