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In a conversation with some friends, Matt discovered the general perception of London, Ontario is kind of lame. Most Londoners seem to think their city is a sleepy little town moving at a snail’s pace with nothing going on. But this couldn’t be more wrong! London is booming with amazing restaurants, services, and stores. At nearly half a million citizens, London is anything but a small town and Londoners are anything but sleepy. The entrepreneurial spirit is strong in London and it’s only growing stronger as Londoners get more and more ambitious. From sustainable retail stores to vegan pizza, local brands are quickly growing in popularity and becoming London mainstays. With this in mind, Matt and his team set out to scour the city for the best, the most unique, and the most intriguing entrepreneurs to share their story, products, and services that so many Londoners are apparently missing out on. London has a ton to offer and Matt wants to shed some light on these exceptional businesses week by week.
The Whole Grain Hearth

The Whole Grain Hearth

Not only super healthy, but SUPER delicious! read more

Euro Sun Tanning Salon

Euro Sun Tanning Salon

Mega-Bed, Regular Bed, Stand-up, and Spray Tan! read more

Tree Lane Farms

Tree Lane Farms

  ABOUT   It’s almost Christmas! And what better way to start the season ... read more

Dance London


Celebrating the art of dance in London! read more

the OVer company

the OVer

Quality, stylish essentials for the modern mom. read more

Baby Be Mine

Be Mine

The spa experience for mom and baby! read more

Keep it Colourful

Keep it

Explore the
joys of painting! read more

BPM Fitness

BPM Fitness

Downtown gym promoting physical, mental, and emotional health. read more

Craft Farmacy


A rustic style oyster bar with an emphasis on craft and local produce. read more

Hen + Bear Jewelry

Hen + Bear

Gorgeous jewelry handmade in London for both men and women. read more

Project Carve


Gorgeous woodwork with custom laser carving and engraving. read more

AndfitTraining Studio

Training Studio

Staying fit while building a family can be tough, but Andfit Training Studio is here to help! read more

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