This week I visited Melissa Power, founder and owner of For The Love Of Laundry located in the Western Fair Farmer’s and Artisans’ Market in London, Ontario. Melissa is an entrepreneur and mom of 3, born and raised in London, Ontario and very passionate about the environment and social world. I talked to her about what made her want to start this business and where she came up with the idea to offer low income families free laundry services at the end of each month. #businessoftheweek For the Love of Laundry Melissa’s business sells superior-quality and all natural homemade laundry products. They sell all natural soaps, dryer balls, a handful of other products.The money that is raised from selling her products are used to fund free laundry events around London for low-income families and the homeless population that can’t afford to do their laundry. While there is the organic side to her business, there is also the community side to her business. There is a focus on the social give back to her community and to people that need a hand, as they are unable to afford some of the basic necessities. Melissa understands the difficulty of being able to allocate money at the end of the month towards laundry, so she started her business. Each month Melissa gets in touch with local Laundromats and pays. #businessoftheweek For the Love of Laundry It is truly inspiring to talk to an entrepreneur that is making such an incredible impact in our city. If you want to sponsor a laundry event please contact Melissa!  

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900 King Street W (Western Fair Farmers’ Market)