This week we met with Rokhsana Purdy, the owner and driving force behind the all-natural skincare company, Purdy Natural. Located at 111 Mt. Pleasant Avenue in London, Ontario, her store is just a five-minute drive west of downtown. The Purdy Natural skincare and makeup line offers 100% natural products. These products include but are not limited to: essential oils, soap (for babies too!), tattoo care, deodorant and a wide range of makeup. There is even a sex line that offers edible body butter and oil-based lubricants. Along with her products, she sources goods from natural and organic skincare, beauty and jewelry businesses. This store does not only cater to women! You can also shop men’s beard and skincare – even a product called “man dust” that is designed to help you feel fresh down there all day long. In the store, there is a large do-it-yourself section. Here, you can choose from a wide selection of raw materials and containers. If you are unfamiliar with creating your own products, Rokhsana and her team run workshops every month on different topics, but with a focus on DIY. Rokhsana is driven by the philosophy that the best ingredients for your body come directly from the Earth. This mindset and way of living has positively impacted the way she approaches her business. Purdy Natural practices a non-competitive mentality with other small businesses in London. By doing so, this allows local companies to complement each other. Rokhsana offers a hub for other businesses that are getting started. Being a general location for all things natural skincare and beauty, Purdy Natural is helping other businesses grow while expanding the inventory of her store. “When you can work together as a community you can all grow and be successful together,” she says, “more so than [working] independently and competitively.” Purdy Natural While the store sells many different products, they also host events throughout the year: Boochapalooza and the monthly Boho Bazaar Night Market. These events take place to showcase products from old and new vendors who have worked with Purdy Natural. They are fun events, with food, live music, and giveaways. The goal of these functions is to bring people together to shop for products that are natural and made with love – an event you do not want to miss. Thanks for tuning into this week’s episode of #BusinessOfTheWeek and give Rokhsana a visit next time you need a new skincare or beauty haul! You will not be disappointed in the benefits of all-natural skincare.

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