Ballymote Woods The north end of London has been booming for the last few years. Builders and developers have noticed the potential and are creating incredible communities that are close to the city’s plentiful amenities and are created with healthy living in mind. That’s one of the benefits of buying a new home within a newer development. We’ve learned more and more about what makes for better, healthier, more satisfied, and more convenient living in communities and developers are putting all of that knowledge into creating truly satisfying neighborhoods to live in. Sifton Properties Limited has done that with Ballymote Woods. Located in the Stoney Creek neighborhood, Ballymote Woods is a desirable location for young and growing families. It’s far enough North, and has beautiful protected green space around it, that it feels like you’re away from the stress and worries of the city, but it’s located in an area that makes getting across the city a breeze. It’s close to amenities. It’s also close to elementary and secondary schools. Ballymote Woods It’s an absolutely beautiful neighborhood, both in terms of the aesthetically pleasing curb appeal that lines the street views and in terms of the gorgeous nature that surrounds the area. If you’re looking for a place to set up deep roots for you and your family, then head over to Ballymote Woods to see if one of these gorgeous houses is going to be the absolute perfect place for you to call home.


If you’re wondering where you should start a family or if you’re looking for a place to set up strong roots for your young or growing family, then you’ll want to consider Ballymote Woods. It’s located north of Sunningdale right in between Highbury and Adelaide, which means that it is quite far North. So let’s take a look at all of the reasons why it would be such a great option for young,new and growing families. This location is prime for easy access to get outside of the city, which means that summer cottage getaways are that much more enjoyable when you’re not fighting traffic to get through the city at the start of your vacation. Since it’s located on the top north of London, Ballymote Wood’s location is also great for getting into the city easily, but is far enough away from the busy city streets and noise that you can raise your family in a peaceful and friendly neighborhood. Ballymote Woods: Location We all know how important living healthy lifestyles is, but often city living doesn’t encourage active life choices. Ballymote Woods is such an amazing choice for those who want to pursue an active lifestyle for yourself and your family. There are multiple parks and walking paths close by, so being active outdoors for parents and kids alike is going to be a no-brainer. Both the Llyndinshire Golf and Country Club and the Sunningdale Golf and Country Club are super close, so enjoying the great outdoors while also being active is right there waiting for you every chance that you get. Ballymote Woods also could not be closer to the incredible Stoney Creek YMCA. The Stoney Creek YMCA has great programs for adults, kids, and youth alike. The YMCA has amazing programs that are designed to keep you living a healthy and active lifestyle. They have incredible fitness programs such as Boot Camp, Cycling, Yoga, water workouts, group workouts, and programs specifically designed to help you lose weight. They also have programs that help you learn how to create and eat healthy and delicious foods! For those who enjoy the one on one experience of personal training, the YMCA has amazing and dedicated personal trainers who help you get results. There are also a lot of recreational activities at the YMCA such as ping pong, badminton, basketball, line dancing and even volleyball! For youths, they have an open gym time, Teen Nights, and youth sports games like soccer and basketball. For young children the YMCA has every such as creative play, gym play, sports leagues, swimming, and even child care! Ballymote Woods: Location Living a healthy lifestyle within a city also means being close to greenspace. Greenspace is good for giving you cleaner air to breathe, and it also helps to reduce anxiety and stress. Greenspace has been associated with having good heart health as well as helping to increase creative and problem solving abilities. Ballymote Woods is surrounded by forested areas with beautiful large trees, fields, and farms. Of course if you’re going to be looking for a place to raise a family, you’re going to have schools on your mind. Ballymore is close to multiple catholic and public schools for the convenience of your family. There is also a pharmacy and a dental clinic right there within the Ballymote Woods community, so you know that your family’s needs are going to be well taken care of in this area. Of course one of the greatest perks living in the city is the modern conveniences, entertainment, and amenities offered. Ballymote Woods is located near multiple great shopping locations including the Stoneybrook Shopping Plaza. You’re going to have amazing restaurants, take out, and delivery all close to home, making those days when you just don’t have the time and energy to cook a breeze. All of your errands and home necessities are close by and easy to get with the close-by shopping centers. And, of course, retail therapy is easy and convenient in these great new shopping plazas that are popping up in the North end of London. When it comes to location, Ballymote Woods is an excellent choice for people who are looking to set up deep roots for their new or growing family. It has an amazing balance of modern conveniences, healthy active and social lifestyles, and the beauty and restorative power of green space.

The Homes

Ballymote Woods is the epitome of a new home community. Beautifully classic and modern exteriors of these new homes give you incredible street views in your neighborhood. Your neighborhood is intelligently laid out. Stunning stone, beautiful windows, soaring front entrances, and modern doors will give the homes in Ballymote Woods incredible curb appeal. Within this family-friendly neighborhood is single family homes and condos. They start within the high $300s and go to the high $600s. There are 40 and 50 foot lots and come in bungalow, one and a half, and two story home designs. Ballymote Woods: The Homes Of course each home will vary depending on the builder, the floorplan, the number of stories and bedrooms, but within Ballymote Woods, whatever home you end up choosing, you’re going to get an impressively wonderful new build. Here are some of the incredible features that you can expect to find within these homes:
  • Many of the lots back onto trees, giving you incredible views and wonderful shade in your backyard in the summertime.
  • Beautiful open concepts in these new homes make entertaining a breeze and help keep your family connected throughout the evening. On top of that, for families with young kids, making meals in an open concept kitchen means that you’re still able to keep an eye on the kids while you cook without needing to have them in the kitchen (and underfoot) with you.
  • High end quality finishes such as hardwood floors, quartz, granite and marble countertops, soft-close cabinetry, beautifully modern hardware, and eye-catching light fixtures are all part of what makes these new homes absolutely luxurious.
  • Grand entrances with sky-high ceilings give your home that jaw-dropping wow factor when you step inside.
  • Conveniently located washer and dryer space means no more lugging full laundry baskets to the basement and back again throughout the week.
  • Thoughtfully designed floor plans with mudroom and panteries added means convenience for your lifestyle and a way to keep your home looking beautiful and clean so that you can relax and enjoy it.
  • Stunning master ensuites with soaker tubs and beautiful glass showers give you a place to retreat to after a long and hard day.
  • Large walk-in closets and his and hers closets will keep your mornings organized and efficient.

Why Choose A New Home Build?

When it comes to buying your house, there are so many factors to consider. One of those factors is if you go with a new home, or buy something older in a well established neighborhood. There are pros and cons to both options, but let’s take a look at why choosing a new home build might be the best possible choice for you and your family. One of the first reasons has to do with the fact that a new home build is…well, new. When you buy an older home you always have to take into consideration the possibility that you might have some large repairs or maintenance in your near future. Roofs only last for so long. Older windows are not created as energy efficient so you might have a bunch of window replacement to do shorty after moving in. And general wear and tear through the many years and many homeowners means makes for minor repairs and upgrades in older homes. With a new home, you know that you won’t have any major repairs to do in the near future. It’s also easier to maintain a new home, which means you’ll be doing repairs and upkeep a lot less often in a new home. Ballymote Woods: New Homes Another big factor to consider is the fact that we have made a LOT of advances when it comes to green technologies in building new homes. New homes are built to be energy efficient, which means both that you pay less in your energy bills each month, and also that it reduces the total impact on our earth. Not only that, but many builders are adopting sustainable building techniques that are much better for our earth. We can all do our part when it comes to creating a more sustainable world. You know that saying, “they don’t build them like they used to”? Well, that is incredibly true, and it’s an incredibly GOOD thing. We’ve learned a lot over the years and we’ve gotten a lot safer in the construction of homes. There are some old homes that have wiring that we no longer consider standard practice when building a home because we know better and safer ways now. New homes are being built to a higher standard of quality these days. Builders are upping their game and the building codes that they have to follow are also being upped as we learn more and more about the construction industry. Ballymote Woods: New Homes New homes are also now being built with livability in mind. We now know what the ideal set up is for kitchens. We no longer stick laundry, a chore that needs to be done at least once a week, down in the basement where it’s inconvenient to lug heavy laundry baskets down and back up. We no longer build houses with lots of tiny rooms and nooks and crannies because we know that open concept gives you a ton of air and light and allows you to still be connected with your family while you make dinner or allows you to entertain people without being cut off from the fun while you’re in the kitchen getting drinks and food. Lastly, while there is something very charming and “I think I might find a secret entrance to Narnia” in older homes, nothing quite compares to incredible aesthetics of new home builds. Luxury and high end finishes no longer cost you an arm and a leg. Plus, suppliers are finding durable and beautiful alternatives to things like marble countertops and hardwood flooring, which means that builders are able to create beautiful homes at a lower cost to the buyer. With new homes you really can have durability and beauty all within your budget. Ballymote Woods What do you think of Ballymote Woods? Are you all for new home builds? Or do you wish that London would stop expanding? Would you want to live in a location like this? Whatever your thoughts are, we want to hear them! Click one of the social media links below and give us your opinions, whatever they are!