Meet Karri Egan, the owner and founder of London, Ontario’s first hand-rolled ice cream parlour, Roli Poli Hand Rolled Ice Cream! Centrally located at 484 Richmond Street, this shop has been a huge hit amongst Londoners since opening in late May 2017. With Instagram worthy ice cream every time, Karri and her team have taken a classic summertime snack and elevated it to the next level. Image of Roli Poli ice cream Their unique process is mesmerising to watch and every customer leaves with a personally made ice cream! At Roli Poli, nobody is left behind, as it caters to dietary restrictions as well! Vegan? Dairy free? No problem! There are three different bases for your refreshing snack: cream, yoghurt and coconut milk. They are also now offering small batch, homemade and hard scooped ice cream! After choosing the base, there are twelve combinations of flavours to pick. These flavours blends range from familiar and classic, to innovative and unique. The “strawberry shorti” is delectably sweet and the “chocolate 2.0” is rich and decadent. The “cookie smashed up” blends Oreos with chocolate and whipped cream. While the “key lime pie” incorporates fresh lime with graham crackers and whipped cream. In the mood for something different? Try the “avo-licious” made with fresh avocado, chia seed, honey and sea salt. Sounds delicious! Image of roli poli icecream Karri worked closely with a dairy scientist to provide her customers with the freshest, most delicious farm dairy base. The quality of this ice cream mixed with fresh, locally sourced fruits and garnishes guarantees satisfaction in every bite. From offering a wide range of flavour combinations and catering to most dietary needs – Roli Poli Handrolled Ice Cream is sure to tingle your taste buds. Stop by today and try their new homemade, small batch hard scooped ice cream! See you next time on #BusinessOfTheWeek! Image of the Roli Poli team  

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