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In a conversation with some friends, Matt discovered the general perception of London, Ontario is kind of lame. Most Londoners seem to think their city is a sleepy little town moving at a snail’s pace with nothing going on. But this couldn’t be more wrong! London is booming with amazing restaurants, services, and stores. At nearly half a million citizens, London is anything but a small town and Londoners are anything but sleepy. The entrepreneurial spirit is strong in London and it’s only growing stronger as Londoners get more and more ambitious. From sustainable retail stores to vegan pizza, local brands are quickly growing in popularity and becoming London mainstays. With this in mind, Matt and his team set out to scour the city for the best, the most unique, and the most intriguing entrepreneurs to share their story, products, and services that so many Londoners are apparently missing out on. London has a ton to offer and Matt wants to shed some light on these exceptional businesses week by week.


Curated, locally focused gift boxes for any holiday, occasion or special person in your life! read more

Os & Oakes

Os &

Organic, comfortable,
and simplistic clothing
for your children to
play in! read more

Heeman’s Garden Centre

Heeman’s Garden Centre

Everything for your green thumb, from mouth watering strawberries to stunning flowers! read more

Nine of Water

Nine of

Overcome whatever obstacles life throws your way with alchemic practices! read more

Olive-Me & Co.

& Co.

Go on a world tour of fine extra-virgin olive oils and balsamics that will tantalize your palate! read more

Joseph’s Clothiers


Everything men's formal wear, from a casual jean to a tuxedo to a completely custom-made suit. read more



It's never too late to get into music! Junction Beats offers music lessons for all skill levels. read more

Whistling Dick’s Barber Shop

Whistling Dick’s Barber Shop

Take a step back in time at this old-fashioned barber shop in Old East Village. read more

Haven’s Creamery


A difference you can taste and feel! Haven's creamery makes small-batch ice cream from scratch. read more

Boho BakeShop

Boho Bake

Delicious, gluten-free,
vegan, whole food
donuts and snack
bars. read more



Inspired by the taco scene in Cali, Dos Tacos takes a different approach to the classic Mexican dish. read more

CurleyBrewing Company

Brewing Company

100% vegan food, coffee, beer and kombucha. What more could you possibly want? read more

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