This week, we are meeting with Valerie Andrews, the founder and owner of The Harvest Pantry! This shop is located in London, Ontario in the Old East Village on the main floor of the Western Fair Farmers’ and Aristans’ Market. Valerie is a third generation fermenter and preserver and has been perfecting her craft since she can remember. Among the products offered, kombucha, cultured mustard, hot lime pickle, chickpea miso, sauerkraut, spices, botanicals and kimchi are all top sellers. There has been a significant rise in adopting a health-conscious mindset amongst Londoners, making this a must-visit for many. Check out her stall for everything from healthy kitchen condiments and small appliances to herbal teas blended by a local herbalist. The Harvest Pantry products The philosophy behind The Harvest Pantry emphasises the importance of health, community, and local food sources. Everything she sells has some connection to Ontario. In recent years, the world saw a significant shift from eating mostly homemade ingredients to the unhealthy convenience of fast-food full of fillers and additives. It would be hard to claim this type of living as healthy, and Valerie wants to create awareness of the importance of home-grown ingredients. By doing so, she makes everything from scratch and even hosts classes, so others can learn how to ferment and preserve foods. By cooking, baking, canning and fermenting whole foods at home, you are making steps towards a healthier lifestyle. The recent spike in interest of favouring traditional health foods over unhealthy fast foods has allowed Valerie’s business to consistently grow.Image of soup from The Harvest Pantry The Harvest Pantry began when she applied to be a vendor at the Western Fair five years ago. As she developed her product line, she eventually expanded from a small table to a larger stall. Upon opening the stall, Valerie extended her inventory to sell other products – making The Harvest Pantry a hub for other local food producers. She possesses an extensive knowledge of fermentation and preservation as well as thirty years of experience in the food and service industry. This combination makes her a master of her trade! Check out The Harvest Pantry for high-quality local health food and small kitchenware products. You can also find some of her products sold at Jaydancin and 10Eighteen Coffee Bar – both in the Forest City! Thanks for joining us this on this segment of #BusinessOfTheWeek.


Contact The Harvest Pantry


Phone: (519) 701-8163




900 King Street W (Western Fair Farmers’ Market)


Saturday: 8am-3pm

Sunday-Friday: Closed