This week we are at Hi-Ignition Fit Lab; a boutique-style fitness centre located at 241 Oxford Street East in London, Ontario. April Crake is the face behind this training studio that offers a broad range of classes with top qualified personal trainers. From Yoga, barre and Pilates to TRX, Bosu, Metafit and cycling, this fitness centre is equipped to train clients in all areas and levels of fitness. By providing a combination of talented trainers, high-tech commercial grade equipment, and a business relationship with three physiotherapy clinics, this fitness centre is far from average. This is the perfect studio for everyone, from Western University students to business professionals; Hi-Ignition Fit Lab will cater to all fitness needs. Hi-Ignition storefront The gym, which is centrally located in downtown, has three levels. On the ground level is the personal training room that holds one-on-one and small group training.  Along with the personal training room is an area dedicated to cardio. This training area allows members to come and go as they please and complete a workout without attending a class. A unique feature to this gym is the free app that is offered to its clients.  Within this app, members can reserve a spot for the classes and even choose their bike for cycling, which is on the second floor of the studio.  The cycle room has 26 high-tech SC3 bikes that email caloric burn, watts and RPM to members seven minutes after the class is over. They even turn the lights off during the class so everyone can get their sweat on without worrying about the person next to them! In addition to the cycling, there is a group fitness room on the second floor that offers Bosu, TRX, and a variety of HIIT training.  Among the HIIT classes is Metafit, which is a unique fitness program designed by Navy SEALS that can be personalised to different levels of athleticism.  These classes combine classic bodyweight exercises with the latest HIIT techniques.  This combination ensures maximum results from the workout.  On the top floor of the studio is the Spirit Lab.  Here, guests can enjoy less intense but still satisfactory workouts such as barre, Pilates, Yoga and meditation. As well as offering an extensive range of classes, April was adamant about hiring talented trainers who are passionate about their work.  All trainers must have a minimum of three certifications, and most of them have a university degree and are working towards their masters.  The calibre of coaches April hires sets her studio apart from the rest, as it offers a high level of scientific knowledge to its clients. April also works with three physiotherapy clinics in London, who send their clients to the studio to safely progress their health and fitness. Whether members have never worked out, or work out every day, Hi-Ignition Fit Lab will help them reach their fitness needs. April and her team value every client and the progress they make.  They see members as a person and not just another number.  April’s passion for fitness and making people feel good is evident. Thanks for tuning into this week’s episode of #BusinessOfTheWeek!


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Phone: (519)-204-8006




241 Oxford Street E

London, Ontario



Monday-Thursday: 6:30am-7:30pm

Friday: 6:30am-12pm

Saturday: 8am-11:30pm

Sunday: 8:30am-11pm