This week I stopped by Haven’s Creamery and  visited the founder Alana Coughlin to learn more about her business, and to make some ice cream! Haven’s Creamery is batch by batch, handcrafted ice cream with locally sustained ingredients. You can feel and taste the difference. In a city with endless surrounding produce, dairies and a long healthy growing season; Haven’s Creamery brings farm to spoon products full of integrity and wholesome flavour for everyone to enjoy. Our ice cream is made with pure cream, whole milk, egg yolk and sugar. The ice cream is flavoured with real, local ingredients, and that’s it, no preservatives, no enhancers and no stabilizers. We use ingredients that families feel comfortable supporting and feeding to their children and loved ones. Haven’s creamery offers a unique combination of advantages that are unmatched by other ice cream options. We differentiate ourselves by offering an artisanal product, a healthier option and a stronger focus on local and sustainable ingredients. We pride ourselves on our exceptional quality. Our ice cream is simple, made with great care, and costs competitively similar to alternative options.

Contact Haven’s Creamery

Phone: 519-204-1786




266 Piccadilly Street



Saturday-Sunday : 12pm-10pm