This week I visited owner and founder of Nine of Water, Lisa Lopes. Her alchemy boutique is located in the sunroom of Rebirth Wellness Centre across from Victoria Park. Lisa was born and raised in London, Ontario. She is a reiki master, and does integrative energy therapy, crystal therapy, and body talks. Lisa is also soon to be certified in astrology. Lisa decided to open the nine of water because she wanted to bring some magic to the world. When she decided to open her business she continuously came across a tarot card called the nine of cups. The nine of cups is a card that is all about celebration, wishes fulfilled, and dreams coming true. In one deck that Lisa had it was called the Nine of Water and that stuck with her hence the name of her business.   Nine of water offers products for sacred smudging, rituals and ceremonies, whether you’re looking for sound healing or tarot card readings. For sacred rituals and ceremonies, they sell products such as indigenous medicines that are used for smudging and purification. They also have bowls for sound healing that are 99.99% pure quarts and are the highest frequency healing tool available. Lisa places a high importance on where her products come from, and they are all ethically sourced, therefor they all have a good feel.   Lisa’s passion for the last two decades has been to help others overcome whatever obstacles life throws their way. She has even developed some crystal prescriptions containing elements for different diseases that people struggle with. She has an incredible gift to be able to connect to and read energy. As Lisa says, “Let me help you take your issues out of your tissues!”  

Contact Nine of Water

Phone: (403) 872-9984




565 Central Ave., London, Ontario


Sunday-Wednesday: CLOSED

Thursday: 11:00am-6:00pm

Friday: 11:00am-5:00pm

Saturday: 10:00am-4:00pm