This week I visited the man with two first names, Karol Robb, owner and founder of Snipe Academy. This is an indoor hockey training facility that specializes in stick and shooting skills. Snipe Academy was developed to enhance hockey in the London Community.

After coaching everything from House League to AAA for the last 18+ years, Karol noticed that kids from other areas, especially in the States, could really shoot the puck. After doing some research, Karol found out that those cities have shooting centres much like Snipe Academy. Karol wanted to simulate a pro training centre much like the ones they have in bigger cities that is better than shooting pucks in your driveway.

Snipe Academy offers speciality classes focusing on specific elements of the game that you just dont have time to do in a minor hockey practice. These specialty classes that will bring your game to the next level include backhands, in-tight rebounds, and slapshots.

All training at Snipe Academy takes place on skates, on their training ice. This is a great alternative to gain real hockey experience without the cost of ice time.

Snipe academy offers many different services for hockey players including shooting classes, lane rentals, and one on one coaching sessions with one of their well qualified coaches who have all played for the OHL or Pro!

They also have a comfortable viewing area for parents to watch their kid train which is something that other similar facilities may not offer. This area has wifi so parents can get some work done while they watch their kids work on their hockey skills.

They’ve also got some incredible coaches and unbelievable technology to bring some data into coaching. Snipe Academy has a RapidShot which is the only professional shooting system in the world that measures accuracy, shot speed and reaction time, leading the way in hockey skills training and analytics.

Players can work on their shot and see their improvements in real time as the rapid shot measures their shot statistics with lasers. They can also see how their stats measure up to other kids that are training at Snipe Academy and train hard to get to the top!

Contact Snipe Academy

Phone: 519-204-7900


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31-1828 Blue Heron Drive, London, ON N6H 0B7  


Monday-Friday: 4pm-9pm

Saturday-Sunday: 8am-5pm