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Meet Colin Jackson, the owner of BPM Fitness, a gym located downtown unlike any other in London, Ontario. At BPM Fitness, the goal isn’t just physical health. BPM Fitness is a holistic fitness studio, which means they focus on the health of the whole person – the physical (of course), the mental, and the emotional. BPM Fitness Colin Previously featured on our The Best Gyms in London list, BPM Fitness mainly offers high intensity interval training (HIIT) boot camps – short bursts of exercise as hard as you can possibly go, followed by a break, then another short burst of another exercise, then repeat. It’s a routine they call “burn, build, and bike.” They have many of these group training classes throughout the day, they even have an app to help you schedule your upcoming workouts. Alternatively, BPM offers personal training, allowing for a workout regimen that has been customized to you and your specific needs. Small but mighty, BPM Fitness’s #1 mission is to promote self-love. Self-love is a motivator to stick with diet plans, fitness regimens, and other healthy habits that take work – you do it because you believe you’re worth it and are proud of your accomplishments. BPM Fitness has created a community of supportive and passionate people, both staff and patrons, that want to see you succeed, boosting you and each other up, rather than the “drill sergeant” toughness that is so often associated with boot camps. BPM Fitness is perfect for anyone looking to get fit, whether you’re just getting into exercising for the first time, getting back into it after a break, or just looking to change up your workout regimen. It stands apart from any other gym in London as promoting all-around healthy lifestyle, not just getting buff. BPM Fitness

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Address: 238 Dundas Street, N6A 1H3

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