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Seiko Homes is a Windsor-based, family-owned and operated builder team headed by three brothers, Daniel, Hessan, and Louie Habib. Offering a wide variety of elegant homes across southwestern Ontario, Seiko Homes have recently set their sights on London to begin developing communities. Daniel, Hessan, and Louie are constantly on the move, jumping from development to development, but they always have time for family. Having grown up under the same roof, Daniel, Hessan, and Louie understand what families look for and need in a home. While many upscale homes look spectacular, they are not always the most practical for busy families with energetic, young children. Embracing those family values and applying their years of building experience, Seiko Homes specializes in making livable and practical feel luxurious. Using top quality materials, the Habibs craft effortlessly stylish homes in a variety of styles. Whether you’re looking for clean minimalism or eye-catching extravagance, a Seiko Homes community could be your new home.  

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