On this week’s episode of #BusinessOfTheWeek, we are talking to Chris from The Squire Pub & Grill – located at 109 Dundas Street in London, Ontario. Chris has years of experience in the food and services industry and immediately knew this space had much potential for growing a brand.  Centrally located in an up and coming part of the city, the Squire is the perfect place to stop in before and after any event.   Described as an American Style Pub, Chris and his team updated the space to provide a welcoming and warm atmosphere for its patrons.  They have worked hard to create a delicious and straightforward menu.  In addition to this, they added a much-needed beer fridge to satisfy any craving for a cold draft beer.  To differentiate The Squire from the rest, Chris wanted to make this location a great place for everyone. “Somewhere a couple guys in a suit can come and grab two beers and nachos, or a family of four or five can come in and have a whole family meal and be sitting beside each other and not even know the difference.” The Squire Pub & Grill is the perfect place to stop in for afternoon lunch with coworkers, to catch the game on the newly added televisions, or to grab dinner with family before heading to the Knight’s game! As far as growing their brand, Chris and his business partner, Jay, ultimately want to provide phenomenal food and service for all their guests.  Once they have this down to a science, they plan to grow, but for now, The Squire is their number one priority. “Growth will come when growth is natural. I don’t think growth for the sake of growth is what we’re looking for. At the end of the day when we’re in here and I see somebody really enjoying themselves having a great experience, service is bang on, food is terrific…that’s what we’re looking for.” The Squire Pub & Grill The Squire Pub & Grill is the place that will most certainly cater to all your needs with simple, fresh and delicious food.  Pro tip: try the Squire Burger and you won’t be disappointed! Thanks for tuning into this week’s episode of #BusinessOfTheWeek.


Contact The Squire Pub & Grill


Phone: (519) 204-0173





109 Dundas Street

London, Ontario



Monday: 11am-11pm


Friday-Saturday: 11am-2am

Sunday: 11am-11pm