A new home is likely one of the most significant purchases a person will make. Many factors go into choosing the right one, and the energy efficiency should always be one of those factors. By going with an Energy Star certified house, you can feel better about your purchase not only today but for years to come.

What is an Energy Star Home?

Energy Star qualified homes push the boundaries of energy efficiency in today’s construction sector. As well as providing state of the art energy, these homes always adhere to local building code standards.

Why purchase an Energy Star home?

There are four primary benefits of purchasing an Energy Star home. 1

Lower Utility Bills

Energy Star homes use much lower amounts of energy for heating, cooling and lighting. Less energy means lower bills for homeowners. At the end of the year, Energy Star homeowners will notice approximately 20-25% savings. This adds up over the years and can save families thousands of dollars in operational costs for their homes. 2

Enhanced Performance of Home Comfort

Enhanced Performance of Your Home Comfort is never an issue in Energy Star certified homes, as temperatures are consistent between and across rooms. The indoor air quality is improved by reducing dust, pollen, bugs and excessive humidity. Also, the durability of your home is enhanced with comprehensive water protection and windows that block damaging sunlight along with higher grade equipment. 3

Environmental Protection

Burning fossil fuels at third-party power plants creates energy which we use in our homes. Energy Star certified homes use less energy and therefore aids in preventing air pollution! 4

Mortgage Savings

If you have purchased a house and put less than 20% as your down payment, you have a high ratio mortgage. If you do this with a house that is Energy Star certified, you may qualify for a deduction with Canada Housing Mortgage Corporation (CMHC) with their Green House program.

So what’s different about an Energy Star Certified home?

For heating and cooling, more energy efficient systems are put in place. These include high-efficiency furnaces, heat pumps, programmable thermostats and fireplaces. Homeowners can reduce their energy costs by a whopping 10% (and more!) by ensuring the placement and quality of windows, patio doors and skylights comply with Canada’s requirements for an Energy Star qualification. All homes have insulation in the attic and homes. All Energy Star certified houses hold more insulation than is required by Ontario standard building codes. As well as adding more insulation, the types of insulation are top of the line. These include batt insulation, blown cellulose, rigid foam board, polyurethane spray foam and the use of a gasket air barrier system. When air leaks out of your home, the heating and cooling systems are working harder to compensate for the lost air. This means they are using more energy, and therefore costing you more for simple home operations. Purchase an Energy Star certified home and you will be guaranteed a house that leaks less air than one without a certification. Between the consistent comfort levels in your home to the savings in your pocket at the end of each year, you won’t regret purchasing a home that values energy efficiency!