It would seem that every homeowner has a plumber with a special place in their heart. That one plumber that came to them in their time of need – fixing a burst pipe or putting an end to a backflow. This emotional connection, this bond that homeowners and their plumber feel is unlike anything else. They’ve been all up in your toilet and come out the other side and that is something special. One thing you’ll find in common with all of the plumbers on this list is they aren’t in it for a quick buck. Yes, plumbing repairs and replacements can get rather pricey, but these top tier London plumbers are by no means inflating their prices for the sake of extra profit. They work hard, it’s a skilled trade, and materials can be expensive, but their prices are fair for the results you’ll receive. While they may not all be Italians with bushy moustaches and red hats emblazoned with the letter M, these local plumbers have found their ways into the hearts of many Londoners with their excellent service. You can rely on them, whether you’re in your darkest hour or when you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom.

Iron Horse Plumbing

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Best Plumbers in London - Iron Horse Plumbing Iron Horse Plumbing has been serving local businesses and homeowners since 2015. They offer the full range of plumbing services as well as complete bathroom and kitchen renovation! Good natured and even better with their hands, the Iron Horse team will get to work as soon as you need them. It’s always service with a smile when you call these plumbers – even in an emergency, they keep their heads cool and maintain a friendly composure while they diagnose and solve your plumbing problem. Call Iron Horse up for anything plumbing related, and you’re basically guaranteed to be a satisfied customer. From aforementioned emergencies to upgrading and installing new parts, this team will have you covered. These guys do more than fix leaky pipes, though. If you’re looking to change up your kitchen or bathroom entirely, the Iron Horse team has your back. They’ll not only redo your plumbing, but facilitate the whole renovation! With skilled designers and expert plumbers, the bathroom or kitchen will be both beautiful and functional in no time! Iron Horse offers this for both residential and commercial spaces! If your office bathrooms need some help, these are who you call! In fact, they’ve even done commercial renovation work as far as Windsor, in the Devonshire Mall (Windsor’s largest mall) with some food court renovations! It’s great to see that the reputation of a London company is spreading all over southwestern Ontario! The Iron Horse team are experts, there’s no denying it. Their work is clean, quick, effective, and comes with a smile. Whether you need a leaky pipe fixed or are redoing your entire bathroom, the Iron Horse team should be the ones you call.

Salliss Plumbing & Heating

Neighbourhood: Soho 443 South St. (map)
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Best Plumbers in London - Salliss Plumbing and Heating As their name implies, Salliss Plumbing & Heating offers services in two home systems that are absolutely integral to modern life: plumbing and heating. It’s nearly impossible to imagine living without either, and thankfully with Salliss Plumbing & Heating, Londoners will never have to. The solution to any plumbing or heating needs in your home or business is only a call away. The name of the company comes from owner and operator Marty Salliss. In the early days of 2001, the company was just him, the sole proprietor, and it was known as Salliss Plumbing. In the following decade and a half, the company has grown to much more. They added heating to their offered services and the staff grew from Marty alone to a team of nine with a variety of abilities, certifications, and specializations, including plumbing, HVAC, gas, and sheet metal. No matter what your plumbing needs are, Salliss Plumbing & Heating are as reliable as they are incredible. They can build a plumbing or HVAC system from scratch in a new build, update an older system, or fix a failing one – no matter how catastrophic it may be. Call any time you want and you’ll get an answer, 24/7. The Salliss team knows that emergencies don’t believe in a 9-5 schedule, so they need to always be available to help their customers. Their dedication to service has been noticed in the community – stories of Marty and the Salliss team saving the day, despite the fact that it’s the middle of the night and/or a weekend fill their Facebook reviews. And if numerous reviews of praise aren’t enough, Salliss Plumbing & Heating is the plumber personally recommended by Santa himself! Matt has been a Salliss customer for years and recommends them to anyone he can. Salliss Plumbing & Heating possess a rare trifecta of customer satisfaction: fair pricing, fantastic workmanship, and friendly customer service. It’s no surprise that this combination has resulted in such a positive reputation!

R.W. Pope and Sons

Neighbourhood: Oxford Park 83 Cavendish Cres. (map)
Best Plumbers in London - Pope Plumbing R.W. Pope and Sons, also known as Pope Plumbing is a family-run plumbing company that has spanned generations. The company originally began in 1922 and nearly a century later, they are still offering London top notch service when it comes to plumbing and heating. Pope Plumbing is on its third generation of ownership, with the fourth generation ready to take over when the time is right. It all started with Alfred R. Pope, who then passed the reins to his son, Robert Pope. Now, the owner is Chris Pope, who has over forty years of industry experience. Next in line to the Pope porcelain throne is Rob, Chris’ son, who has been in the industry for eleven years at this point under the tutelage of his father. To round out the family affair, Glenda Pope keeps the books for Pope Plumbing! It really is all in the family. Pope Plumbing offers their services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients. No job is too big or too small for the Popes to tackle it. Their certifications, backed up by decades of collective experience, allow you to feel comfortable entrusting the Popes with your job. It’s as simple as a phone call and you’ll have a solution to your problem in no time. With so much experience behind them, Pope Plumbing can solve just about any plumbing problem you may have. Their list of services include clearing plugged sewer lines, installing piping – both water and gas, repair and service work on boilers, sinks, toilets, and taps, and installation of appliances including but not limited to water heaters, dishwashers, garburators and sump pumps. The Popes also offer renovation of your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room. When renovating, they only use the highest quality products, brands like American Standard, Delta, Kohler, and Moen. In the case of a plumbing emergency, Pope Plumbing is always available. Their 24-hour emergency service makes it so you never have to wait to get an issue fixed! Generations of plumbing expertise have been passed down through the Pope Family. After nearly a century in business, R.W. Pope and Sons is just as dedicated to high quality work, professionalism, and reliability as they day they of their first job in 1922.

Steve Young Plumbing & Heating

Neighbourhood: Dorchester 30 Woodvale Dr. (map)
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Best Plumbers in London - Steve Young Plumbing and Heating Steve Young Plumbing & Heating is a plumbing company based out of Dorchester that serves all of London and surrounding areas. They’ve made a name for themselves in Dorchester over their two decades of service, becoming a pillar of the Dorchester community. Their logo is even on the welcome sign when you enter the town! They aren’t just talk though, when you call Steve Young for a job, you can rest assured that the job will be done right. Their list of services is lengthy, including pipe fittings, backflow testing, water heater installation, and even full bathroom renovation. They can also take care of your heating and cooling needs, including installing in-floor heating to keep your feet warm on those cold winters that Canada is famous for. Call to set up an appointment and you’ll get a free estimate because Steve and his team believe that you shouldn’t have to commit before you know the cost! They have 24-hour emergency availability. In the event of a late-night or weekend plumbing problem, Steve Young and his team will be there to save the day, no waiting until morning because sometimes that’s just not an option! When you call with an emergency, they’ll be at your door as soon as they possibly can, primed and ready to solve your problem. Steve Young Plumbing & Heating offer their services to both residential and commercial spaces. One of their most recent commercial jobs was a Santa Knows Best favourite, 10Eighteen! They installed a grease trap and a three compartment sink for the Old East Village café, and we know for a fact that 10Eighteen only accepts the best! For 23 years, Steve Young and his team have been offering unparalleled service to their hometown of Dorchester, the city of London, and all of the surrounding area. They made their name with great craftsmanship and even better work ethic. Their dedication to fast, friendly, and affordable service has resulted in lifelong customers and a great reputation. You can rely on Steve Young Plumbing & Heating as so many others have.

George’s Plumbing & Heating

Neighbourhood: Old East Village 14 Rathmine St. (map)
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Best Plumbers in London - George's Plumbing and Heating
George’s Plumbing & Heating is a family owned and operated plumbing company that has been serving London since 2018. In their decade of service, George’s has made a name in the Forest City as a friendly, knowledgeable, and reliable team of plumbers. As a Reliance-Certified Contractor, you are assured that the George’s team will take great care of you and your pipes. They’ve got the training, experience, and skills to fix just about any problem that a homeowner will face with their plumbing or HVAC systems. They emphasize timeliness in their work. Prompt response time, maintaining their appointment schedule, and completing their work in a time efficient manner are all important to the George’s team. But quick work doesn’t mean cutting corners, it means no slacking! You’re always guaranteed top quality results. Just like their service, George’s also offers some of the most efficient products on the market today. For instance, they have a line of tankless water heater systems that will save you money! These tankless systems heat water when you need it, rather than having a reservoir of water that needs constant heated through the day and night. Talk to the George’s team about what make and model of tankless system will work for you – every home is different! You can be at ease knowing that if something goes wrong, George’s will always be ready to help. Their 24-hour emergency repair and installation services are always available and they can be at your door, ready to get down to work faster than you can believe.

London Mechanical Plumbing and Heating

Neighbourhood: White Oaks 3392 Wonderland Rd. S (map)
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London Mechanical Plumbing and Heating, or simply London Mechanical, has been proudly serving London’s pipes since 1985. With over three decades under their belt, London Mechanical is confident that they can cater to your every plumbing or heating need. No job is too big or too small for London Mechanical. They offer a wide variety of services so they can be your one stop shop for anything involving running water or flowing air in your home. Every project gets treated with the same meticulous attention to detail, you’ll almost feel as though you’re their only client. Give them a call with any of your plumbing needs, they’re more than happy to answer questions and give guidance – your satisfaction is their number one priority. The London Mechanical team are dedicated, hardworking, and professional. They aren’t satisfied with a job until you are. They are the happiest when you don’t have to call back for a long while – it means they did their job right! From the most urgent repair to refitting an entire bathroom, London Mechanical will make sure the job is done right, done quick, and done with a smile.