This week I visited Kyla Woodcock, founder and owner of FCSSC (Forest City Sport and Social Club). FCSSC is recess for adults! They offer co-ed, recreational sport leagues and tournaments, both indoor and outdoor, for adults (19+) in London.

They sports they offer change with the weather; in the summer you’ll find more outdoor activities such as golf and football, while in the winter months you’ll participate in indoor activities such as inner-tube water polo and curling. Their social club offers are things such as a book club and hiking club, as well as events such as trips to Raptors games!

FCSSC is a great way to not only stay active and to continue to play the sports you love, but it is also a great way to meet new people, especially if you’re new to the city!

Contact Forrest City Sport and Social Club

Phone: 519-439-4263




890 Dundas Street


Monday-Thursday: 9:30-5:30