Meet Mitch Taylor, co-founder and co-owner of Life of Leisure Surf + Social Club! Located at 792 Dundas Street in London, Ontario, this is an up and coming clothing company and creative agency. If you are in the market for minimalistic and sustainable apparel or exceptional media production then definitely check them out. Among the products offered are t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, polos, hats, skateboards and vintage items. Described as a “cultural movement towards the intersection of purpose and pleasure. A borderless collective of mindful hedonists.” The team splits their dedication between the apparel and media divisions – and strives to spend their time in ways they want to as much as possible. Image of clothing from Life of Leisure As a surf brand that highly values the importance of sustainability, they are ethical in their approach. The fabrics used in the apparel are all natural, eco-friendly and manufactured a mere 207km away from London! The “palm to pine” logo “represents our brothers and sisters who live every day with eagerness, curiosity, and an appreciation for every moment.” With a logo symbolic and aesthetically pleasing in its design, Life of Leisure is a company that translates their core values through their products. The philosophy behind the organization is simple: acknowledge how valuable your time is, and do everything you can to make your time worthwhile. Mitch initially travelled to Costa Rica with plans to launch a travel blog. Things did not go as planned and he ended up staying in the same area surfing for six hours a day. During this time he met a local artist who created a stencil and t-shirt for him. After returning home, he continued making t-shirts for friends, thus defining the beginning of Life of Leisure. Following his return to London, Mitch quickly realised the city has much more to offer than he originally thought. With a new sense of curiosity for the community, the media production aspect of the company was started. Do not forget to check out Life of Leisure Surf + Social Club for all casual clothing and media production needs. See you next time on #BusinessOfTheWeek! #businessoftheweek Life of Leisure's logo  

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Tuesday-Friday: 12pm-6pm

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