Keep it Colourful LogoSay hello to Jesse Robertson, the creative force behind Keep It Colourful Paint Nights! Jesse welcomes all to explore the joy of painting, no previous experience required! Jesse or one of her highly trained and talented team leads you through the process of creating a painting, whether it be a sunset, a budgie, or the Eiffel Tower.

Jesse Robertson of Keep It Colourful Keep It Colourful encourages exploration, expression, and positivity at their paint nights. Come to one of their many public paint nights or book a private one for friends, family, or your business! She hosts paint nights all over London and the surrounding area, including downtown establishments like Poacher’s Arms and Winks Eatery, Forked River Brewing Company in Argyle Park, Old East Village‘s London Brewing Co-operative, Rail City Bistro in St. Thomas, and Rusty Wrench Brewing Company in Strathroy! The art isn’t just to make patrons feel more positive either! With the paint nights, Jesse raises thousands of dollars every year for A.R.F Ontario, London Environmental Network, and Paws United Dog Rescue (not for profit rescue)! Keep It Colourful Paint Night

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